Their Luna

Chapter 2

The morning sun was just rising, casting its soft rays throughout the city of Alight. The atmosphere was warm and perfect for the students, who were going to start a new academic year. Some houses were bustling with rushing teenagers along with their parents to get everything ready. Eager to join into the prestigeous school, High Academy.

The school recruits students for three days, to avoid all the commotion. Today was the first day and the students, who got the joining letter for todays joining were busting with excitement and nervousness. Roselias sister, Sophia, was one of them.

”Sophie. are you ready? We are going to be late, sweety. ” Sophias mother shouted from the kitchen while preparing a large breakfast for her daughters last meal in the house, until she gets back for her holidays. Robert was busy loading all the huge and heavy baggage of her only daughter into the car. Sophia was still in her room, dolling up like it was her wedding day.

All the busy rushing footsteps, soon woke up Roselia. Her light brown hazel colored eyes opened and peaked through her lashes towards the window. It was bright outside and she jolted awake, at once seeing it. She groaned while stretching her neck, it was little cramped from her sleeping position on the ground. She looked down and saw the envelope was still in her hands.

”Mom, Im ready! ” Rose heard a yell from across her room. Sophia. It was the joining day of her. She immediately scrambled to her feet and pressed her ear to the door, trying to listen what was the status down there. She certainly didn want to face them right now. Even if she would not be noticed by them on such, important day, still, its better to be safe than sorry. So, she decided to hang in her room until they left.

After 10 minutes, she looked at her bedside clock and was satisfied that their attention would not be on her now. They would be too busy to mind her and in loading out of the house. She opened the door slowly and looked out to scan the hallway. Clear as a calm ocean. Like a person on a dangerous mission, she slowly stepped as not to make any noise. She carefully took every step down and could hear them.

The clatter of dishes were heard, meaning they were done eating and now were ready to leave. Just as she was on the last step, Sophia appeared out of nowhere and pushed her, startling Rose. She lost her footing and landed hard on the hard wooden floor. She groaned slightly at the pain in her left hand and propped up on her arm to lift herself up slightly, to see the pretty face with ugly intentions smirking at her.

Sophia sked her tongue in disapproval. ”Pathetic. What school would even accept you? Such a waste of money to send on you for middle school. You didn even get a letter to join in any low rank high school. You have got nothing in you. Look at me, going to one of the famous high school. ” Sophia bragged while pushing a little strand which fell on her shoulder onto her back.

”When did you even pay for my fee… Didn I pay my own fee through scholarship? ” Roselia answered with her gaze instead of words. She didn want any attention from them. She had more inprotant things to do. So she didn speak anything out.

”Anyways, why would I even say that? There is no comparison between you and me.Neither in beauty nor in studies. And don even think about dreaming a bright future. You already lost to me in all ways. ” She slowly approached and leaned down a bit to whisper lowly. ”You will rot here your whole life, b*tch ”.

Sophia eyes held pure hatred and evil.

”Honey, why are bothering yourself by talking to that thing. You shouldn involve with her while your going to start your bright life ” Claire came up behind her daughter and pushed her lightly toward the entrance of the house. She glared at the fallen Roselia and continued her way out.

”Finally, I can be far away from her at least ” Rose heard Sophia mutter before she left the house. Rose turned her gaze towards the door and slowly smirked to herself. ”Dream on, b*tch, ” she said while getting up and went to the kitchen. She needed to have energy if she wants to get her life better.

Their was literally a grand feast made in the honour of the departure of Manhattans only daughter. Rose rolled her eyes at this. But, she was happy, at least she could feast to her hearts content before leaving this hell hole. Maybe be pack some snacks to take with her, while she was at it.

The thought made excitement rush through her and a happy grin to appear on her face. She had a lot of time. Because she knew they weren going to be back anytime soon. The High Academy was far, secluded and hard to reach. And, she knew the Manhattans only daughter well, a bloody attentions sucker, who would make other people do her works because her eauty would be tarnished. Whats there to loose when there nothing with you, in the first place.

She quickly had her fill and rushed to her room, where her belongings were safely packed up. She thought through her plan the other night. This time she was going to make it for sure. No more mishaps are encouraged. Otherwise, she really have to rot in this rotten house till her death just like Sophia said.

She threw her baggage outside the house, which was only little, from the window of her room and ran down the stairs quickly. Robert knew she would try to escape again, so he perfectly sealed away all the ways to outside. But, unknown to them, the kitchen had a small door, under the sink, which was hidden by Rose, and had an easy access to the backyard. She snuck into the door and started crawling out. ”I have my ways, Manhattans. ” She grunted and finally was outside.

To freedom. She took a deep breath feeling the fresh air and the surroundings.

She stretched, loving the feeling of fresh air on her skin. She didnt want to risk anything so, she quickly picked her baggage and dusted herself. She looked up and was met up with the woods, which were only half a mile away from the house.

Snippets from the night before started returning back to her mind. The transformation, the blood, the scent of blood and the freedom she felt. Everything returned. She shook her head violently to get rid of the unwanted thoughts. But, somehow in the back of her mind, she wondered that was so interesting what she found in those woods.

She straightened up. She had a mission to accomplish. Keeping that in mind, she made her gaze away from the woods. Who would tell her, that she was only going more closer to the secrets the woods held for her…

A day later:

Roselia stood at the front gates of the High Academy. Majestic. Was the only word that was revolving around in her head. It was every bit grand and majestic holding the history that was only special to it. It was her dream to learn here. And now, that she was going to achieve it, nervousness and scared was all she felt.

The building in front of her was so intimidating, she felt small. Not worthy. She looked around and saw many students piling into the entrance. ”Yes, Im definitely worth it. This is my opportunity and dream. ” she encouraged herself and took a deep breath.

Just as she was about to step in, a large, expensive looking car, stopped right infront of the entrance. Everyone seemed to be frozen in their places as a person hurries to open the back door.

An extremely beautiful girl, who seem to be shining under the sun, stepped out of the car. Her thick ash blonde hair was falling up to her waist. Her features were sharp and almost perfect. Her big round black eyes held pride and arrogance which only enhanced her beauty even more. She was stunning.

Roselia was also among the stunned individuals, who were mesmerized and momentarily were frozen. The girl made her way through the sea of students and parents, with her butler trailing with her luggage, behind her. As she disappeared through the front door, everyone flipped out of their trance and resumed their way into the academy.

Roselia sighed heavily and eyed the crowd once again. Her mind replayed back to all of her life decisions. She wished this will be different and happy experience for her. She looked up to the top of the Academy building. Her eyes trailed over the curves and high dome at the middle of the building.

As her gaze locked at the shining dome, only one thing escaped through her lips softly,

”I wish… ”

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