To Defy The Course of Fate

Chapter 016. A mishap occurred in the testing site

vely presence. ” She said solemnly, doing some odd murmurs for some kind of enchantments. Just how far can this lunatic go?

She sighed with a face that had defeat written all over it. ”What are we doing if I agree? ” She stopped and pursed her lips, mentally chiding herself. Why fhe ** did you ask? Thats like saying you
e half agreeing already!

”Oh you know…just small leviath tests… ” She trailed off.

Ayla eyed the door warily. She can already feel the crazy vibe shes emitting from here. ”Well just record the leviaths regeneration ability in different areas. ”

That does sounds fascinating to watch. But…

Ayla consider it before rolling her eyes at her lame attempt to bribe her. ”Whatever, not enough. Make it two weeks. ”

She fall back to her bed, snuggling on her pillow. ”Try harder shitty glasses. ” She mocked, laughing at the sound of Vegas protest.

”Aylaaaa… ” She whined, stomping her feet to throw a tantrum. She thought she had persuaded Ayla already!

”Fine, Ill make it two weeks without Keids permission, Deal? ”

”Tempting but try harder. ” Ayla yawned.

”Ayla~ ” She whined, banging on her door once again. ”Give me more credits here, okay? Can you see Im getting desperate here? ”

”I can tell…but I don care. ”

Silence ensued after that without any movements happening outside the room. She really thought Vega had gave up and went away.

Ayla was slowly dozing off when a loud thump suddenly jumped on the door, scaring the shit out of her.

”Aha! How about I ask Keid to let you join the military academy so youll be recognized as an official knight. Thats good right?! ” She shouted as if she encountered a eureka.

Aylas sleepiness instantly wear off as she looked at the door in disbelief. ”No way, you can do that. ” She jumped out of the bed and ran to the door.

She have been raising this concern to Keid. Dropping hints here and there about the negative public opinion toward the Black Winter moon to be very restrictive and not beneficial when a sudden emergency happens. But Keid always reject her request saying its still not the right time to make her public.

She was thinking what drama shell pull to let her go to this years entrance exam. Until when will they give her the go signal?

Ayla was vaguely aware about the military branch because of Vega and Keids special circumstance. Of course, her impression goes only as deep as any ordinary citizen.

But even with Aylas closed environment was able to hear about Black Winter moons instability and huge mortality rate.

”Uh…Yeah, of course. I can do that! Psh, piece of cake! ”She stammered at first before showing a look of absolute confidence.

”Then youll help me todays experiment with Bert and Ernie. ”

Bert and Ernie?

”Deal. But you also need to fulfill your part or else… ” Aylas voice suddenly dropped a tone. The way her words trailed off at the end was already telling a vivid picture.

A dark look had cast over Aylas face as a clear warning the impending doom that will befall mankind if Vega failed to do her part.

Vega laughed airily, waving a dismissive hand. What is this cold air behind her back? ”Of course, of course. Why would I trick my Ayla dearest? I don want to die young. ”

Then she hastily twisted Aylas body, guiding her to the bathroom and talking on the way. ”Since weve made the devils contract, ” She cringed at the crude choice of word. ”You should definitely take a bath before you meet me downstairs, mkay? ” She pushed her lightly inside, but not forgetting to ruffle her hair on her rush exit out of the room.

Ayla can contain the sly grin from creeping its way to her cheeks any longer while doing her business in the bathroom.

Sometimes it frightens her how devious she can be. Knowing that it wouldn be easy to persuade Keid to let her enroll in the military academy since they don know what hes thinking behind those bushy eyebrows. But desperate times calls for desperate measures and Aylas simply seizing the opportunity right there.

Vegas persuasion ability had never failed anyone. Keid will have to choose between enduring a nuisance or conceding defeat.

She admit she may have taken notes from the original con-man when striking deals. Either way, a deal is a deal.

After she finished dressing up, she began taming the tangles on her hair with a wide brush. She made sure she was able to apply the hair gel at every section so there isn much fly aways later.

She sighed, staring at her hair in the mirror. This is too much work for a damn hair.

She stepped out the door and walked down the hallway at the direction of the open site where they locked the leviaths.

They were currently staying in an abandoned building that was loosely related with them in Jemima throughout Vegas research period. Thankfully, this area was quite a distance away from the nearest big towns. Nobody could possibly see them smuggling leviaths inside the barrier.

Ayla was able to familiarize herself with the area after arriving here yesterday so it wasn difficult to locate where the testing site is conducted.

She walked out of the old building and to the spacious courtyard, which is now transformed as an open cell for the two leviaths. The two leviaths remained like how she last saw them. Each had multiple steel tubes pierced down their body to restrain them from moving. The one Vega named Berth was tied down on the floor on his stomach, while Ernie was nailed down in a squatting positing.

Ayla didn want to ask why Vega just gave those leviaths a name like human beings.

Ayla spotted Vega standing in front of Ernie and was attempting to converse with the brainless creatures. She was firing questions one after the other such as their origin, why they want to eat humans, why they fear aurora and even their names in case there is a response.

Unfortunately, they only receive the leviaths erratic heavy breathing as a reply. The leviaths were as usual clearly oblivious and was not in any form capable to hold a civilized conversation. After countless tries, the silence and zero results sent Vega into a state of disillusioned.

”Ugh, why wouldn they speak? They obviously have the necessary biological organ system to speak! ” She scratched her head harshly and plopped down on the floor. An awkward silence ensued as the people around looked at each other in confusion trying to grasp the situation.

Leo looked panicky as he placed a reassuring hand in Vegas shoulder. ”Miss Vega, we can still try another methods to gather other informations like…testing their inactivity! ” Leo hastily suggested.

