Vampire Quandary

CHAPTER Three - Meeting A Foelpire

Alexa couldn sleep, her thoughts were filled with the pale mans handsome face. And she had to wake up early for tomorrow was the second market day of the month. She and Xanae had always attended the first two market days of the month since they were old enough to go. They both used to attend those market days with their mama, but that was before i was… killed. By a beast, a blood craving beast.

Alexa cleared her thoughts, not wanting to remember the horrible incident that had occurred years ago. She rose from her bed which was made of bamboo covered with a large rag and walked out of her hut, feeling the cold night air on tanned her skin. Breathing in the cool air, she gripped the veil around her tighter.

She thought back to the last words her visitor had whispered before disappearing. Even though she had only met him that evening, she wanted him to come back, she hoped he would. A part of her believed he would. She sighed, looking up at the night sky, it was confusing how she was feeling about a stranger and an unusual man at that.

”I have been waiting for you. ” She heard a voice utter resulting into her turning around to look for the owner.

”Where are you? ” She yelled out, looking all around her.

”Right by your side. ” He whispered close to her right ear.

Turning to look by her side, she saw him gazing at the night sky. The stars were all out, bright and shining.

”How did you do that? ” She asked staring at him curiously.

”Do what? ”

”You were not here, then you just…. appeared to be standing by my side. ”

He looked at her amazed before stating,

”You do not know what I am. ”

Alexa looked at him in confusion, what did he mean? she thought.

e confused, ” He paused before continuing. ”But do not worry, you will not be for long, darling. ”

He flashed her a smile before sitting on the grass, and patted it for her to sit beside him.

”I am what your kind call a beast, ” Taking a deep breath, he continued. ”But the correct term is Vampire. ” He gagged her reaction as he looked over at her sitting beside him.

”Vampire? ”

”Yes, Vampire. It means blood monster, that is what I am. What my kind are. ”

”Blood monster, ” She repeated. ”You drink blood, your kind ….. ” She broke her sentence off, realization washing over as her face furrowed in thought. Her mother was killed by one, the bad memory that haunted her throughout her life, but she has always questioned why the vampire didn kill her when she saw him drinking from her mama.

”Yes. ” Colton watched her, trying to figure out why she didn appear to be scared. Not even a bit.

”Why are you not scared? ” He finally asked the question that was nagging at him.

”I can hurt you. ” He said, looking pointedly at her.

”Yet you haven . ” She looked back at him with the same pointed look.

A moment of silence lapsed over them, both lost in their thoughts before she broke it.

”Why haven you hurt me yet? ” She knew that he wouldn hurt her, but she didn know how she knew that. She just knew.

”After all, you
e a beast as you have said. ” She continued with a smile touching her lips, curiosity filling her. ”If you really are one, prove it. ”

”You really want me to prove it? I don think you want that, Alexa. ” He said, shaking his head and watching as she stood up.

”You think I can handle it? ” She said this right after he stood up as well.

”I don think you can. But since you insist that I should prove it, ” His voice was calm as he spoke.

”I will. ” With that said, he stepped back a few steps away from her.

”Remember that you
e the one that wants this, Alexa. Don be afraid. ”

Alexa stared at the man who claimed he was a beast as he transformed into one. She watched as his eyes turned completely dark, his fingernails extending into claws and his canines extending into fangs.

Colton let out an inhuman growl as he turned into the beast he really was and really hated. He looked at the young woman in front of him that was meant to be his mate. He couldn figure out how to tell her that she was his one true mate.

Colton had just met her, he couldn drop such news on her. He had to wait and know her reaction to him being a monster first, he would know how to tell her when he finds out how she felt about him being that way. Being the monster he was. And if she would accept him for who he was.

Alexas gasp was what startled him back to reality, she didn seem the least bit scared as he thought she would be. Only surprise was present on her face.

She didn think he would change that much when he had transformed into a beast. It seemed like he grew in size, he seemed twice his size. As she looked at him in his true form, she felt a strong pull towards him.

A connection drawing her in. Even as he stood looking as monstrous as ever, she accepted the feeling, the pull. And accepted the beast in front of her, the one whom its kind had murdered her mother and left her and her sister motherless.

The feeling Alexa was experiencing at that moment left her confused. She didn understand how she could feel such strong feelings towards a stranger she had only met that day, and that stranger who was a beast.

”You look different, a good different. ” She stepped closer and extended her hand out to touch his face. Caressing his face, she looked into his pitch black eyes which were turning back to their original grey eyes as they settled on her facial features.

”How can being a beast be a good different? ” He said in a growl as he stepped back from her and finished changing back into his human form. She stared at him as he turned back, wondering how such a beautiful human being can turn into such a cold inhumane creature.

”How are you not afraid, Alexa? ” He spoke as he moved closer to her until she could feel his breath on her face, his captivating grey eyes piercing into her brown ones. He was too close but she didn mind at all. She was feeling the pull again, only that it was stronger.

