Vampire Quandary

CHAPTER One - How It All Began

Life is a test, an examination that every person has to pass in order to win. It is an adventure and no fairy tale, you will have to pass through to get your fairy tale.

Life is also a journey that you will have to make to know who you are and what you are destined to be.

Destiny, every person on earth has one, everyone has a life… Life is a story and here is mine:

In The Year: 1645

Alexa ran towards the forest as she heard her mamas voice shout out for help. She panicked even more thinking it must have been the beasts she and her little sister were told horrible stories about that had gotten to her mama. The 12 year old picked up her feet trying to reach her mama, she didn stop until she saw that she was too late.

She saw her mama trapped in the arms of a man who had his sharp teeth sunk inside her neck. The mans eyes were closed as he drank the blood from her mama whose eyes were also closed, hanging limply in his arms as if she was dead.

”Mama? ” Alexa called walking closer to her mama and the stranger.

The strangers head snapped towards her releasing her mama, and glowered at her with his sharp animal like canines dripping with blood, her mamas blood. Giving her one last look, he turned around and disappeared. She ran to her mamas side as realisation lapsed over her. Her mama was dead.

”Mama! Say something mama! ” She caressed her mamas cheek as she took hold of her hand, sobbing.

”Please! ”

Blood was all over her mamas neck and shoulder but Alexa didn care. Her mama was gone. Killed by a beast, and she couldn do anything for her mama to help.

”Mama, wake up, wake up, wake up, please wake up. ” She kept repeating, hoping her mama would somehow wake up.

”Alexa? ” Her papas voice brought her back to reality.

”Yes? ” She answered looking up from her platta at her papa.

”Are you not hungry? You hardly touched your food. ” He asked, his concern present on his features.

”Yes papa, Im not hungry. I ate after we came back from the market. ” She stood up, taking her platta with her.

”Im going to the lake. ” She said to him in a solemn voice, feeling sad from the memory of her mama.

”Alright, but don stay long out there… ” He didn say why, but Alexa knew why. It was because of the beasts. No one in their little village would dare say the name given to the beasts. It was said that they could hear everything, everywhere. And saying their name would mean calling them.

”Ill join you when Im done, Alexa. ” Xanae, her sister, called out to her as she was walking outside.

Alexa sat on a rock after setting the platta aside, she sat there just staring at the lake water. It showed the reflection of the sky, with the moon and stars. Having been sitting and staring for a long time, she decided to have a bath to freshen up removing all her clothes except for her underwear, she jumped into the cold water. It was an advantage for her with the climate being so hot.

”I do hope this water is as good as it looks. ” She heard a husky male voice say.

”And the lady was lovely. ”

She gasped as she tried to cover

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