Vampire Quandary

CHAPTER Five - Disaster And Transmigration

”Pendant. ” Gerald said that single word to the salesman and the man picked out a pendant handing it over to him, no longer glaring, but smiling. He was like a man enchanted.

”Here, sweet Alexa. ” He held the necklace out to her, and she took it with a shaking hand. He gripped her hand in his as his eyes narrowed at her.

”Until we meet again. ” He grinned, mischieviously before running away in a blur, using vampire speed.

She blinked, took a deep breath, then quickly looked around, but everyone was minding his business. It was like no one had noticed a man running at the speed of light.

”Alexa. ” She heard someone call out to her as she felt a hand on her shoulder and she quickly turned around. She let out a breath of relief as she realized that it was her sister whom had touched her, not another beast.

”Oh, Nae! ” She exclaimed with her hand resting on her chest then looked around as if looking for another Vampire.

”Are you done? We are to be home before the sun sets too far up in the sky. ” Xanae said, confused, also looking around to see what her sister was searching for, but found nothing in particular.

”Yes, I am. ” She took Xanaes hand and pulled her to the markets gates.

”Stop, ” Xanae started, but Alexa wasn even listening, she seemed far away to her sister.

Xanae tugged her to a stop, ”What is wrong? Why are you like this? This is not like you, Alexa! ”

”It is not, I- there is so much wrong, so much going on and- ” She cut herself off with a sigh and moved a hand to her forehead. There was too much going on and she definitely did not want her younger sister to be interfering with it. It was too dangerous.

I have to keep it all hidden away from her for now until I, myself have understood what is actually happening. Alexa thought to herself before continuing, ”I can tell you anymore than I have now but- ”

Xanae cut her off furiously, ”What is it that you can say? Why are you being so secretive? You always tell me everything, why can you now? ”

She finished in a whisper, sounding sad and it broke Alexas heart to hear her sister sound like that.

”Im sorry Nae, but I cannot- ” Alexa started while reaching out to touch her arm but she raised her hand, stopping her sister.

”No. ”

With that single word, she turned around and started walking away from the market place and Alexa, but not before saying, ”Tell papa Ill be home late. ”

* * *

”Whats wrong? ” Alexa gasped, turning her head quickly to the side when she heard Coltons voice unexpectedly. He was sitting on the grass beside her with his arms on his raised knees while she was seated with her legs straightened in front of her, both facing the lake situated at the back of her hut.

”So much. I do not even know where to start. ” At her words, Colton took hold of her hand resting on the grass, smiling at her in reassurance and she smiled back.

”Start with how you spent your day. ”

”I met another Vampire. ”

Colton didn say or do anything other than just stare, with furrowed brows, at the lake. It felt like an hour to Alexa before he finally spoke up.

”Describe him to me and how were you sure that he was a Vampire? ” He said after turning his head to face her.

”He has brown skin and a beard. He looked to be around my papas age and I was sure because his eyes kept changing color even though the were orifinally brown. He also used quick vampire speed like you do. ”

”What did he say his name was? ”

”Gerald H. Martin. ”

His eyes flashed in alarm before turning back to their calm grey. He was tracing patterns on the inside of her palm which he had lifted unto his lap. ”What did he say to you? ”

”I remembered that he seemed furious and he was saying that hey have been watching over me, since I was a child and that I will not ruin what he has planned because I have met you. ”

He blew out a sigh because he immediately knew who she was talking about before she even said the name. It was Gabriels foelpire whom he, Gabriel, was closest to. Gerald did everything he was commanded to do and that was why Gabriel trusted him.

”The vampire you met is a foelpire; a lower ranking vampire. He is the one that Gabriel trusts most and sends to do his work. ”

”Who is Gabriel? ” Alexa asked with a confused look. Colton glanced over at her before turning his gaze back to the lake.

”He is… My Alterer. He changed me into a vampire. ” He withdrew his hand from hers and ran both of his hands through his hair.

”I was once human but I do not remember my human life, just some that appear as dreams. ”

”You were human? ” She said with widened eyes.

He smiled briefly, flashing his straight white teeth before replying, ”Indeed, I was. ”

”Gabriel has been a vampire from birth, that is how he was able to change me into one. Only True Vampires like him can change a bieng of another kind to one of his own and very powerful witches can do it too. ”

She stared at him as thoughts raced through her mind, trying to process the new knowledge. It was all so new to her, too different. The information was too much and she only learned next to nothing of it. But she had to be strong, for Colton.

She could tell that it was hard on him, turning into a beast all of a sudden. She couldn imagine herself being turned into a beast and not even remembering her human life. Oh no, she thought, does he even know if he has any family or not? No, by all odds she could not imagine that. She placed her hand on top of his which was then resting on his folded thighs. He shook his head before he continued,

”Gabriel is much more worse than a beast, if not the devil. He has no emotions whatsoever, all he does is hurt people and he always gets what he wants. ”

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