It was started in the Vertongen Kingdom when the king named Galiko the third decided that his son Louis should get married but Louis was stubborn and did not want to marry which lead to his father Galiko the third disowning him and banning him from the Kingdom, the mother of Louis Melissa pleaded to his father to forgive there son but the father king Galiko was angry and didn want to forgive Louis so he was cursed out of the Kingdom.

Louis had nowhere to go he started Living in the bush, one day he was exploring the area and found the Venham Kingdom and he was so happy because the Kingdom was wonderful and he was mesmerized by its nature and when the guards of Venham saw him they chased him saying ” what do you want here stranger ” Louis ran and until the guards of Venham Kingdom captured him and he was arrested two days past Louis was released with no evidence that he was a spy when Louis was looking the beautifulness of Venham Kingdom and not looking where he was going he bumped into a girl, she was wearing a black veil and black clothing all over and hiding her face the girl in black veil said ” you don have manners ” Louis replying ” excuse me ! ” Louis was annoyed and wanted to slap the girl but she managed to escape and the girl in the black veil slapped Louis first, he was embarrassed and Louis started apologizing to the girl ” you know I didn mean to be harsh I didn know you were a girl an m very sorry ” the girl in the black veil was very happy and she looked at Louis, he was looking dirty and tired the girl in black veil disguised herself as a poor girl she didn want anyone to know her status that she was the daughter of the king Livramento Kita, so some times she would go out and see some people she enjoyed doing that when she met Louis it was a perfect opportunity to help someone, she took Louis and bought him some clothes and showed him around the Venham Kingdom, it was a memorable day and fantastic.

The girl in a black veil introduced her ”

My name is Metsa I was born here this is my home, it is a wonderful place my Metsa means woman of the forest, my mom loved flowers a lot so daddy decided to give me this name I carry, ” Louis an m impressed and very adorned by you, ” Metsa chuckled and said ” its getting late here I have to go home, ” Louis ” you don have to go first show me where you stay so that I can be coming to see you some, ” Metsa was stubborn and did want Louis to her identity that she was the daughter of the King in the Venham Kingdom, Metsa ” I know you want to know where I stay but in time you will soon know where an m located, ” Louis begged her to show him where she stays ” you know I have never met a caring person such as yourself an m well indented, ” Metsa looked at Louis ”I will see you again and she went . ”

Louis had no we
e to sleep so he decided to take a nap on the top branches of the tree ,it was morning when Louis woke up he saw every girl and boys being taken to the Kings palace who looked young , when Louis jumped off the tree ,the soldiers of Venham kingdom saw him and captured him , Louis asked ”where are you taking me ? ” I have not done anything wrong , ” one soldier replied ” just shut up ! ” you will see why you have been taken , the king wants to see you all young girls and boys , ” when they had arrived at the palace of the King ,it was multitude of girls and boys , every corner was guarded by the soldiers not to allow anyone to escape.

The king named Watkins he arrived to speak to the young girls and boys , when they king bow The head every one kneeled down ,it was there pursue of culture to show respect to the king , the King started addressing them ” you know everyone you are angry that we took you by force , we sincerely apologise for that but we are incurring a major issue here ,the arise of Gangokus do you know this monsters every one in the crowd was quite , ” perhaps you don what this monsters your parents were scared of this issue thats why ,they didn tell you , Gangokus are monsters who tried to take over the kingdom of Venham , this creatures came when my only brother touched the ball of Oasis this ball of Oasis protect us it guides us from the attack of the enemy ,me and my priest Kamara Reece fought this Gangoku monster and we sent it to the portal of Zambezi punisher , where it was trapped after so many years of being in this Portal , this monsters are now able to escape the Zambezi punisher , only the Superior Gangoku can came out cause we marked it with the necklace of Ven as long as the necklace is with us it can get out of the Zambezi punisher unless its comrades are able to come out of this Portal ,a m afraid Last night one of our soldier Boris was killed by this monster out side the kingdom ,the reason we all brought you here is to train you and in the next coming days the Gangokus will come here , you took you by force cause we know that whether you like or not the Gangokus will come and we don our our own kingdom to be destroyed or taken by Gangokus , this is our land and we have to fight for it and Watkins started shouting ” who is with me to fight for his land , ” every one started shouting ” we are ” we are ” and the day cut the leg off.

It was training time and everyone became strong and Reece was the one involved in ensuring everything is going as planned , it was perfect and supervision was made , they trained them for four months Reece said ” a m proud of each and everyone of you for being strong and never giving up during training ,I a m well indented and greatfull we should take this opportunity to thank our very own King he is coming tomorrow with his daughter for those who have never seen the princess tomorrow we will be a perfect opportunity for you guys , ” when he finally finished the speech the audience started clapping .

It was Kamara now to represent the speech ” we are thankful and I as your priest who guides this kingdom from the enemy ,we are saying be courageous and fight the Gangokus this monster description are always go for the heart to kill it , this is our mother land and we have to fight for it , ” when Kamara finished speaking , ” the soldiers started shouting hurah ! hurah ! hurah ! hurah ! hurah ! and the program ended , Louis during had made a friend Lizzy Truss the daughter of army Commander ,they became best friends during training .

it was the following day Watkins met the soldiers who finished training ” we are glad you guys co-operated with us during training , you are about 30,000 who will be fighting Gangokus a m afraid , tomorrow another soldier was stabbed by a Gangoku we suggested you begin fighting Gangokus today just after this meeting , every one was shocked hearing this it bothered them a lot and Watkins said ” today a m going to present my daughter Metsa , ” when she came Royal materials , Louis was stunned when he saw the girl cause he knew her , Louis started remembering how they girl had lied to him that she was just poor and no body and a commoner , every one in the crowd started clapping and Metsa was on floor

” today is the day we are going to fight Gangokus this is our land and will always be for us me and you comrades as the princess of Venham kingdom ,I will be joining you on the quest to fight this monsters to show an example how indented I a m to my land ,we should be United just as a rock , when we are like a rock nothing will surpass us , when even heard from the accomplis that this Gangokus are coming anytime whether its night or in a day , let me explain briefly this Gangokus wants the necklace of Ven , so that this monsters escape the Zambezi punisher portal when this happens it will be catastrophic to the kingdom of Venham rather than letting this happen , we should first remove this one Gangoku in the perimeter to avoid chaos in the kingdom.

