After a couple of streets we arrive in front of a door.

From the outside it looks like a wall but when you walk through the door you will see a small complex of houses.

Already by the entrance you can tell that those who live here are people who have some high and stable economic power.

As we walk, he can help but ask.

”What brings you here, aunt? ”

The woman thinks a bit and answers.

”I came to discuss certain matters with your mother ”

”Again will they make documents? ” She asked her with a bored face.

”Something like that ” she answers nonchalantly.

”You always do boring things ”

The woman is silent for a moment.

”Its something necessary ” She doesn explain more knowing that the boy won understand.

Hearing her answer I quickly lose interest.

So we keep walking down the path until we end up at a particular dwelling.

The house is fairly large, with enough space for 5 to 7 people.

But this time only 3 live at home, so it is a bit big in space.

The woman rings the bell.


After a few seconds someone answers on the transmitter.

”Who? ” A womans voice sounds.

”Its me ”

The other party seems to recognize the woman outside.

”Come in ” Then there is a small click on the door and it opens a little.

The woman pushes the door nonchalantly.

Then we enter through the door and just hear a voice from inside.

”Hiroki, where have you been? ” A grown man who still shows how attractive he was in his youth comes to us.

Then he hugs me and sighs dramatically.

”*sigh of relief* Its good that you
e okay ”

But contrary to the mans expression, the boy tries to get out of his arms.

”Dad, thats enough, you
e suffocating me, besides, Im too big for you to hug me ” He tried to get out of my fathers arms.

”But what are you saying, you
e just a 6 year old boy ” he Finally he lets go of me but still holds my shoulders.

”Besides why did you run away again without my permission again ”

”Its just that this place is so boring ” I say with a bored expression.

But he ignores my complaints.

”I don care for the reasons, don do that again or I won prepare your favorite foods for a month ”

”Mommy! ” I say like hes throwing a tantrum.

”I don think so much punishment is necessary for something so simple ” The woman says that if you look closely you will notice that she looks like the childs father.

She for the first time since she picked up the child smiles slightly as she seems to be looking at the amusing situation.

”Hush sister, how could you understand a fathers concern, its easy for you to say ”

The woman continues with her smile.

”Well, dramatic as always, anyway all this happens because you don give him much freedom ”

Listening to her words, I felt offended, I nodded my head because she said what I wanted to say.

”Its not that I don want to give him freedom, but its very dangerous for a child to walk around alone ” she explains her reasons.

Just when the woman was about to answer saying that this was a safe country and that nobody could do anything anyway, a female voice is heard coming from the hallway.

”Wow, this place is lively ” An older woman comes out who, although she does not appear to be very attractive, you can still feel a sense of calm and security coming from her; she has neatly combed black hair and wears a formal suit.

The woman who appears to be the childs mother looks at them with a smile.

”Whats wrong? Why the long face, son? ”

”Dad is very annoying ” I say my sincere thoughts.

”Hey, thats not the way to talk to your parents ” He scolds me.

”Hahaha ”

”And what are you laughing at? Because you spoil him so much now hes becoming more and more disobedient ”

Seeing that the man started talking nonstop he decides to end the conversation smartly.

”By the way, is the food finished cooking yet? ” He asks with apparent puzzlement.

Then immediately the mans expression turns white as if remembering something important that he had forgotten.

”Oh no! the food! ” Then he quickly turns to go to the kitchen but not without forgetting to take me with her.

e coming with me ” ”Eh- ” I don have time to complain when he brings me with him.

Then the room is silent.

”Very lively as always, isn he? ”

”Haha yes, then what brings you here? ”

Then the woman puts her serious face back on and speaks calmly.

”Its time ” she doesn say much but the other woman understands instantly.

The mother stays still for a few seconds.

”Wow, time goes by fast huh, almost and I almost forgot ” Says the mother with a slightly melancholic tone not so surprised by the words.

”How about we talk inside? ” Says the mother.

”Okay ” she Nods the woman without much reaction.

Inside one of the rooms where the mother uses as an office for work things, the two women are sitting face to face.

”Will you take it? ”

”Yes, but it will only be a certain number of hours a day, if I take it for a long time, then my brother will be hysterical ”

”Hehe right ” The mother laughs lightly and then sighs.

”*sighs*, time goes by fast ”

”In fact ”

Then the women begin to discuss certain matters, sometimes remembering the past.

Somehow I managed to get away from my father and escape to my room.

I am lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling.

”How boring ” I say in a lazy tone.

Every day is the same.

Study, do homework and continue studying.

Its just boring.

Little did the boy know that this would be the last day that he could consider as normal and simple in what is day to day.

After a while my father called me for lunch.

And he was entertaining since we ate with one more member: my aunt.

At first shes not fun but shes not complaining, at least we have something different to see at lunch.

After lunch my parents told me to go to my room for a moment because they have things to discuss with my aunt.

I just make a bored face because shes probably going to talk about boring things.

In my room I turn on my small television that I had on the dresser in my room.

I change from channel to channel looking for something entertaining in the childrens programs but I only see boring things.

Something strange about me is that when it comes to games I tend to get bored very quickly and the same thing happens with the programs I watch, somehow I feel that they are a bit childish and clichés?

I don even know what cliché means or why a kid like me would get bored of something childish but I just know its in the range of boring and repetitive?

I don know why its repetitive but I don care either.

”Ahha, another boring day, nothing interesting to watch ” I say as I turn off the television.

Its not that all childrens programs are boring, just that I don like most of them, but there are some series that are very entertaining for me.

Then he heard the call of my parents.

”Hiroki!!, come a moment!! ”

”Im going!! ” I say in response.

So I get up from where I am.

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