Vega snapped her head to look at Leo intently, her eyes dangerously shining with fierce determination. She grabbed Leos shoulder harshly, tugging him body to lean closer.

”Did you remember what I told you before? ” She whispered solemnly. Leo could only nod his head meekly as he tries to not quiver under Vegas intimidating aura.

By now, the rest of the spectators already noticed the presence of Ayla. They were glancing at her urgently, waiting for her to break up the commotion from escalating. Aylas eyes narrowed discreetly, but made the unexpected decision of not disturbing Vegas next actions.

”In order to defeat our enemy we must know every tiny little thing they do, that way we can use this little things to use as a larger advantage. ” She then let out a bewildered laugh, pushing Leo out of the way as she made a straight run to Berth with outstretched arms.

”Even if it would put your life at stake! ”

Everybody made different noises in the middle of the panic as she recklessly stepped beyond what they marked as safe distance around the two leviaths for safety purposes.

Every safety precaution was always proven to be useless in front of any irrational person.

Shell willingly sacrifice her own life just to acquire the truth about leviaths? Ayla scoffed at her skewed, overly-altruistic principles, crossing her arms over her chest thoughtfully. Still it was unsurprising for Vega to make that decision.

”So Berth, how about we resume our pleasant chat? ” She beamed at the leviath. At the clear act of provocation, the leviath began to squirm in its bind. As if injected by chicken blood, the leviath snapped and goes straight to Vegas head with its gaping mouth. Vega had no time to kick in her motor instinct as everybody held their breath expecting a gruesome outcome.

Vega shakily opened her eyes after there was no sound of bones breaking come up or the expected unbearable pain like getting run over a meat grinder didn happened. She let out an astonished laugh as she gave the person standing firmly between the leviath and her two thumbs up.

”I can really assure my whole life with Ayla with me. Such good timing! ”

Vegas voice didn have a sliver of stammer but only Ayla saw her hands shaking in fear. The leviaths mouth was resolute in finishing off Vegas head based on its speed and ferocity when Ayla called out her tyrfing and stabbed its soft palate in the nick of time. Such recklessness almost gave her an VVIP invitation to deaths threshold this time around.

Everybody released their breath as they realized their party leader is still in one piece. Aylas stare was unprovocative at first glance, but underlying was actually a chaotic current waiting to explode. Her mouth pressed was pressed in a grim line as she looked down at Vegas shaken form.

Aylas hair seem to sway behind her without any breeze, standing without any care of worldly occurrences. It would have been nothing special except her eyes glowed as if bearing all the earths fury. Every person was here long enough to know the degree of strength between all the cavaliers.

They slowly backed away with bated breath, fearing her wrath that will strike them instead if they breath even once.

Ayla grabbed her collar to pull her up in her anger. ”Do you want to **ing die? I can gladly end it for you right here. Don you dare make others feel shitty if you die in front of them. ” She snarled before accidentally kicking Vegas stomach in the heat of anger.

Vega moaned as she laid down writhing with her arms over her stomach. ”Wait, wait! Ayla, are you seriously— ” Leo jumped in, but she cut him off.

”Shut the ** up. ” She snapped before she looked down at Vegas fatal position. Ayla was too stimulated from what happened that her cognition started spewing out whatever.

”Goddess knows, what couldve happened if I didn come in this…stupid experiment for some reason! If I was any minute late, then you could have died! Instead of dying like a **ing martyr, use your head to die in a meaningful way. You dying wouldn solve anything to this damn cursed of humanity! ” With all the fussiness with her hair, Aylas toxic trait was how she tend to direct all her frustration on her hair by messing it up.

There was a numb pain in her heart as her breath felt constricted and heavy in grievance. She nearly made a mistake and a person got hurt to pay the price.

She faced the rest of the onlookers, who had turned mute ages ago. They flinched as they avoided the murderous glare in hopes to remain invisible.

”Somebody tighten these shitty pole. Make sure these won ever make a twitch or else… ” Ayla let the threat open ended, letting their imagination fill it with something nefarious.

She then faced Leo, tilting her head at Vegas direction. ”Take Vega to the infirmary. ” She paused before talking more calmly this time. ”…please? ”

”…. ”

He simply nodded and called other people to assist him in transporting a groaning Vega. Ayla avoided looking at Vegas expression afraid of the guilt that will undoubtedly overcome her.

Of course in Vegas level, that kick was incomparable to anything serious and will probably just make her suffer for three to five hours when medicated the right way.

She looked back at the people who were still walking in eggshells, placing her hands on her hips impatiently. ”What are you waiting for? Fucking move. ” She couldn just left her tyrfing imbedded in some leviaths mouth.

They immediately set forth to reinforcing the durability of the chains. Ayla immediately retrieve her tyrfing as soon as another batch of steel tubes was brought forward.

Ayla left the site so others can handle the remaining tasks left after spending the rest of the time making sure the new binding method is more effective. Unfortunately, their experiments will be delayed for a day or two.

Instead of going back to her room, she made detour to the direction of infirmary to inquire about Vegas condition.

However, her feet suddenly halted because of the abrupt appearance of a familiar tall figure at the hallway. Aside from the mans straightforward hair cut that was astonishingly popular among knights, his most distinct feature is the thick, dutifully trimmed eyebrows.

Ayla didn know whether to laugh or cry at her rotten timing. She just saw this guardian virtually yesterday and now shes about to meet them in person after causing a lot of trouble.

I think I suddenly want to go back…

”Ayla. ”

”Yes! ” Ayla chimed as she swiftly turned back around after her failed attempt to make a run for it.

Keid was only calling her name, but why did she felt like she should rename herself asap?!

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