”I don know, ” She honestly didn . ”I know that I just met you, and I don even know your name but I feel this… pull towards you. ” She didn know how to explain it, she didn understand it. The attraction she was experiencing made her feel as if she had known him all her life.

”There is something that I should tell you. ” He sighed heavily before taking his former sitting place on the grass, he was trying to figure out how to break it to her that she was meant to be his forever.

”There is a reason you
e feeling this attraction towards me so sudden. ”

”And that reason is? ” She impatiently interrupted raising her eyebrows.

”You are my mate. ” Her brows stayed raised letting him know she didn understand him. ”A mate is meant to be a vampires partner for life. It is like having a soul mate, and sharing a true love with that person. Without ones mate, one can not be in control of his life. Some of us can survive without our mate after we find them. A mate is what keeps us functioning. ” He explained as he stared at her, with an emotion that she didn want to know in his eyes.

”As for my name, it is Colton. ”

”So, you
e actually a beast. A vampire, I mean. ” She stated and turned her head to the sky, sighing. ”Do all the beasts also look human like you? ”

”Beasts like me? Yes. Others, are different creatures but some also look human. ”

”You mean there are other kinds of beasts apart from yours? ” She asked with amazement.

”Yes, there are. Werewolves, Faeries, Witches and Warlocks, Elves, and more are all out there. ”

”I have always believed that beasts are real. And now I am sure you truly are. ” She said in thought.

”Do you accept to be my mate, Alexa? ” He asked her in anticipation as his eyes bounced between the two of hers.

”I cannot deny what I feel for you, Colton. Even though I just knew your name, but yes, I do accept to be your mate. ”

”Good, because I cannot wait to do this. ” He pulled her against him, pressing his lips against hers in a kiss, making her heart beat faster.

He pulled away and stared into her golden brown eyes. She stared right back, feeling drawn to him even more and that was how they remained stood, gazing at each other. They finally stepped out of their trance when they heard Alexa being called out by her sister. Alexa looked down blushing, embarrassed that she had let a stranger kiss her. She had never been kissed before, she had never even had a lover.

”I better get going. Good bye my love. ” He murmured, brushing his lips against her cheek as he smiled at her beautiful face one last time before turning around to walk away.

”Will you come back? ” Alexa blurted out, she did want him to come back. She wanted him to be close to her, she needed him to be close to her. She didn exactly know why but she blamed all the mixed feelings on the strong pull and connection she felt towards him.

Her question made him turn back around.

”Do you want me to? ” He questioned back, running back to stand in front of her and touching her right cheek using his vampiric speed.

She gasped as she was startled that he had used his speed, but answered, ”Yes. ”

”Alexa?! ” Xanae called out.

”Good bye. ” Colton mouthed to her and disappeared right on the spot.

”Alexa, why are you out here? Ive been looking for you. I thought something happened to you. ” Xanae said to her as she stood staring in front of her where Colton had been standing before then. She looked at her sister and saw how stressed she looked.

”I am sorry I scared you, I am fine and everything is alright. I just came out to get some fresh air. ” Alexa hugged her sister close to her, she knew that she felt afraid because she thought that the beasts took her or worse, killed her like they had killed their mama.

”Lets go back inside. ” She led her sister back to her hut and closed it with the large rag clothing hanging from the top of the hut.

”Why are you even awake at this time of the night? ” Alexa scolded her sister. ”You know we have to wake up early in the morning. ”

”I thought I heard voices. ” Xanae replied, rubbing her left arm with her right one and looking down.

”It was just me, Nae, and you don have to tell papa that you heard me. Alright? ”

”But who were you talking to? And at this time of the night. ” Xanae probed, trying to find an answer.

”It is none of your business, Nae. Don tell papa, please? ” She pleaded with her. ”I can tell you now. ”

Xanae was confused as to how her sister was acting but let it go. ”Alright. I won tell papa, but you have to let me know what is going on, Alexa. ”

”I will. But not yet, sister. ” She smiled and hugged Xanae as she said this. ”You should get some sleep. We will meet in the morning. ”

Xanae nodded, laid down on her bed and tried to do what she was told to do. Alexa left her hut just as she finished laying down and went back to hers.

She was shocked to find a certain beast laying on her bed when she entered her hut.

”What are you doing in here? ” She asked as she walked into the hut towards the bed. He sat up before giving his answer.

”I was waiting for you. I told you I will come back. ” He patted the space next to him on the bed. ”Come here. ”

Alexa hesitated slightly before giving in and going to him. He pulled her down just as she sat so that they would be laying on the bed.

He pulled her close to him and inhaled her scent nuzzling his face into her neck and hair.

”I will never get tired of your entrancing scent, my sweet Alexa. ” He breathed into her neck.

”How do you know my name? I never told you. ” She pulled back a little to look at him, curiously.

”Of course I will know. You
e my mate after all. ” He smiled as he said the word mate, happy that he had found her.

”Mate. ” She repeated and laid her head down on his chest thinking that she will get used to the single word that made them one.

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