Colton nodded his head, his grey eyes looking pained, ”Yes, you are a beast now like me, but that was the only way for her to bring you back. You have to understand, Alexa, I couldn let you die. ”

I felt tears brim in my eyes as I looked at him in disbelief and shrugged his arms off of my arms, ”How can you turn me into a vampire when you know that my mother was killed by one? I told you that and empathized with me, yet you do this to me? ”

More pain and hurt showed his grey eyes as his eyes bounced between the two of mine. He shook his head, ”I only just met you and I have been waiting for my mate for such a long time. I know what I did was selfish, but how can I live my life without my mate when I just found her? I wouldn be able to survive without you, Alexa. It was something that I had to do for you and me. I never meant to hurt you, my love. ”

I felt hurt too and angry as I looked into his eyes, feeling hopeless, ”You never meant to hurt me, Colton, yet you did. Did you think that I was going to thank you for you changing me into a vampire? ”

My words seemed to crush him and he took a step back as if I delivered a physical blow. A sad look showed on his face as he replied, ”Yes, I saved your life and no matter how much you hate vampires, you agreed to be mated to one. ”

My gaze softened at his words, but I was still angry and hurt, even though he was also being hurt by my words, ”But you
e different, Colton. You
e not like them, you didn want to be turned, yet you were. You
e not a beast and you don want to be among them. ”

Colton shook his head, more pain showing on his features along with a bit of anger, ”But I am among them, Alexa! I am a beast! And I will forever be one! I have to embrace it even though I hated it at first and now, thats all I know since I barely remember my human life. You might have been turned into a beast, but at least you
e alive. The least that you can do is thank me for saving your life instead of picking a fight with me! ”

I knew he was right, I shouldn have acted that way with him. He had saved me and I had no idea what price he had to pay to bting back my soul to my body. I should be thanking him, but I was still very angry at him. For leaving Papa to die there too, for turning me into my nightmare, the beast that killed my mother and enslaved the human race in that era.

How could I just let it all go and forgive him? Yes, he was my mate, I felt drawn to him and even felt love for him, but how could I get past what he did even if it was to save my life? I let out a sigh and ran a hand through my dark hair. I let my hand fall back down to my side, my anger dissipating as I replied, ”I am sorry, Colton. You
e right, you saved my life and I should be thanking you. You didn mean to ignore finding my Papa or change me into a vampire, it was all necessary to save me. So thank you so much, Colton. ”

His face softened at my words and he let out a breath as he stepped closer to me. He took my face in both of his hands as his grey eyes looked deeply into my brown ones, ”I don want to ever fight with you again, Alexa. I will do anything to have you by my side and changing you into a vampire is proof of that, so please don fight me again because I only want to protect you. ”

I understood what he meant and felt bad for the words that I said to him. My hands moved to hold his that were cupping my face, ”I wouldn fight with you again, Colton. I don want to fight too, you
e the only family I have in this new and unfamiliar world. ”

Colton looked pleased with my reply and his lips twitched up into a smile as the pain in his eyes diminished. He moved his head closer to mine and brushed his lips against my forehead. As he moved back, he took his hands away from my face as he replied, ”I am glad that you understand, my love and now, we can get you settled. ”

”Okay, but where are we and what is that soft thing that I woke up on? ” I asked him as I looked around the unfamiliar room then settled my gaze on the bed with the thing that I was talking about.

Colton glanced at what I was looking at and a chuckle left his lips, ”Oh, thats the matress and its on top of the bed. People sleep on it here and they have been sleeping on it since our time, but it wasn as soft or firm as this one. ”

”Oh, we have never owned anything like that before since vampires made sure that all humans were poor and couldn live a good life either. ” I said with a sigh as I turned my gaze back to him.

He looked a bit guilty at my words and he took my right hand in his, ”Im so sorry, Alexa that you went through all that. ”

I shook my head as I gave him a comforting smile, ”Its fine, its not your fault anyway. ”

”I know, but I still feel guilty, and to answer your question, we
e in my house in this era. ”

A confused frown fell on my brows as I looked at him and asked, ”Your house? ”

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