21st Century

As we
e leaving the hospital, I catch myself thinking about the drawing. I quickly snap out of it and turn my attention to Dave. I watch as he struggles to tighten his sling for his arm.

”Would you like some help? ” I laugh, walking to the side of the sidewalk to be out of the way from others passing by.

”Maybe a little? ” He looked at me and sheepishly grinned. I take a step towards him, trying not to smile as I reach for the metal part of the strap thats resting on his shoulder. I adjust the straps until its comfortable. I pat him on the back, then we start walking again in silence. The hospital is only a few blocks away from his office, so we didn drive.

”So, why did you punch the wall? ” I question, breaking the silence and trying to keep my eyes forward, not wanting him to know how awkward I felt. He seemed slightly taken aback by my outburst as he took a moment to reply.

”Um, I don really want to talk about it… But uh, how long were you standing there? Did you hear anything? ” He asked as I looked at him. He had a look of anticipation on his face as his eyes quickly looked back and forth between me and the sidewalk.

”Uh, no. I didn really hear anything. I turned around when I realized I had forgotten something. When I got to the building I saw you on the ground, holding your arm. I ran over to you as fast as I could. ” I said, hoping he didn continue to pry.

”Oh, alright. ” Dave sighed as he looked down. I couldn tell whether he was sighing in relief or disappointment, but I wasn going to question it. We went back to silently walking through the city together. The sounds of cars honking, engines roaring, people chatting and laughing faded as we made it back to his office.

”Well, I guess Ill see you tomorrow. ” I announced as we approached the building. Not waiting for a response, I turn and start walking down the sidewalk, heading home.

”Um, didn you forget something? Don you need it? ” Dave questioned as I stopped walking.

”Shit. ” I mumble and turn to face him, scratching the back of my head.

”Oh yeah, um. I don need it tonight. I can come by and grab it tomorrow or some other time. ” I said. He tilts his head at me and shrugs, walking into the building. I sigh and turn around to head home.

My house is about an hour walk from the office, but today I don mind. Its the perfect time for me to think about everything I heard Dave say before I took him to the hospital. Could what he said in his office be true? Theres no possible way that we couldve been alive in that timeline, especially with us already knowing each other and being best friends. Thats ridiculous. That was almost two hundred years ago, theres just no way. Was he trying to get me to believe that reincarnation is real?

I was almost home, lost in my thoughts until I heard a car screech to a halt behind me. I stop and turn around, but I don see a car parked. The next thing I know, someone grabs me from behind with their hand over my mouth, dragging me backwards.

I tried to scream, but I knew there was no use, its not like they
e going to let me go and no one was around to hear me, and if they were they wouldn care, its New York, it would be pointless.

”This is too easy ” The man says smugly, as he drags me to a shady looking van. I tried to elbow him in the gut, but it didn phase him. He throws me into the back of the van and my head hits the floor, blurring my vision. The door closes and someone puts a blindfold on me. I try to sit up, but they push me back down.

”Damn, do you treat all girls like this? Where are you taking me anyway? Can we stop and get some food on the way? Im starving. ” I say, laying on my side, realizing my wrists are tied together with rope.

”Shut up, boss says no stops. ” The man retorted. I wiggle around to see how tight the rope is, but I immediately feel a foot in my spine. Now knowing that theres more than one kidnapper in this van and they
e watching my every move.


Opening my eyes, all I can see is pitch black. I try to move my arms, but my wrists are still tied together. Perfect. I hear footsteps approaching, then a door opening.

”Well, well, well, what do we have here? ” I can hear his smirk from across the room. He sounds familiar, where have I heard that voice from before?

”You should know, since you aren the one blindfolded. ” I scoff. He starts to laugh.

”Well, I guess you
e right. I can believe they actually found you. ” He caresses my face, I jerk back and hear him sigh. I hear a few footsteps then a door shutting, guess hes gone.

I take a deep breath and try to figure out how to get out of these ropes. I move my arms and legs and I only feel the ones on my wrists. Wow, how dumb are these people? I pull my arms up over the back of the chair as I lean forward, not working how I thought it would.

”This would be much easier, if I wasn blindfolded. ” I huff, standing up trying not to hit the chair with my arms.

”Theres no use in trying to escape. ” I hear a young girl say.

”Well, they made it pretty easy since I wasn tied to the chair. ” I move my hands in front of me by stepping over them. I then push up the blindfold on my face.

”Holy hell, its bright in here. Isn this supposed to be like a dark basement or something? ” I shield my eyes as they adjust to the brightness. Once I could see, I looked around and noticed that every wall was a window, how nice. I see a girl who is blindfolded and tied by her wrists to a chain thats attached to the ceiling.

”How long have you been here … like this? ” I slowly walk over to her, my hands still tied, and go to remove her blindfold. She moves around, her head straining to stay up right. I touch the blindfold and she flinches back.

”What? Whos there? What do you want? ” She asked, alarmed. I quickly move my hands away from her.

”Oh, Im sorry. I thought you heard me. Im just going to take off your blindfold. Thats all, I promise. ” My hands go back to the blindfold and she flinches again, but I swiftly pull the blindfold down anyway. Her eyes squeeze shut as I mumble sorry. She looks around frantically as I walk around the room looking for something sharp to cut the rope with.

”Who are you? ” She asks.

”Myra, you? ” I said, turning my head to look at her.

”Maya. ” She states, the fear in her voice slowly subsiding.

”Cool, see anything sharp? We
e going to need it. ”

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