The sound of a gunshot was the only thing that echoed in the serene woods before a frail figure fell on the ground with a thud.

Clutching her stomach she let out a strangled breath but winced in pain as she did so.

NO V-VALENTINAa strong bewildered voice echoed in the forest.

The old man limped towards her leaving the large figure standing behind still in shock, he was still not able to comprehend anything, His mind was blank, There was a turmoil going on in his heart, his body was frozen, adrenaline was rushing through his brain, his mind was screaming at him to take any action but it was as if his body had turned stone cold, he was not able to move from his position at all.

Who knew, the day, which according to him was going to be the best day of his life would turn out to be his biggest nightmare.

He now understood the importance of time, in such a deep manner and the biggest regret he had was that he can even repent for his mistakes

He was playing hide n seek with his own emotions, unaware of what his fate was.

But now everything was slipping out of hands.

He wanted to tell her how much he loved her.


Love is like an hourglass with the heart filling up and the brain getting empty.

How happy he was when his mind was in his control but today when he finally gave in to his heart, his fate, his god, his heart as always just **ed him up.


Why did this happen to him, he was always a devoted king taking care of his kingdom, and he always worked for other peoples happiness, then why was god snatching away his only source of happiness now?

Was he so bad?

Was the struggle he did all his life not enough, that God gave him this punishment too.

All these thoughts were rushing into his mind at the speed of light.

The emotionless king was feeling numerous emotions for the first time.

It was so hectic.

How could she bear with all these emotions and still slay in everything so well?

He came out of his turmoil of emotions when he heard the helpless voice of his minister.

Sire, she is losing her consciousness and has already lost a lot of blood, we have to hurry before the situation gets out of control, soldiers !!! call the surgeon now!

The giant man who was standing still all this moment nodded his head, he was not in his mind! He was not able to focus so with trembling hands, he picked the young woman up who was turning pale, and rushed to the castle at his supernatural speed.

The doctor by that time had also arrived.

The whole castle was in chaos, the second in command had already given the order to his special army of 50 soldiers to chase after the culprit who had tried to kill the queen. He had already given the command to the people present in the castle to not leak any information to the people of the kingdom.

On the other hand, the king laid his queen on the bed, she had already lost so much blood.

All because of his carelessness.

His heart was pounding so hard in his chest.

He was about to move away from her and shout at the servants to hurry the ** up.

His queen was on her death bed.

When he felt a tight grip on his cloak he turned around and looked down at the small trembling frail hands that were tightly holding on to his cloak.

He looked into her eyes and she was also directly staring back at him.

Midnight blue orbs against the teary brown ones.

Opening her mouth she said, A-Ambroz w-wait

Her voice turned a little breathy at the end due to a lack of oxygen and energy

I d-didn run a-away

He shook his head as if stopping her from saying any further and save her energy, and kept his cold hands on her trembling pale one which was holding his cloak.

I never ran away, I just w-wanted to m-meet d-dad, f-for once.

I-im sorry for behaving like a b-brat

He shushed her while placing a palm on her forehead, and leaned down and softly kissed her, but tears pooled in his eyes when he felt how cold and chapped her once plumpy lips felt,

She was slipping away from his life.

His mind screamed at him to stop behaving like a little kid and act like a responsible king,

He was about to walk away when Valentina raised her voice and said, WAIT!

But as a consequence of using so much force, the next moment she spluttered out blood, turning her blue lips into dark red color

Ambrozs eyes widened and he stuttered, V-Valentina!

But Valentina smiled and whispered while placing a finger on his lips, A-Ambroz I-I d-don have much time,p-please tell him that we have forgiven him, and mama even after all his mistakes still wait for him, she still hasn moved on, Im just like her, Aint I? Thats why even after your so many mistakes I still love you!

And chuckled but groaned in pain as the cramp hit her, I-i L-love you A-Ambroz

I told you I would s-stay with you forever, till my last breath, and see I kept my promise. This was my forever and Im with you ,.you said that only death can snatch me away from you ,and see now im going to be free from this world ,from you,from all the burden ,P-please dont save me ,I don wanna live

Tell my mom to say s-strong, I love her and s-say s-sorry to her from my side, S-she deserved a better daughter. I m-miss h-her ,just tell her that I ran away ,dont tell her about my death ,she won be able to take it. M-maybe forever ends with me She said and then chuckled bitterly but soon gasped in pain when another cramp hit her.

She took a long heavy gulp of breath and closed her eyes tightly, her hold on Ambrozs hand tightened, and she started shaking more badly, tears were pouring out of both of their eyes, and seeing her writhing in pain, he growled, MAIDS! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU ALL, COME HERE FAST,!!

soon the maids along with the surgeon rushed in and the operation began.

The king was escorted out of the room .

After two hours the operation ended and what the surgeon told him, broke his newly found soft heart into millions of pieces.

He fell to his knees and said in his heavy voice while sobbing badly, Forever doesn end with you Valy, You are wrong.

Time is such a slut, It screws everyone up, even the immortals.

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