To Be a Mob That Operates in the Shadow

A Dream Different from the Masses (Prologue)

There are many types of people in this world: those who dream to be heroes, those who dream to be financially rich, and those who dream to become popular.

Finn does not want any of that.

Though if he says he doesn have any dreams, that would be a lie; Finn does have dreams; its just that his dream is realistically impossible to achieve—to be a mob that operates in the shadow.

Yes, while some people wanted to be heroes in the spotlight, Finn desired something entirely different. He doesn want to be a hero nor a villain; he wants to be someone who hides his true power and unleashes it behind the scenes.

But he do realize that dream of his is just a childish dream, so he often escapes reality by reading ”Strong Pretend to be Weak ” kind of novel, though hes been enjoying it, there is one problem with the novel…

All the Male Leads in the novel are NOT hiding their powers at all!!!

These guys suck at hiding their powers i tell you; they show it off in the middle of the day, beating the strongest character in a duel, stealing the girl of a strong rival character, and defeating them with their ”Hidden Power ”…in front of everyone!!

”…What t

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