Ye Mings eyes are glowing, as excitement fills her.

The second phase of the test is about Martial Artists, Ye Ming from her childhood desired to become a Martial Artist however to girls become a Martial Artist is too difficult, if a girl wants to become Martial Artist they need to bath every day in Body Strengthening Water, this water is made of many types of herbs.

And this water is expensive, only Noble Families or Cities Masters can afford this Body Strengthening Water.

Although Ye Mings father is the City Master, he is the lowest City Master, with the lowest cultivation, he becomes City Master because his friend who is also a City Master helps him to become the City Master otherwise someone like Ye Kais father isn worthy of becoming City Master.

Still, he is a City Master so he can afford Body Strengthening Water for one girl, and that one girl has already chosen, Ye Ming can only dream of becoming a Martial Artist.

”How many and what are realms of the Martial Artist, ” Ye Nuan asks.

”There are six realms in Marital Artist, ” Ye Mings voice grow excited as she speaks.

”Martial Art Student,

Martial Art Master,

Martial Art Grandmaster,

Martial Art Soldier,

Martial Art General,

Martial Art Commander,

Every realm is divided into High, Mid, and Low, ”

”Good, ” Ye Nuan nods, ”Who is the most powerful person in our Kingdom? ”

”King, Wu Chen with High-Grade Martial Art Commander Realm, ”

Ye Nuan asks about questions about what City Master is in what Cultivation Realm, King and Queen, Concubine, Noble Family Master and Mistress, Prince, Princess, Young Master, and Mistress Cultivation Level.

Answering all of these questions is easy for Ye Ming since her interest in Martial Artists, makes her learn everything there is to learn.

After this test ends, Ye Ming officially graduates.

After the test, Ye Nuan takes Ye Ming to the bathroom for a bath, while Ye Kai jumps onto the bed.

”Today was another good day, ”

Ye Kai thought as he lay in bed.

[Assimilated started]


”Huh!! ” Ye Kai jumps up and sits on the bed.

He looks at words that are floating in front of him, what is this? Why words are floating? Ye Kais breath is fast, as he looks at numbers that change and soon it becomes 100, and a female emotionless voice sounds in his mind.

[System assimilated]

[System information transmitting inside host]

Ye Kai is stunned for some time, some information is coming into his head.

After some time he understood what this System is, and how it works.

”Stutas, ” Ye Kai mutters.

[Host – Ye Kai]

[Race – Human]

[Lifespan – 16/22]

[Cultivation – None ]



Ye Kai looks at this for a while as he processes it, he didn know but for some reason, he feels calm as this is not a big thing, and he should accept this.

And he does, he accept the fact that this System sells anything, it means anything, this System sells shit to immortal treasures, Divine Beast like Dragons, Phoenix, and even the most beautiful woman in the world, this System sells anything as long as Ye Kai pay price.

Not only does this System sell anything this System also buy anything, from simple rock to Divine Treasure, from ant to elephants, whatever he wants to sell he can sell, and whatever he wants to buy he can buy, but there is a condition to selling, and the condition is that he owns the items he is selling

If he is selling a human, then he should own that human, if not the System would not buy it.

[Beginner Pack]

[Do you want to open?]

”Yes, ” Ye Kai says, he became excited as he thought about how he could buy something that could make him healthy again.

He sees his lifespan is 22, he knew that he couldn live long, because of his weak physique he can become Martial Artist, and if the System has

No! The System has something that could make him healthy and also help him become a Martial Artist.

[Supreme Appraisal Skill: You can see any person or object information]

[Holy Drop: Heal any type of disease or illness, also increasing the person potentially in every aspect]

[Free System Coupon: You can buy any system from the shop]

[5000 Gold Coins]

Ye Kai looks at this, and he feels calm, his mind is functioning normally, not shock or surprised by this System, and feel he should accept all of this.

As he was about to check the System more, suddenly his eyes start hurting, he put his hand on his eyes, and grits his teeth, enduring the intense pain, some later his pain subsides as he slowly opens his eyes, and sees his surroundings, and he didn see anything for while, only darkness after while this darkness gone he sees blurry, then blurriness gone, he see everything clear, its is so clear he even see an ant going up with sugar in his back, and in dim light, he could see things like its a day.

And he see his bed as some words appeared in front of him.

[Normal Bed

Worth: 1 Sliver]

”So if I sell my bed then I would only gain 1 sliver, ” Ye Kai understands this as he nods.

And he turns his eyes to the second reward.

[Holy Drop: Heal any type of disease or illness, also increasing the person potentially in every aspect]

”Haha… ” Ye Kai laughs, happiness surging through his heart, he is happy, truly happy, he never thought he could or someday can cure his weak physique and become normal.

He wants to go tell his mother and sister and hug them, but he stops himself, he thought something and decides not to tell them now.

Still happy, he laughs a little, and did not drink this Holy Drop now, he has some idea he wants to try before he heals his physique, then he turns his eyes to the third reward.

[Free System Coupon: You can buy any System from the shop]

He understands the System he got is called Unlimited Items Shop System, and this System sells anything, which means other Systems as well.

In front of him, many options appeared, like thousands of Systems, but he filtered with a System that is the fastest in Cultivation, and he see Eight Systems.

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