The vampire prince’s wife

Chapter 5 Aftermath

~~~Prince Rye of Doris~~~

Im looking at her laying on the table twisting and turning beads of sweat dripping from her forehead, my wife, my bride, my everything. I finally found her or at least I think its her.

If humans didn do so many blood transfusions I would know for sure if shes the woman Ive been looking for, for the past five years.

I broke free from the argument I was having in mine when I heard her screams stop, she went silent to silent.

”Shes not breathing. ” the brother screamed, it wasn enough I wanted to rip his hands off for not having any respect by putting his hands on my wife and now hes screaming and its hurting my ears,

I walk over to her, the doctors checking her over. The poison is strong but the antidote is stronger, the poison is a mixture of everything vampires fear, everything that could kill them and the antidote is the one thing that could help, poison from a royal: our blood.

Our blood is both a virus and a cure, and I still haven found the answer.

”Would she wake up? ” I asked the doctor whos now packing his bag to head out,

”3..2..1 ” she coughed,

Her brother ran to her side,

”Shes stronger than you think. ” Thats all the doctor said before he was gone.

I turned to frank who knew exactly what I was thinking with one whistle the castle guards were at the door locking them shot,

”Ladies and gentlemen, the red wedding has come to an end. ” faces went pale, and eyes popped open,

”Now which one of you was so bold to unleash new blood.. Hmmm? ” Im pissed, really pissed,

No one answered humans, nor vampires, Sols parents held onto each other tight shaking,

”Mother in law, father in law, was it you? ”

They dropped to their knees, ”never prince Rye, why would we its our daughters wedding. ” the queen cried,

” you have a point. ”

I turned to my father,

”Father may I? ” he nodded,

”This is your last chance to come forward now or face the consequences. ”

I crouched down on my knees looking at the 6foot vampire myself, father and my beautiful wife took down and scooped a finger full of his blood into my mouth.

Im the first and only vampire to be born with the gift of taste, one drop from any vampire and I know their origin, how old they are, and who sent them, it works like this, us vampires were born from the same disease so we share the same blood sort of.

Along with that we are what some may call mortals, we can really die unless you want us to, so the longer you
e around the more your blood ages no matter how many humans you drink from your blood would still taste like ancient times.

”Sir Ramsey, why! ” I took off my jacket and dropped it to the floor,

The crowd parted as I slowly walked towards Ramsey a five thousand year old vampire who dresses like a teenager in spirit,

”Humans and vampires aren to be together, they
e not worthy of us. They are our pets, foot stole, and blood banks nothing…. Uhh. ”

I grabbed him by the throat,

”Who do you think you are telling me what to do, the only people allowed to tell me what to do are my mother, father and wife and as far as im

Concerned you are none of them. ”

”Let me deal with him son. ” father shouted,

I turned my gaze to him,

”Your wife is awake, take her to your room, get her settled, have some cake, feed her the butter tuffies. Let your father deal with the trash.

”Your right dad ” in a split second Ramsey was on the floor and sol was in my arms, I turned to the guest most of them still disoriented.

”Thank you for coming and please be safe on your way back home.

I walked the long hallway to my room so in my arms and head pressed against my chest, Im still pissed, still filled with disbelief at the audacity of these…. I don even know what to say.

I stopped midway as she shifted in my arms,

”Hes a mad man. ” whispers,

I could hear them but they don know it because if they do Id never know what people think about me.

Prince Rye Heart the vampire Kings only son, tall with red eyes and a pale complexion.

I keep a low hair style along with a well toned body.

Im one thousand years old and soon to be the youngest king that will ever sit on the throne, some say Im a mad man, others say I have no remorse.

But I have one simple rule, the one rule that protects others.

Don put your hands on whats mine

Or Ill break your hands.

I paused, ”don forget your blood bags, a treat from my wife. ”

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