When Metsa finished speaking and meeting ended , it was time to prepare them selves and Louis quickly followed Metsa but unfortunately she was surrounded by soldiers ” what do you want ? ” you can talk to the princess its our duty to ensure she is safe , ”Louis replied ” I just want to see the princess she knows me very well ,we have been friends for couple of days thats long , ”when Metsa heard a familiar voice she looked back and saw it was Louis she was stunned cause she had lied to him that she is just a commoner , Louis looked at Metsa with glamorous and Metsa ran towards Louis and hugged him , every one was shocked cause the princess was cunn and didn want any boy as a friend , Metsa said to Louis ” you know I missed you so much ,I felt like I have lost something and forgive me for lying to you that I was just a commoner Louis replied ” its fine you don have to worry yourself , you wanted to protect yourself thats why you had done that ,a m so happy you are here with me I thought we will never met again and when Lizzy Truss the best friend of Louis she got jealous because she secretly loved him and when she saw the princess hugging him thoughts started coming into her mind ” I wish I had told him that I love him but I was scared but now look what is happening to me ,a m so disappointed with myself ,I thought Louis was all mine another obstacle has come even during training I had incurred this kind of issue,I a m just fed up of this , but this is not the time to give up I prefer fighting for Louis than back down no ! no ! I will until the end , ” she got furious . ”

The soldiers of Venham kingdom prepared them selves with equipped and went out side and suddenly the started hearing screaming sounds , when ten soldiers went to see were the sound was coming from , theres was nothing upon going back to we
e they friends had gathered one soldier named Max the leg was cut the other nine soldiers were stunned to see how big they Gangoku was ” you know you Humans you can stop us , give me the necklace of Ven ! ”the soldiers started screaming ” help us ! ”

when they other soldiers heard the soldiers screaming help us ,they all ran there when they reached it was too late all of them was killed and one soldier among them the leg was cut off , and Louis said ” this things are too fast a m very sorrowed that we have lost our friends ,we should do everything to vanish this monster we should not even think of sparring it ,we should work as a group now no scarcely walking as the whole group ,we have a chance its only one Gangoku and one soldier named Lilly asked ”but me a m scared fighting this monsters I think I won manage , ” Louis looked at her and said ” you know whether you give up the monster we will Come and kill you thats why we are all here to fight for the land , you should never thinking of giving up we should remain strong as a team together , when we are one nothing can stop us. ”

The soldiers were busy guarding the kingdom of Venham ,Chase said I won marry cause girls are distancing them selves from me ,Metsa replied ” you should not say you won marry thats a silly idea you deserve someone to look after you when you are old , from today

from today start thinking of having a wife , Chase was so happier ” you know I feel very important today , ”everyone started laughing , Louis giggled ” guys don involve me in that issue , ” Metsa ” but why don you want to be involved , it is funny , Louis ” a m busy looking for Gangokus right now , ” Chase chuckled ” but you know sometimes you need to have excitement ,we only live once in life and you are here always busy Louis replying ” we have a upper ahead of us , Gangokus are very dangerous monsters I prefer you all stop having napping time and act serious on the course of the verge of Gangokus ,Metsa ” we all know that , but we need to have some fun ,we just can be serious all time it doesn work like that , maybe when you were a baby you used to cry a lot , ” Louis responded ” me really I don know ,I was a baby you are just eaxggerating about this issue , ” Metsa ” no ! a m not a m serious about this . ”

chase replied ” no one is dying here ,I trust in you guys we are all going to fine , if I may ask Metsa how did your uncle McGill become a Gangoku ? ” Metsa giggled ” you know thats a right question ,I will answer you my uncle was jealous of my father being the king of Venham kingdom so he tried to kill him now he was not powerful as compared to my father , so he thoughtful of touching the ball of Oasis which was banned no one to touch it , Chase asked ” so tell me about this ball of Oasis , what does it do ? ” Metsa ” this ball of Oasis guides us the Kingdom of Venham kingdom ,it Unites let me tell you what the ball does weapons we use in the Kingdom ,they are made from this ball of Oasis there are so many things I can mention . ” chase ” a m gratified by points you have given me thats so amazing.

Kalprit the Gangoku arrived we
e they soldiers had gathered , Kalprit said ” a m well overwhelmed you are so many , thats good ,if I finish you all no problem then and I will get back the necklace of Ven , ” when the all crowd of soldiers saw the monster , The started fighting it , chase threw a knife and the Gangoku catched it using the hands ” you are strong human but a m sorry a m much stronger than you , you see all over of you , just give me the necklace of Ven and I will spare you cause have no much for me , ” the Gangoku said Louis quickly ran and patched the Gangoku and fastly removed a knife and stabbed the monster and it started bleeding the Gangoku Kalprit anchored ” you have managed to hit me , a m so devastated right now , I will upgrade my powers to sixty percent , ” Louis smiled ” you can fight us now , you are bleeding you have no chance

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