To Defy The Course of Fate

Chapter 005. Humanity\'s Strongest Weapon

”Mommy, I made the fishy fly! ” The giggles of eight year old little girl echoed on the garden as she stared at the wiggling blob outline of a fish in the air in awe.

”Looks like she is handling her new ability pretty well, Hermia. ” A man wearing a white lab coat and spectacles sitting on his nose stated in amusement. Loving the sound of his daughters carefree laughter as the prominent sound in the manors spacious garden.

He was the father who would readily do everything in his power just to ensure his daughters well-being and happiness.

Its just that things had to turn this way for her sake.

”I wish we can just hide our baby forever, Lysander. I want to run away from here. ” His beautiful wife, Louise Hermia Grantaine Peritia whispered sadly as the couple continued to watch their daughter happily roaming around the garden safely tucked in this haven they created.

There is always that tickling fear in the recess of their minds for the inevitable moment when they couldn continue this momentary peace any longer.

Words can explain how theyll be willing to do everything they could just to keep their precious daughter smile on her face. Even going as far as not allowing her to venture into the world.

The Peritia family, famous for their vast knowledge of the outside world passed from the books and teachings of their past ancestors.

They were a long standing scholarly family that continued to persist since the change of tides in the kingdom.

Information from the outside world were now fully repressed for the safety of the kingdom and its people.

And it didn take long for people to adapt in their situation and lived their lives complacently by forgetting there existed a world out there.

The nobles who were devoted to the words of the church began to feel wary of this family since their existence itself is violating the ordinance of the king.

But because of their powerful bloodline, this prevented them from executing the family.

The Head of the Ducal house, Don Lysander Grantaine Peritia look at her daughters previously brown luscious tresses now bright green from the chemical injected in her daughters body reacting.

He knew time is running out. They would eventually find them hiding here and kill them instantly.

We are sorry for doing this, our dearest Ayla. I hope you will forgive us for having us as your parents.

”I hope we can still watch her grow up into a fine lady someday. ” Hermia suddenly whispered to her husband, squeezing her hands with his.

Tears started leaking out of her green eyes eyes. The same eyes the little girl had inherited from her mother like a burning emeralds as it glisten with pain and regret.

”Hermia— ” He started but was cut off by her wife. ”I don want to leave her alone, Lysander. Not our daughter! ” She suddenly choked out in a sob. Her voice filled with anguish as she burrowed her face to her husbands chest feeling her heart constricting with pain.

She will never forgive herself if something bad happens to her daughter. No mother would want to leave her daughter alone in this cruel world. How could she call herself a mother?

”Daddy, why is mommy crying? ” The little girl asked sadly, tilting her head to side.

”Its okay darling. Your mommy is just tired. ” Lysander couldn bear to look at his daughters eyes without crying himself.

This is struggle that the couple shares together as they carry this constant fear of leaving their young daughter first, but what pains them the most is how they couldn do anything.

The odds were always stacked against their favor since the beginning.

Right at that moment, a loud explosion suddenly occur outside the mansion; disrupting the peaceful ambience as screams erupted followed by gunshots firing.

The two tensed up, looking at each other with horror stricken faces as the situation immediately dawn in their heads.

Theyve found them.

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