Treasure Island Trapped in Aglenestia

Chapter 2- Princess Abigail

Princess Izabelle was in fear as she dressed up with the help of her maids for her engagement party. The wedding still hasn been done yet but her parents said it will happen few days after the engagement party.

she was getting engaged to Prince Oscar. His parents were the king and queen of another nearby kingdom while Princess Izabelles parents were the king and queen of Volmore Kingdom. Princess Izabelle finished dressing and she sat on her king sized bed. she wore a white glittery gown with sliver shoes and her two maids were busy doing her makeup and wearing her accessories.

They could see the fear and intense look in her eyes.

”Princess Iza, why are you scared? you know Oscar since college, hes a good guy. you should be happy ” Mary one of her servant and friend said.

”I know Oscar is nice but I don like him. theres something I wanna tell you guys. the reason Im scared is because I overheard his parents telling him that once they get what they want he can dump me. I…I don want my life to be a waste. I really don want this wedding. ” Princess Izabelle said. she clenched her fists so tight and tried to think of a way to escape this. she knew none of her parents will let her go so she needed a plan.

Princess Izabelle was a really tough girl. she learnt Karate, Judo and different Martial Arts. she learnt it all just to protect herself and the time has come when she needed to display those skills.

After her makeover, she stood up and took a deep breath before walking all the way to the ball room which the ceremony will take place. a lot of foods and decorations are packed there, she also saw many guests sitted even the last emperor was there Oscars parents too arrived but he wasn there. maybe hes still dressing. she thought as she quickly departed and went to the kitchen where her maids was still cooking. Mary and Abi saw her and her eyes became watery meaning she was about to cry. she quickly hugged them and they hugged her back.

”We know you wanna escape and well help you ” Abi said and Princess Izabelle lips curved to a small smile. they went to the kitchen back door were she could escape but what was her destination? she didn have any place to go. but she didn care she just wanted to escape. she quickly turned to her maids.

”Thank you both. Ill miss you guys so much but remember, don tell anyone about this. ” Princess Izabelle said holding their hands.

”But, where are you going? you can stay with my mom. you know her house. Ill call her and tell Everything so she can prepare a fake passport and Visa for you to leave this kingdom to a country… how about Country S? ” Mary asked with a smile ”Thanks. Bye guys ” Princess Izabelle quickly went to her stable where so many horses were eating she took her white horse out of the stable and climbed on it then she left it to Marys mother house.

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