”Hi, what are you doing? ”

Then I see that she jumps a little, apparently surprised by my question.

Then when she sees me looking at her, she looks from left to right as if checking that no one else is there.

She then raises her finger pointing at herself as she says with a hesitant tone.

e talking to me? ”

Watching that performance was fun.

”Hehehe, who else is here then? ”

”Uh…uh… ”

Seeing that she asked me a silly question she is at a loss for words to say.

It seems that he is not very social.

Then she looked down at the ants.

”I see you like to watch the activities of the ants ”

”This yes, it is very interesting how being so small they can carry things that weigh 10 times their body weight without mentioning that they are very orderly unlike other insects… ”

”I see you know a lot ”

She hangs her head a little in embarrassment.

”No, I only know a little bit more because my mom told me but… ”

”Oh, but its interesting, I didn know they could carry ten times their weight ”

”My mom also said that when enemies come to attack the herd, then everyone goes out to defend their most precious treasure, which is her young, and she wouldn even hesitate to die. ”

”Are you not afraid of death? ”

”She doesn know, but she says they would never allow anyone to harm her eggs. ”

I raise my eyebrow.

Images about all kinds of ants go through my mind but they are somewhat blurred, difficult to capture important information (they are fragments of their memories).

”They also have an acid that they use as a weapon in defense of other insects ”

”Ah, no wonder they taste ugly ”

She looks at me surprised by my question.

”Did you eat one? ”

”An accident, I accidentally bit one while playing ”

”Don do that, attacking the ants will make them spray a pheromone and then they will all start attacking you ”

”Mhp, what can those little things do against me? Im bigger than them and if I keep a little distance then they won reach me, look ”

She then grabbed a twig that was on the side of her and bumped it into an ant and sent it flying from her position.

Then the girl next to me panics seeing my actions.

”D-Don do that, you
e going to make them call the whole hive ”

”Do not be afraid ”

Then suddenly I felt a little itching in my leg that turned into a stinging mixed with pain.

”Oh! ”

So with my hand I patted the area where I felt the pain and then I saw that in my hand there was an ant that was still slowly moving one leg.

I had crushed it but it had managed to bite me.

”V-See I told you, lets go before more come ”

Then I start scratching the part where the ant bit me.

The pain made me mad at the ants.

”Now they will see ants, they will suffer for having stung me ”

”Don do that, lets go or more will come and both of us will be bitten ”

”I do not want ”

Then a surreal scene appears where an army of several ants begin to file out of their anthill.

I had already grabbed a stone on the side and had thrown it against the anthill.

Then in a bit of a panic she grabs my hand and pulls me away from the scene.

After we walk away for a bit, the girl seems to relax.

”Why did you do that? ” Although in a very low tone, she still musters up the energy to speak.

”It hurt ” I show the part of my skin where there is a small red spot that is slightly swollen, where the ant had bitten me earlier.

”If you hadn bothered them then they wouldn have bitten you ”

Her words make me reflect a little, since at that moment she had reacted out of impulse and anger.

”In fact you
e right, but why did the other ant bite me if they didn even have time to communicate with each other? ”

”… ” She is speechless at this matter.

But as she thinks certain fragmented memories about ants come to mind.

Then suddenly I lift my foot to see the soles of my feet and sure enough I found a wet spot that still has some of what appears to be an ant.

Its so mangled that its not in the form of an ant but Im guessing quickly since the ants earlier attack would make sense if this was so.

”Stepping on one of them ”

”Yes, I had not realized ”

It was so small that I probably couldn make it out as I got closer

Then I quickly realize that the sun is already high in the sky.

Then he heard a small exclamation next to me.

”Oh no, its going to be late ”

”Are you leaving too? ”

”Yes, I must hurry before they get mad at me ”

”So see you tomorrow, what do you say? ”

Then she is stunned for a second but the next second she responds with great enthusiasm.

”Yes! ”

So I say with a smile.

”What is your name?, mine is Hiroki Takahashi ”

”My name is Akiko Watanabe, nice to meet you ”

”Likewise ” after I finish saying that I see how she walks away quickly while she raises her hand saying goodbye to me.

”…what an interesting girl ” For some reason she is very nice, more than those boys and girls I know.

I am walking slowly towards the exit of the park while I am thinking about what happened today.

As I make my way to the exit I see someone familiar in sight.

She is a middle-aged woman, she has black hair that is well groomed with a formal demeanor, her face shows signs of having gone through many things which gives her a mature air and incidentally a suit that makes her look like a person very serious business.

”Hello Aunt Azumi ” I say with great enthusiasm.

But contrary to my enthusiasm, she responds in a serious and calm manner.

”Hiroki, you shouldn walk around alone ”

Her scolding tone doesn seem to affect her, instead she puffs out her cheek a little in protest.

”Being at home is so boring, so I came to the park for a while ”

Azumi doesn seem surprised by the boys response.

”Well, then the next time you go like this let me know so your father won be worried ”

”Ok ” I replied very simply.

”Then lets go, before the food gets cold ”

Then two people, a child and a woman start walking towards a black car.

”Hey auntie you know? ”

”That? ”

”Today I met a girl who seems interesting ”

”Mn? ” Azumi seems to take an interest in the boys words for the first time.

”While… ” Then the boy and the lady begin to walk slowly while the latter listens with great interest.

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