Selene had no idea why the dragon hadn killed her but she wasn going to stick around and wait to know. But how does one escape a dragon? It found her easily the first time and even snuck up on her. If she was going to survive, she needed to think; critically.

The dragon didn even blink as it stared at her. she looked to her left and then she turned to her left. A cold breeze blew passed and it made her clutch he cloak tightly to keep her warmth in her body. The dragon opened its mouth and warm air enveloped her. It wasn cold anymore but she kept on pretending she was cold. It did the same thing again and this time the air was even warmer. It stared at her expectantly and not knowing what to do, she smiled at it and made sure her dimples were visible. The dragon looked annoyed at her and her bright smile instantly fell. She put the scale she had caused to fall in front of him and let her eyes remain downcast.

”Im sorry…. ” she stopped when she realised she didn know how to address it.

An awkward silence settled between them.

”Bartimus. ” the dragon said in a thundering voice.

Selene looked up and stumbled back a few steps. Did it just speak or did she imagine everything? Her heart thuded even louder than when she was been chased but it; him. She saw something cross his face like he was inwardly laughing at her. If someone had told her that dragons spoke like humans, she would never believe them. She felt like reality had ceased to exist or like she had stepped into the land of the dead.

There was an eerie silence like a war zone before the soldiers started to fight as they said their last prayers. Bartimus looked up at the sky in time for a flash of lightning to be seen. Selenes view made him look like he was preparing to breath out fire.

”What…? ” Bartimus begun but stopped.

Selene wanted to urge him on but she wasn sure if she was prepared to hear his voice again. She stared at him for a few more seconds till she realized this might be her chance to escape. She looked at the scale she had placed in front of him earlier and thought it must cost something so she took it. Bartimus still looked distracted by whatever and Selene smiled. She turned around but then she felt her brain slap her.

Why wasn there a sound of thunder after the lightning flash? Was that what he wanted to ask? Maybe I should just stay with him to be safe. she thought to herself.

” Get on my back, Selene. ” he said in a gentle yet intimidating voice.

She didn ask questions because she knew for sure that something was wrong. But how was she going to get on his back? Bartimus must have known what she was thinking because he spread his wing and lay it on the ground for her to climb. She did so and settled herself on his back. She was still feeling scared of falling and now an added fear of pulling out another scale. She lay in her stomach and clutched a scale on each side. She felt the scales press closer to his body to give her better grip on him. She smiled at the thoughtfulness and was about to thank him when a flaming spear came rushing towards her.

Bartimus shielded her with his wing which she noticed had become thicker. His gullet area started glowing blue and when he opened his mouth, sharp blades of ice shot out in the direction the Spear had come from. There was no sound from that place so Bartimus and Selene stayed alert. Five more Spears came forth and this time Bartimus just hit them with his wing and they went back and set the bushes there on fire. This time some cries were heard and an old man came running out while he was on fire.

Bartimus took of into the sky and Selene shut her eyes from the rash if wind. Bartimus stopped and hovered above the ground and to Selene it looked like he wasn using his full strength. If he did use his full strength, she was certain she would be overwhelmed by his strength like before. She looked down at the burning bush and just as she started to say a prayer for the man to go to heaven, Bartimus let out fire down at the forest. He even moved to cover a larger area. When he stopped, Selene noticed that he had drawn a circle and soon the fire covered the little circle. Screams of multiple men and a woman could be heard.

Bartimus flew away from that place and whilst Serene kept looking back at the scene she had beheld. She felt sad for not taking some soil with her. She wanted to feel like her parents were with her; for the rest of her life.

”I forgot something! ” she screamed to Bartimus.

He didn even stop for a moment and Selene kept in repeating herself. She gave up when she felt the scales press tighter on her hands. She looked down and could see their palace. She felt hopeful that he was going to let her go but he flew right passed. She felt foolish for thinking Bartimus was her saviour.

Selene soon dozed of and her cloak moved on its own to cover her tightly. The wind didn move it from place as Bartimus kept flying. He soon landed in another forest but this one was more beautiful and serene. His scales loosened and Selene slowly slide down his side. When she was about to reach the ground, the grass grew toward her and caught her. She was moved gently and was laid down. Bartimus lay himself next to her and watched her rest.

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