Vengeance of a Dark Elf

Battle With The Scouts

my agility but I couldn hold that off for long. He was going to cut me down anytime soon. I couldn get out of his range because any step I turned away made me more vulnerable to be hit. I was going to use his strength against him and disarm him. He extended his arms for another strike and I grabbed his hand around his hilt and my legs were wrapped up near his shoulders and I spun twirling around. It was kind of like an Indian twist burn on the wrist but on a large scale. I twisted and snapped his shoulder and elbow joints. He dropped his sword. I somersaulted away to avoid a potential kick from him. I grabbed the arrow head, which I had in my pocket, in between my index finger and middle finger, all in one summersault motion. I flung the arrow head as hard as I could and it hit him in the forehead. It seemed his battle aura saved him from anything serious but he was bleeding. Putting my throwing speed aside, the white stone arrow head was sharp and hard.

I used that blood and made a scarlet dagger. The blade looked really sharp. The blood magic I use has an element of telekinesis. That is the reason I have the dagger in my hand and not on the ground right now.

I threw the dagger at his wrist and it chopped off his hand and a lot more blood was spilling. I used that blood to make a sword. Now I had three items made from blood magic, enough for me to face the doll. I decided to heal the swordsman dark elf. I just mimicked what I felt when Zera used me. All of his wounds were healed instantly. No scars and the blood was somehow replenished. Healing magic was not a time reversal thing but some other kind of magical property. I felt relieved when I learned this because I didn want the items I made to be erased or something like that. I noticed his confused expression on his face.


My name is Zotan. Im usually a calm and collected fellow. I don know what spurred me on to take action without thinking it through. Zishna was even faster to react in retaliation to the strange dark elf kid. Maybe I acted on impulse because I saw her take the initiative. Something told me this was going to be a battle due to lack of communication. I should listen to my guts but having Zera be in trouble was also contributing to my impulsiveness right now. I started running toward the dark elf kid while Zishna was firing her arrows.

After the first arrow was shot I was giving myself hope that we could defeat this kid. I was sure this B rank earth golem was the summoned creation of this kid but I still felt something was off about the kid. He must be powerful to be able to summon a B rank monster. His subtle expressions in reaction to each arrow gave me the impression there was more to it than that though.

I heard the second arrow make a clinking sound and noticed a strange looking scarlet helmet. I have heard of blood smiths before who could craft weapons, armor, tools, accessories with blood magic. Was this kid a blood smith? When I was younger there was a blood smith guild I came across. They had a lot of rules and regulations. It was one of the more shady guilds out there and that was contributing to the anger on my face. The Zeknad were not supposed to display emotion.

I saw the kid evade the third arrow and I was just about in range for my sword. He was quick and agile. My battle aura was not quite at the armature level but not putting on the battle aura would be foolish if I didn know anything about my opponent. I attacked and he evaded many of my strikes and feints. He was clearly an experienced combat fighter. I also had a feeling he wasn going all out in this battle. I mean, sure he was unarmed but he was also a blood mage, I couldn underestimate him. He contorted my arms and shoulders and I dropped my sword. I felt a wave of panic come over me but I couldn let that cloud my judgment for this situation. I was prepared to kick him but before I could he rolled away. Without any warning, he threw something at my forehead and I felt blood dripping from my forehead. It was an arrow head that struck my face. I was thankful for my battle aura because that could have been much worse.

The spilled blood was floating and moving towards him as he was crafting something with it. I wasn even bleeding obsessively and it was enough for him to make a dagger. But then I noticed his dagger was in his hand. He was able to move his items made from blood with his mind or something like that. Is that what all blood smiths are like?

Now I was showing obvious panic and distress to my enemy. He threw his dagger at my arm and it sliced off my hand. He must have used his mind to throw it at that incredible speed. A kid his size couldn do that with just their physical prowess. I had no way of blocking it or evading it. I was bleeding a lot now. He was letting me bleed out a bit more. I had to bind my arm with dislocated joints to stop me from bleeding out. I was confused why he didn just kill me now. I immediately forgot that he needed blood to use magic as a blood mage. Blood in this world has a similar property as mana and therefore has similar spells that can be cast. He made a sword with the blood spilling out of my arm. The sword had a hilt that looked to be covered in leather but it also had a scarlet red blade. The blade was shiny and reflective.

Then he healed me. Healing others was something the rare amplifiers in this world could do. He could have just been a powerful healer mage but growing a hand out of nothing is something even elite healing magic couldn accomplish. And this was a kid. Getting to be an elite healer mage would take many decades of practice. He had to be an amplifier.

I was so confused. I had many mixed feelings. I was feeling angry about being defeated so easily, I was relieved to have my life spared, very thankful for being healed, and I was his enemy at that. I engaged in this battle without thinking and deserved to be killed by him. He appeared to have a lot of control throughout our short battle. I was so thankful for his mercy. If anything, being demoted or fired from my position because of displaying emotion, wouldn be a just enough punishment for me. I was about to say my thanks to the dark elf kid but he was already walking away from me towards the earth golem. I made a sound with my voice as if trying to say something and he responded without looking back at me with words I couldn understand and waving a hand at me.

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