Ultimate fantasy

Chapter 1: This dream is too real!!!

Day – night.

Dream – work.

Hope – sadness.

Tlink (sound of door lock)

– Fu, Im home. Its time to finally finish the last chapter.

You could see how a young man of about 20 flopped into a leather chair.

His mop of unwashed gray hair moved slowly with the warm summer wind that ran through the room. Although the young mans face was full of fatigue and traces of lack of sleep, it was hard to miss the burning amber eyes that were reflected in the monitor while working.

After 3 hours

And he died with a smile on his face

– Ha. Yes, yes, yes, YEAH. Im finally done.

Wuhaha. There was a laugh that lasted a minute until the guy heard a malicious knock from the neighbors on the wall.

– So, what time is it now?

– Oh no, its already midnight. And I have a part-time job at four oclock.

Whirl, whisper, whisper. ”Id rather have an hour of sleep than work in zombie mode ”





Fuguuuh (Thunderstorm sound)

”Hmm, a thunderstorm, the forecast was different. The young man mentally spoke

Jumping up from the realization, he decided to turn off the equipment so that the network overload would not kill the equipment.

At that moment, the young man froze.

He found himself in a large white room. Looking around, he saw people that were also looking around in a lost way.

”T-that can be. How… what… why. No no and one more time no. How can this be. ” Everything that happened in front of the young man was on the verge of insanity. As he is the author of his own history, he could not recognize what was happening b

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