The princess with the unusual heartbeat

The Princess with the Unusual Heart Beat

Times flashes back as Anastasia the Princess who has now appeared at the royal ball gorgeously dressed on a strip pink dress amazes all the royals and guests who were present. They stared at her with admiration in their eyes. Princes from other kingdom who had also come to celebrate his Majesty, King Williams 60th birthday wanted to have a dance with the princess but she refuses them all. Some princess and nobles at the ball began to gossip behind her back. Shes such a snob. i don like her one bit. A princess said. Another Princess replied. You
e right Princess Catherine. She thinks because her father, King Williams is the strongest and most influential king in all 7 district kingdom, she can look down on us. Shes just shameless. Princess Anastasia appears right in their midst as she overhears their conversation. Who are you referring to? She demanded an answer. Princess Catherine replies her. We
e just having a friendly conversation. Its none of your business. Princess Anastasia relies her. Oh, really?! What Kingdom are you from by the way? she asked. Im from the Kingdom of Nama, one of the 7 district Kingdom in Nilefield territory. Why do you ask? she stared curiously at her. How about we play a little game. she smiled. Whoever losses get to be the servant of the other for all eternity. Princess Catherine thinking….. I wonder what this delusional princess is up to. I better act fast so i don fall into one of her traps. Her look may be quite appealing but shes no friend of mine. So, what do you say? she asked. Don tell me you
e scared of a little challenge? Catherine replies. What if i decline your offer? No telling what you might do to me if i losses the game. What a loser. Anastasia replies her. i guess your position as the princess of Nama is nothing to be proud of. Can you guess how lowly your people will speak of you when they get to find out what a coward you are. How dare you speak to me in such manner! she snorted. Who the hell do you think you are! She angrily held tightly unto Princess Anastasia neck in an attempt to straggle her. Just then, princess Anastasia heart begins to beat vigorously, as she groans aloud in pain. Princess Catherine frightened as she sees princess Anastasia collapse to the ground. She tries to escape but unluckily, the guards surrounded her. Where do you think you
e running to princess? Her majesty the Queen, Princess Anastasia mother appears as she slapped her hard on the face to the amazement of everyone at the ball.

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