Valentine for Summer

Please, not him!

ide and rest now, ” her dry tone had Zack taking an awkward step backward. Good.

”Sure thing! Goodnight, hope you feel better soon, ”

”Thanks, ” she murmured as she closed the door in a haste.

Summer stood there with her eyes on the screen of her phone, she wanted to act juvenile and name the number something strange like Glue Guy or something similar but then she worried that hed somehow end up seeing it. She wondered if she should tell Gabe about Zack not getting a hint since the guy was one of her brothers classmates, thats how they got introduced to each other and thats why he found it easy to approach her.


Summer still had her phone in her hand when she received a text from an unregistered number.

/+1(565) 515-6234.

Hey! Its me, Zack! Please take care of yourself and sleep well.

Mon 19:45/

She frowned at both the text she had just received and the ideas in her head. The Gypsy did say something about being dense and she asked her repeatedly to accept the mans advances.

No! Please, not him.

Try as she may, the only man around the corner that has been making said advances on Summer, was none other than her neighbor, Zack!

When her doorbell rang, something snapped in her head. She stomped her way there and pulled the door open ferociously. Her face softened immediately when the man behind the door wasn her persistent neighbor.

”Did you even check who knocked on your door at this hour before opening! ”

Summer threw herself in Gabes arms. He was alarmed at her reaction, especially since she didn even wait until they were inside. I knew it, it was the right call for me to come here tonight, ”Sunny, lets get inside, ”

Summer smiled without looking up at her younger brother, the name he called her with was nostalgic, it reminded her about times when the little rascal was still shorter than her, ”Come in, ” she said with a yawn, her bad mood from earlier was replaced with a peaceful one as she turned around and walked inside her apartment. But her peaceful mood made her sleepy.

”You must be hungry, what would you like to eat? ” She asked out of habit, no matter how tired she was, having a family dinner was one of the Taylors many traditions.

”I already ordered pizza, the delivery guy should be here any minute now, ” he said in an annoyed tone. It wasn like her to open the door with murderous vibes, which reminded him of something he thought he saw. Zacks door was clearly slightly open until Gabe reached his sisters door, then it closed abruptly.

Gabe didn like that one bit.

”Summer… ”

He called out from behind the door to his sisters bedroom, she was changing into her PJs quickly, notwithstanding another second in the clothes she wore all day.

”Yeah? ” She said as she was about to wear her slippers back on.

”Is that guy bothering you by any chance? ”

She opened the door and looked at her brothers serious face, ”What guy? ” She said cautiously, wondering if he was asking about her rue love because she talked about it in the morning.

Gabe searched his sisters pretty face, he focused on the purple bags she got from skipping sleeping altogether the night before, ”…Are there more than one guy bothering you, then? ”

Summer rolled her eyes, ”Was I making a scary face earlier when I opened the door? ”

Gabe waited with a patient expression.

”…Its nothing I can handle on my own, don worry about it, ” she trudged into the kitchen and started setting the table.

Gabe trusted his sister, she was a strong willed woman, if she said she could handle something it means she could, otherwise, they were close enough that he felt confident shed come to him if need be. That said, he wasn about to ignore the conversation they had in the morning.

He remembered just the right guy who could become a safe diversion for his sister, and he had already reached out to him. But knowing Summer, he knew that shed kill him if she found out, its why he decided to crash in her apartment for the night and talk to her about the date he set up for her in the morning, shell probably listen with an open mind after a good nights sleep.

Shed probably be in a better mood then,

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