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Love my mom as a woman

has any friends, his weak body won allow him to become a Martial Artist, making his father and his half brothers stay away from him.

In his family his mother, and little sister, are the only ones who cared for him, there is his five half-sister, other mothers, and sister-in-law, who talks to him nicely, but he is not too close to them.

Since he can cultivate his father ignored him, the last time he met his father was ten years ago, and sometimes his half-brothers make fun of him.

Ye Kai didn care about them, so what his father didn even look at him for the last ten years, so what his half-brothers make fun of him, so that he can become Martial Artist, and die in some years.

He didn care, he only cared about today, when he would spend his whole day with his mother and little sister.

And since he only gets love from his mother and little sister and sometimes his other mothers, sisters, and sister-in-law, still most of the love from mother and little sister, and being a 16-year teenager he developed sexual fantasies towards them.

And he felt he has a chance for his mother, he once saw his mother touching herself while calling his name, he knew his mother also have the same fantasy, and after the birth of his little sister, he noticed his mother didn even spend a single night with his father, and his father also didn speak to his mother.

After his little sisters birth, his mother and his little sister move to another small house, where the three of them stay together, eat together, and sleep together.

He understood why, because when his sister was born, he was 6 years old, and his family realize they can cure his weak physique and will die in some years, so they get disappointed with his mother, he don why they get disappointment on his mother instead of him, and his mother also gives birth a girl, making his father even more disappointed on his mother.

Girls are a burden to family, they can achieve anything in Martial Artists, only to get married and leave them, as their status is very low in the family, or say in the whole kingdom, noble or royal family or Masters of Cities girls are only objected to their political alliance.

As his little sister was born, his father stopped paying any attention to his mother.

After all, there is an even more beautiful woman in his fathers harem, and even more talented sons, so why would he pay attention to his mother when he had better options.

Lost his husbands attention, Ye Nuan starts spending his time with her daughter and son, and all the time she spends with her children, her love for her daughter and son grows to a level where she is willing to do anything to make them happy.

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