21st Century

”Another boring day at school, the teacher passes out papers while the students watch another boring video. Its always like this in second period. Videos, notes, classwork, and quizzes. Every day, the same thing. If only I could just leave this school, this town. Just get away and have an adventure. Maybe then, I will feel complete. ” I tell my therapist.

He asked how my day was. So, I described my second period. If he believes me, then damn, Im a great bullshitter. Because absolutely none of that was true. He should know by now that Im a compulsive liar. Im surprised he hasn diagnosed me with it, along with other things, but thats not important.

”So, you want to leave this town to feel complete? Thats new; youve never said anything that personal before. ” And there he goes, giving me that look, while being super sarcastic. Which means he doesn believe me. Good therapist, Ive taught you well.

Hes a new psycho therapist. Dave Thompson is twenty-four years old. Six months ago, I made my very lovely, Susan Evergreen, at the age seventy-six, go mad. Well, not exactly mad, just a little insane. I mean, she did the same thing over and over again, trying to get different results every freaking time. Now, isn that the definition of insanity? But on that day six months ago she finally snapped.

The next day they assigned me a new psycho therapist, like a new one, fresh out of the womb of college, a little psycho baby.

He was very nervous his first day with a psycho, it made me excited. He was new and I was his first patient. The worst of them all, got the new, scared, unknowing therapist. He didn know what was coming.


”You seem a little young to be a certified therapist. Especially a certified psycho therapist. How old are you? ” I ask leaning back and crossing my legs. He looked confused and leaned forward, resting his arms on the desk.

”Shouldn I be asking the questions? ” I sk at him and shook my head.

”No no, now answer my question. How old are you? You seem a little too young to do what you do. ” He sighs and leans back in his chair.

”Well, if you must know, Im twenty-four years old. I just moved here from Whales and my name is Dave Thompson. And I guess you are Myra Acker, the psychotic murder. The girl at age eleven, killed her parents and her younger siblings. ”

”No, you
e wrong. I didn kill anybody. But, since everyone believes this I guess I can tell you what that bastard did. The whole thing, not just snippets. ” I doubt hell believe me, but its worth a try.

”Okay, go ahead, Im listening. ” I take a deep breath and begin.

”Okay so, it was in November, a rather cold day, about three in the afternoon. I was watching my younger siblings, Michael, six months old, and Fay, five years old. Fay was sitting on the living room floor watching T.V. I was holding Michael as he slept. My parents were out working but would come home shortly. ”

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