”The way you describe him… is how our people see beasts. His merciless behavior must have been what made people think you
e all the same. ” She shook her head angrily. ”That you are all cruel, but you
e not. ”

”You are saying that Alexa, only because I am your mate. ” He said with a sad smile, squeezing her hand.

”Not only for that reason. I know, I can see that you are not like that in the few days that I have known you. You are not a beast, Colton. ” She stood up as she told him, smiling down at him.

”You don think I am one anymore? ” He did as she did, taking her cheeks in his hands with his aptivating grey eyes looking hopeful as they looked into hers.

”You were never one. Not to me, not to anyone. ”

His gaze moved down to her lips before moving back to her eyes, making her breath hitch at the intensity of his stare. His face moved closer and he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss, weaving her fingers through his soft hair. They both pulled back shortly, gazing into each others eyes.

”I have been calli- ” The new voice caused them to turn to the hut. Alexa with wide eyes looked to Colton who was then standing by her side.

”Who is this? ” Xanae asked as she looked between Colton and Alexa.

”This is- ” As Alexa started to say, the earth started shaking and a tornado started whirling around some feet away from them.

”Oh God! What is happening?! ” She exclaimed, looking panicked as her mate and sister also started panicking.

The ground that they were on started cracking and she reached out to grab her sisters arm, ”Xanae, hold on! ”

As Xanae reached out her hand, the piece of earth that she was standing on suddenly broke apart and she fell down the hole, shouting, ”Alexa! ”

Her heart almost stopped at the scene and she jumped, trying to grab onto her sisters arm, but she has already fallen down the pit and she stood there, tears falling from her eyes as she stared down the hole. Coltons hand on her shoulder took her attention away from the pit and to him. His stormy grey eyes searched mine, looking concerned and pitiful, ”Come on, Alexa. Lets get to safety. ”

She shook my head as she glanced towards our huts, ”But I need to get to papa. We need to help him before its too late. ”

”Of course, lets go. ” Colton said with a nod, looking even more concerned as he looked around them.

The earth around them craked again as the tornado swirled closer to them, making her gasp and trip. He grabbed her waist to stop her from falling and she held onto his shoulders. His captivating grey eyes glided to hers as he breathed out, ”Careful. ”

As soon as he did, the tornado whirled closer to them and he was slammed farther away on the ground from its force while Alexa was slammed some feet away from him. She laid there unmoving as blood trickled down her nose and mouth. Her chest heaved up and down as she struggled to speak, but only blood flooded out.

”Alexa! ” Colton shouted in panic as soon as he spotted her in the state that she was in.

He used his vampire speed and soon, he was kneeling beside her as he held onto her hand. Her golden brown eyes moved to his grey ones as she tried to speak again, but only blood poured out. He noticed her pain and his heart clenched in pain and sadness, ”Shhh, don speak. It will only hurt you. ”

She finally stopped moving and tears flooded his eyes as he picked her up. Colton had known her for only a few days, but he felt like he has known her for a lifetime. He picked her up in his arms and started running as the earth below him cracked. He couldn stop, not until he had taken her to the witch that could save Alexa, his mate.


In The Year: 2022

Alexas POV

My eyes fluttered open and I felt so refreshed like I had slept for a hundred years. I sat up and realized that I was on a plush thing that was better than bamboo. I looked around my surroundings and realized that I was inside some kind of house. It looked so unfamiliar with wooden furnitures and plush fabrics on the floor. The floor itself looked different, it was white and shiny unlike any floor that I have ever seen.

”What is going on? ” I asked myself, trying to make sense of things as I looked down at my odd black dress.

The wooden door suddenly opened and Colton walked in with his hair sleeked back and dressed in odd black pants and a white top. His lips stretched into a wide smile at seeing me, ”Alexa, you
e finally awake. ”

”Yes, I am, but where are we? Where is papa? And Xanae, oh God, Xanae fell down that pit from the earthquake. ” I stated as I remembered what happened just before I lost conciousness. Tears brimmed my eyes as I mourned my sisters death.

He looked concerned as he started towards me, ”I am sorry, Alexa, I w too concerned abput you that I forgot about your father. ”

Anger and hurt suddenly filled me as I stood up from the bed in an instant, ”How could you leave papa to die? Where is he now? Wait, how comes I am alive? I could have sworn that I have died. ”

Colton used his vampire speed and appeared in front of me. He placed his hands on my arms as he looked at me with concern in his eyes, ”Calm down, Alexa. I didn leave your father intentionally and yes, you died, but I took you to a witch that revived you. She changed you into a vampire and gave us a talisman to escape the disaster. The potion transported us 500 years into the future where there is minimum risk of such disasters. ”

His words shocked me and more tears travelled down my cheeks, ”We transmigrated 500 years into the future and I am now a beast? ”

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