Bracing himself Raven stepped into the lake freely. Expecting the embrace of freezing water he was instead welcomed with a soothing warmness. As if that wasn strange enough the lake began to sparkle and ripple towards him. Droplets of water seeping directly into his pores. Slowly the warm liquid travelled throughout his body, making two full round trips before circling around his heart then entering. Healing and strengthening all his mana circuits.

And it was at this time when the liquid made its fourth round that Raven could fill his chest start to heat up. The instinct to quickly jump out the water plagued him as the sudden sequences reminded him of how he died. But logic shackled him there, preventing him from moving a single inch. The heat he felt emitting from his chest wasn a scorching fire but more of a heat that was tranquil and tamed. Very unharmful. And soon the outside of his chest began to light up with a dazzling white light that only shown briefly before completely disappearing. He could feel his mana circle grow in size before doubling into two rings.

And just like that. He had became a level 2 swordsman.

Lucienne. Raven thought with a cheeky grin. What a mysterious beast you are.

He had now noticed that the lake he was residing in was a mana pool. That if he recalled his memory correctly, seemed to be old and was nature made. Unlike the mana liquid potions that were man made and sold on the market within the kingdom. This mana pool was 100% all natural.

But how did he know all this.

Easy really.

The previous owner of his body was a book worm. Where he lacked physically he made up for it mentally. An what better way to get better at swordsmanship then to read about it. Touching up on both the sword and magic. And in the end his actions had deemed useful and more ways then one.

Raven lightly smiled enjoying his magical bath. while looking around the forest as the cycle of water entering and circling within him, continued on without stop. It seemed that another circle was starting to set and form. Beginning to triple his original power.

Patiently waiting for it to form he watched as the cold weather decorated both the ground and trees with millions of snowflakes. That were unknowingly painting a beautiful snow white picture of winter. It wouldve been nice if he could take a picture of such scenery. But there was no such things as cameras in this world. And that was fine.

”All seems to be going well. ” A low voice lightly stated from within the shadows of the forest.

Raven quickly jerked his head back, his eyes cold and vigilant. Searching for the source of the sudden voice. He did not plan on being attacked by any man or beast.

So he does have a perception of danger after all. Just not with me. Lucienne narrowed his feline eyes. What a naive human.

Stepping forward from within the bushes was a strong prideful, silver-tiger who seemed to be pushing a medium size bag towards the other. ”Cloths. ” Lucienne spoke only one word gazing down at the youth with a superior demeanor. Seeing who it was Ravens guard relaxed and calmly glanced at the bag.

It was the bag the past vessel had abandon during his escape from the Marlon beast. Glancing up at the beautiful tiger he smiled softly and spoke a grateful. ”Thank you. ” A thank you that was thanking him for all his kindness. From the time he first woke up till this very moment, the mystical creature continued to help him out.

Standing up, he easily climbed out the lake, stepping back onto the land of snow. Dripping soak and wet his hair and tethered clothing clung tightly to his body. Outlining his thin slender shape, he dear near blended in with the white background as his pale skin was almost see through. Creating an almost seductive feel.

Bending down he scuffled through the bag finding an extra pair of cloths and a black gown along healing potions, mana boosters, bread, fruit, and a dagger with a golden handle decorated with a families crest. Wonderful! He had everything he needed in here to survive for a couple days till he could leave the forest.

Hed use the cloths for when he would leave but for right now he decided to wear the gown instead. Stripping himself bare of his ripped wet clothing he quickly put on the gown, it falling all the way to his ankles. Wiggling his toes he exclaimed with some regret. ”He didn pack a second pair of shoes. How thoughtless. ”

”Congratulations human. ” Said Lucien suddenly.

Ravens thin eyebrows furrowed in confusion, his expression a bit absent minded until it dawned on him what Lucienne meant. ”Thank you. I formed two mana circles in one go. ” He stared at Lucienne curiously. ”Did you know this would happen? ”

”Yes. There are many lakes around here born from the natural energies of the world. ”

”Would you take me to another one in the future. ”

Lucienne beastly eyes slowly met the humans, his gaze unreadable he responded in an unhurried manner. ”In the future. ” he repeated before turning around and heading back to his cave.

”Was that a yes or a no? ” Raven asked but in his dismay their was no answer. ”Lucienne. ” he called but again only silence returned. Seeing the other get further away, he no longer cared about the matter and quickly grabbed his bag an ran after him.

Just like that a few weeks had went by.

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