Bang! Bang!

I heard footsteps approaching me hurriedly. The same footsteps I hear every morning. I munch the rest of the burger before she takes it away from me. The coffee in my hand was so hot. I personally hated hot things.

”What are you doing here now? ”

My mothers voice was so loud even the neighbors can hear. My hands trembled a little when her eyes landed on my coffee. It will start soon. Her nonstop scolding. I once again grabbed the tip of my bag to arrange it on my shoulder properly. Her steps came nearer me for the Gods sake. I know what will happen if she comes near me furthermore. So without thinking twice, I drank the hot coffee fastly as I can before she threw it away for drinking coffee instead of my mothers stupid rice.

”You bitch, why did you make a coffee?? Don you know that the coffee powder has more money?? Where did you get that money? ”

Although she was my mom, doesn mean she is kind toward us. Always some shit talking, fake smiling in front of rich people, and blabbering shit about her children in front of the others.

I quickly ran from my house. I am a nurse so I don want to be late. If I am, they will give me extra duties which I don like the most.

I can still hear the scolding voice of my mother to my sister. I know my sister not going to eat that rice. So I brought a burger and placed it on the desk near her bed.

I fastly walked toward the office to sign my attendance. If I was a little bit late, then I am gonna miss my whole day and the one days salary. I quickly went to the cabinet where I place my things. I dropped my things there and took a deep breath before starting my daily work. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found someone staring at me.

”Na bi, you are late again. I consider it as a family problem ”. I can see a light chuckle on her face. I tilted my head to see the thick papers held in her right hand.

” Ji-aah, Is that all for you? ”

I asked her by pointing to the papers. I was so surprised by her duty always. She was own one of a hard-working person. Kim Ji-aa was my cousin, one of the closest cousins I had. I mean, I had three cousins including my sister.

”You know, the new doctor is searching for you ”.

” Me? ”. I was a little loud which made others turn around us.

”Keep your sound down Na bi, this is a hospital. Anyway, the doctor was searching for you a little while ago. You know, you are late on his first day ”.

I didn even hear about the new doctor from anyone. Only some of the nurses say that the old doctor is transferring to another hospital. Without thinking anything, I quickly stepped toward the office. Honestly, I am without rest from the morning I step here.

Before knocking on the main doctors office, I took a deep breath as always to calm down. I heard someone saying Come in. I stepped into the office with a pleading look on my face. When our eyes met, something is not right. If I say, this guy is quite handsome. He looks somewhat like a CAT.

” Who are you? ”

The guy asked me without even looking at me. I was confused at first. But I began to answer.

”I am Kim Na bi, the nu- ”

Before I could answer, the guy lifted his gaze toward me. He slowly examined me. Then wore a serious look on his face.

”So you are the one ”

I raised my eyebrows even though I know why he said that. Because I was the only one late here.

”I searched you, Even asked some workers here. But all I got from their mouth was she is always late. I was so eager to see you because of your laziness. Don you know, that a nurse should be at the correct time? ”. My gaze was only on the floor because of the embarrassment. But I can still feel his sharp gaze on me. ”Sorry ”. I muttered.

”Do a sorry can close the problem? ” He shakes his head like I destroyed his mood. All I could do was look at the floor. ”Okay, I will forgive you once because today is my first day here. Don want to destroy the beautiful day, understand?….Hey, look at me, not on the floor ”.

I slowly looked up feeling a bit relieved about his forgiveness. ”Sorry Doctor, I won repeat it ”.

”Hm…good ”.

As soon as he stopped his words, my gaze went to the thin board kept on his desk. It was written as Dr. Min yoongi.

I examined his face once again clearly and I found myself trickling. Not like love at first sight, he is handsome. But I don like people invariably with serious looks on their complexions. Also, there is a telling that when you see someone unique, your heart skips fastly, and your eyes gleam. However, none of them occurred here according to me in front of this guy. All I felt was he looks like a cat which made me want to pinch his cheeks. But what can I do?? All I can do is stand in front of him like a dumb.

” Why are you looking at me like that? ”. His sudden question made me come from deep thoughts. ”Oh… Its nothing. I was just reading your name ”.

” From my face? ”. I am becoming dumbfounded by each question. ”Huh…no… Its not like that, Actu- ”.

”Anyway, I am Min yoongi. Your new head doctor. From now on, you guys have to obey my orders, alright? ”.

”Y-Yeah ”.

This man is something. He wore a serious look on his face yet he managed to speak in a relaxing voice.

” You have to attend the operation ”.

