ct me to believe any of that? ” I say looking at him while shaking my head in disbelief.

”I don know what else to tell you, Myra. ” He looked tense as he combed his fingers through his hair. I glance over at the clock on the wall.

”Oh, its 4:13. I need to go. ” I say as I stand up and grab my bag from the couch.

”Myra, where are you going? Don you want to talk about this more? ” I shake my head as I start putting my hood on and my headphones in my ears.

”I think Ive had enough for today. ” I pull out my phone to put music on and start walking towards the door.

”Wait, ” I stopped and turned around, raising my eyebrows at him.

”Never mind. ” He hesitates, I go to ask him what he meant, but I drop it and leave his office. I pull out my phone and go to spotify. I press shuffle and Therapy starts playing. How ironic.


After going down five flights of stairs, I finally made it to the main floor. I couldve taken the elevator, but I wanted to think everything over without being interrupted. As soon as I step out into the lobby, I hear someone calling my name. I put my head down and walk quickly towards the exit.

Not paying attention to whats in front of me, I nearly ran into an elderly woman, but I noticed her just in time to dodge her and dart down the sidewalk. I ran into the next alleyway, so I wouldn be spotted right away. I lean back against the brick and try to catch my breath as I hear someone sigh. I slowly peek around the corner to see who it is.

Dave is leaning against the wall. I go to move back into the alleyway, but I see him slide down the wall looking at the sky and he says, ”Why? ” So, I stay.

”Why did you have to do this to me? None of this wouldve happened if I were still dead. I don know how much longer I can take this. I hate looking into her eyes and seeing nothing! I don understand why it had to be this way. She doesn know me at all! ” He shouts, standing up.

I quickly hid behind the wall, not wanting him to notice me. I hear a thud and the sound of bones breaking. I dash into the sidewalk as Dave falls to his knees while cradling his arm, he starts to cry.

”Dave! ” I cried out, running over to him.

”Dave! Oh my god. Why did you do this to yourself? ” I exclaimed, sitting next to him. I gently pull his hand up and examine it closely. His knuckles were bleeding and already started to bruise.

”I hate when you do this shit, Kian. Why do you keep hurting yourself? We
e going to get you to a hospital. ” I carefully help Dave up as he looks at me shocked.

”What? ”

”What did you call me? ” He asked nervously, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

”What do you mean? I called you Dave, like I always do. ” I watched as the flicker of hope left him and then his face went blank.

”Oh, I thought you said something else. ” He mumbles.

”Come on, we
e getting you to the hospital now, ” I say as Dave nods his head.

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