Vampire Quandary

CHAPTER Four - Knowing A Foelpire

Alexa awoke the next morning, feeling well rested despite sleeping late the night before. She sat up after realizing that she was alone on her bed, inside her hut. Colton was gone. Seeing that made her question meeting him in her mind. Was it all a dream? Could she have dreamt all of it? No, it could not be. It all seemed too real to be false.

She quickly stood up in a hurry to get dressed when she sighted the position of the sun in the early mornings sky. Picking out her set of clothes which she always wore for the market days, she changed into the old ash gown.

”Xanae! ” She called as she entered her sisters hut.

Xanae was lying on her bamboo bed, facing the entrance with eyes opened into slits.

”Xanae! We don want to be late. ” Alexa rushed to where Xanae kept her clothing and started picking out her market day gown.

”Come now, Nae. You know the consequences for arriving late. ” She warned as she dropped Xanaes gown on her head.

”Fine. Ill get up. ” Xanae gritted out as she pushed it off of her head and got out of bed.

”Good. ” Alexa replied, making her way to the huts door. ”Ill meet you by the lake. ”

Alexa made her way to the lake behind their huts. Kneeling by it, she scooped some of its water in her hands and brought it to her face, washing off the grime that might have appeared overnight. They didn have time to bathe in the water since they would be punished by vampire guards for not arriving early and they wouldn get the good items. She brought another scoop to her neck as she heard footsteps behind her.

”Took you long enough. ” She muttered to Xanae who was then washing her face and neck.

”It was not very long. ”

”As you say. ” Alexa replied in a playful voice, giving her a teasing smile at as they both stood up. Xanae laughed as she gathered their baskets, which she had brought along with her to the lake, and gave Alexa hers.

”Jewelries! Get your jewelries! ” A man selling jewelries was standing in front of his stand, yelling at the customers passing by his stand.

”Get the freshest berries of all kinds! Strawberries! Blueberries! Get them all! ” Another man, with a woman beside him, was yelling across from the jewelry seller ad they stood behind a stand full of berries.

Alexa moved from the jewelry sellers stand and continued on her path. She had all she needed to buy; food and clothing. She wanted jewelry, but she didn have enough money for that. All she could afford was a new gown and shoes for her sister and food items that they needed at home.

She and Xanae had gone their separate ways to search for what they fancied and had agreed to meet at the entrance/exit of the market. She was on her way there when a hand was placed on her shoulder, halting her walk.

”Miss. ” A man with a thick beard, dark skin and cut hair greeted her, grinning.

”I could not help myself when I laid my eyes on you, but to stop you and get even if its just your name. ”

”I am Gerald H.Martin, and you are, my lady? ” Gerald continued as he took hold of her hand and brought it to his lips, pecking the back of it.

”Uhh… ” She muttered, utterly confused as to why the man would want to talk to her out of all the people present in the market place.

”Its alright, you can tell me your name. ” He flashed her a smile and she thought she saw his eyes also flash to a green colour or was it blue? Then back to their usual brown, but she shook the thought out, thinking it could not be possible.

”Alexandria is my name. ” She stated. He raised his eyebrows waiting for her to say her last name but she didn .

”Very well then, Alexandria. Would you like a present as a reminder of our first meeting? ”

”No, you don nee- ”

He took hold of her forearm and suddenly they were back at the jewelry sellers stand. His eyes turned grey then, his eyes did change colour the other time and it had actually flashed to grey, not green or blue. They were not like Coltons grey eyes, his were much colder and darker.

”Alexa, ” He started, gripping her forearm tighter with his right hand as his left tucked a strand of hair back inside the viel shielding her hair.

”I have not told you what I am called. How? ” So how did he know? Her eyes widened in horror as she realized who he was. What he was.

”We have been watching you, Alexa, with your family, with Colton and now, here you are. Since you were just a little child, he has been looking over you. You will not ruin all that he has planned only because you have met Colton! ” His voice rose at the end, sounding angry as if there was son kind of hatred for Colton anf there probably was.

Alexa kept trying to get out of Geralds grip, but since he was also a beast, it proved hard to do. She did not understand much of what he was talking about, only that he or hey didn like Colton. And she definitely did not know who that he was that has been looking over her.

”Let me go, you senseless man! ” She yelled at him and suddenly, his eyes turned brown again. He released her, clearing his throat and straightening his long waist coat. He looked around to make sure no one had seen their little scene, except for the jewelry salesman, glaring at him.

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