He handed me a paper. I bowed to him and without wasting any time, I ran toward the operation theater to ready myself. After wearing the dress which I constantly wear during the operation times, I wore a mask and took the scissors in my hand.

The rest of the operation went well. We recouped the mans life. At first, I was so fearful of seeing his deeply injured head. Nevertheless, all I could do is pull myself together.

”So how was your operation? I heard you guys saved that guy somehow ”. Seok-Kyung, one of my closest friends asked me. She was also working with me here.

” Yeah…It was all thanks to God. I thought he will die for a second ”. I said while nodding my head tiredly.

”Are you tired? ”

”Kind of, but I can manage. You don have to worry dear ”.

I said with a smile. I was really tired as hell. But I have to give total attention to my work first.

” Want some strawberry milkshake? ” She handed me the shake with a big smile on her face which made me to take that and enjoy it.

We are conversing over 15 minutes. But halted when we heeded someone naming us for help ”.

We soon got on to the emergency room and found a guy plopping on the bed. But as quickly as I saw that male, I found myself getting furious. Jeonghan. The techie from our elementary school. He was so in love with me since then. But all I could do is confront him. But he kept on following me. Then ended up here. This guy often visits here to see me. ”What are you doing here? ”.

I asked with an annoying face.

”Baby, its not like that. a coin went on my stomach ”.

That last word almost made me laugh a little. But I hold myself from laughing.

”What? ”

Seok-Kyung, who was near me almost got surprised. I also had to become surprised. But you know, I can imagine that only this crazy guy will do these types of things.

”Are you some kind of creature? Seriously?? Who would eat a coin? ”.

She wore a questioning look. That made me realize how much serious was she. I looked at Jeonghan and set him down.

” Lay and don strive to talk to me, okay? ”.

”Okay baby ”.

” And who told you to call me baby? ”. I was so irritated by his baby calling. It just kills me inside. I want to slap this guy hard. But I always try to clasp these chaotic emotions for now.

”I am your man and you are my woman, so if someone harms you, I will slaughter that person ”.

This was so **ing annoying to me. He kept saying rubbish things.

” Is that why you are here? ”.

Before saying some bad words to jeonghan, to my surprise, Dr. Yoongi came there. He wore a glass set between his eyes. That made him to looks like a professional doctor.

”Who the hell are you? ”. My mouth gaped at what this Morron said. I turned my head toward Dr. Yoongi to see his reaction. I expected an angry or irritating face. Instead of that, I saw a calm yet serious-looking yoongi.

”I am the doctor. I will decide by whom the clients are treated. Instead of Na bi and Seok Kyung, Ill treat you, okay? ”.

By that, he took the things from my hand and actioned us to go from there. I confusingly nodded.

its been half an hour since Dr.yoongi went to deal with jeonghan. I dealt with some other patients. But still, I am curious about Dr. Because I know something had happened between them. Maybe he already finished his work. When I once again lifted my gaze to the room where jeonghan and Dr.yoongi was, the door opens revealing the Doctor looking around. But he didn even bother. His steps were slow to the office. But soon he was out, I saw jeonghan looking at me with a huge smile on his face. I hate him…

But I ran from there to the office to know what happened.

I peek through the door to the office and found Dr.yoongi walking holding some papers in his hand. I thought maybe he is busy. But I was late. He saw me. SHIT.

”What are you doing there?? Come in ”.

As soon as he said that, he again turns his gaze to the papers.

”Dr., what happens- ”

”What happened between us?? Why are you asking?? I was only treating a patient ”.

” Yeah…right. But… ”.

”Mrs. Na bi, I don want to scold you because of my first day. Also, you are good at your job. I wonder why people think you are lazy. Maybe because you are always late in the morning. So I suggest you to take the morning duties from now on so that you can be excellent in your duties ”.

His words made me slap myself hardly now. But I somehow maintained a fake smile in front of him.

” Sir is it necessary?? I mean, I can be early In the morning ”.

”Excellent, so from now on you are going to take the morning duties ”.

” Y-yeah sure ”.

I was so dumbfounded.

Why whenever he asks questions, I become so dumbfounded??.

I bowed to him twice and went directly to the other room to continue my work. As I slowly walked, my phone rang. I kept it silent because I managed it from disturbing my work. But now, somewhat I felt to take it.

”Hell- ”

”Na bi, come home quickly as fast as you can ”.

”What? Whats the matter? ”.

My words are a little fast because of my mothers words.

” I don have time to clarify things to you. Just come fast ”.

”But my dut- ”

”Say any excuse to them and come quickly ”.

And by that, she hangs up the call. I think today is my dumbfounded day. I am continually becoming dumbfounded.

Whats the matter she called me for??

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