Sia was so agitated that her breathing turned irregular. She was panting heavily and her dark-tanned face turned red from suffocation. It was very difficult for her to think straight.

After lying on the bed for three whole days she felt weak and with her agitation added to that she felt her world spin after sitting for a long time.

She weakly laid down on her bed and tried to console herself with all the nonsense she could think of. At the same time, her stomach started to grumble asking for food.

Sia felt she was pitiful. Here she couldn even console her heart and there came her stomach asking for consolation. It seemed to forget that it was the root cause of her current plight.

When Sia was busy feeling sorry for herself she suddenly heard a toddlers voice.

Surprised she looked around and found no one. She thought she might have imagined it so she turned her head back to her pillow and waited for those people to come. So, she could ask for something to eat to fill her hungry stomach. But not long after she heard the same voice again. This time it was very clear that it didn seem to be an illusion.

”Master, master its me! ”

”Here, here in your mind. Try to look carefully! ” A cute toddlers voice was ringing in her mind.

Sia tried to concentrate on that voice and in flash she found herself standing in a large green field.

There was a huge castle in front of the field, a mountain at the back of the castle and there was a soft trickling sound of flowing water nearby. The place was beautiful beyond the world, like a fairyland from fairytales. The whole place was covered in a very thin layer of white fog and the sky was blue with pink and violet clouds floating by.

”Master, here, here! ”

Sia came back from her daze and noticed a small figure at the entrance of the castle waving at her.

When that small figure saw his master looking at him he ran up to her and hugged her legs.

The toddler looked around four years old. He was a chubby cutie pie. His fair chubby cheeks, hands and feet made him look like a human dumpling, soft and squishy. He was wearing a sky blue coloured robe which complimented his fair skin. His dark long hair was tied into a knot with a pin which had stars and moon dangling on it. The toddler had a pair of large round eyes which were dark and deep like a night sky. He had an innocent smile on his face which made him look even more adorable.

Sia found him too cute to ignore and let him hug as much as he wanted.

The boy was so happy that he had finally found his master after waiting for God knows how long. With his master, he can finally go out and enjoy the outside world. Just thinking about it made him feel giddy with joy.

After some time the boy let go of Sias leg and looked at her smilingly. Then said in his adorable voice, ” Master, welcome to the Brahma world. ”

His adorable voice had a hint of pride and expectation in it as if he was placing a most precious treasure in front of his master and looking forward to her praise.

Then he continued with that same adorable tone, ” I am the guardian spirit of the Brahma world, you can call me abhram. ”

After introducing himself to his master the little boy smiled brightly pleased with himself.

”Brahma world? What is that? ” Sia inquired although she seemed to know the answer

”Master the land where we are standing is the Brahma land. It is the oldest chaos world formed in the whole universe. ”

”The person who obtains the Brahma world will gain the power to obtain the world. ” The boy grinned from ear to ear when he was boasting about this world to his master. With his master ruling the world his days of freedom were not that far. He could roam around the world with his master and leave this damned space forever. The little boy could see his bright future in front of him. He was beaming with joy when he suddenly heard his master say.

That was it!

She had it enough!

They dumbed her into this world to make her the protagonist of some cultivation novel!

How could they do that?

Was there still humanity?

”Obtain the world? What could I do with the world? ” Sia muttered sulkily. She would be busy thinking about how to fill her stomach. Who would care about the world?

On hearing that the little boy was dumbstruck and the smile on his face turned stiff. His stiff body looked like a statue and his expression made him look even more marvellous. Sia found it very cute if it wasn for her bad mood she would have liked to tease this small human dumpling.

”Master don you want the world. Everyone wants to rule the world, and conquer the world. Don you want to be called the ruler of the world? ” The boy was so agitated. He couldn understand his master at all. Don all humans want power? Don all humans want to rule the world if they can? ”

Sia felt like vomiting blood hearing the boy ramble on about conquering the world. She finally couldn take it, ” Conquer the world? My foot! Who wants to conquer this broken place. If it was a good place like the world where I came from I might have given it a thought. But who would want to rule a world where you couldn even find a few decent dishes to fill your stomach? ”

She was frustrated. She couldn find it in her to enjoy even after winning such a grand prize in the form of ”Brahma world ”. If she couldn even eat to her hearts content and enjoy a good life with her family. What was the use of ruling over the world? She couldn see any enjoyment in it at all. She only felt that her days were going to be miserable from then on.

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