Vengeance of a Dark Elf

Dark Elf From Another World

on why I cannot continue to be captain of the Zeknad is because I left Zera and did not call for an immediate replacement for me to watch over Zera and the kid. I did tell Zera to call for back-up if she was in danger but the rules were to have two stations with each other so they could watch each others backs. Another reason was that the interruption of a meeting was not acceptable unless it warranted an attack of some kind, or when there were top priority war updates from scouts. Giving a kid approval to stay in Dark Wood Forest was not at that level of priority, to the public that is. The chief felt the importance and decided to allow the guard to continue to speak on my behalf. I didn put the guards career in danger though because the chief told everyone as they were leaving the meeting that it was me who needed to meet with me, hence, I was the one who really interrupted the meeting. Those were the two reasons.

After an hour and a half of traveling we came to the edge of the forest on the west. We saw the dark elf kid and four dark elves who were of the Zeknad, among them was Zera. There must have been something that went wrong because there were four Zeknad here at once.

I tied down the wyvern. Chief Quotas got off and walked over to the group. I had noticed Zox was half naked from the waist up. He gave some clothes to the kid. It was too big for the kid so the bottom of his shirt reached below his knees. The kid had Zeras cloak on too. He was still barefoot but he seemed fine like that for now. We had brought some clothes for kids around his size. We had some boots for him too.

Chief Quotas was staring at the kid for a few seconds. Then he walked up close to the kid and whispered in his ear.



The healer mage had helped me recover after the battle. I was beginning to understand the language everyone was speaking here. My vocabulary probably sounded like Stitch and my grammar was probably similar to Yodas. I learned the names of the three others. The ranger who was still mad at me, though her expression didn show it, was Zishna. She came over to argue with me. I made out some things. It was mostly stuff about why I used so much of Zotans blood. I didn really say much in return. That made her more angry but she did a good job keeping her face expressionless. It was a bit comical. The swordsman was Zotan and the healer mage was Zox. Im sure Zox mastered some elemental magic too though. I told them I was from far away but I didn say I was from another world. They didn need to know that and my level of this language wasn enough to go into many details yet.

Some of our conversation confirmed my theory that I was a catalyst for other mages. But they were also saying something about me being a blood mage or something specialized in blood crafting. I guess my blood magic earlier was one that can create tools and weapons if I had good visualization. That also meant there were other types of blood mages and it meant my blood magic and magic catalyst skills were not something that necessarily went hand in hand. I wondered if seeing the nervous system charge magic for a spell was part of my blood mage skills or catalyst skills, it was probably the latter.

I learned a bit about the ranks of mastery in this world. Novice, armature, veteran, elite, master, grandmaster, and finally entropian. This rank system covered all schools of magic; all forms of healing magic, blood magic, summoning magic, circle magic, and the sword styles. This was information I processed over hours of piecing together what the dark elves were talking about with me. They all thought I had summoned the doll. Zera was the most open minded about the situation and even though she suspected me a bit at one point. She knew there could be things she overlooked. Magic circles apparently were made from environmental mana so that is why anyone could summon something with magic circles if they were constructed and recited the incantations correctly.

The reason she even was suspicious of me in the first place was because the doll, or as I learned earth golem, required earth magic but amplifiers cannot use elemental magic. She thought maybe I was an exception but apparently the exception was that it was a golem made in my image. Earth golems are supposed to be made in the summoners image, most of the time.

On a different note, I was beginning to like Zotan the swordsman. He had been so apologetic for attacking me. I didn really mind. He may need to work on judging situations more carefully but his response to engage in battle was admirable. I wanted him to someday show me more of his sword style. I was a noob with the sword. In this world I would be a novice swordsman with the skills I demonstrated so far. The only reason I bested Zotan was because my speed was convenient and I surprised him a few times with unfamiliar tactics. The doll I fought had no sword and I did. So it was a bit like the situation between me and Zotan but in reverse. I failed to block or evade the earth golems kick to the stomach.

We kept on chatting. I was probably in this world for more than five hours now. That is when I noticed a little dragon landing. It was probably a wyvern like I had read in some novels. When it landed two dark elves got off. One was clothed like the other Zeknad but you could tell he was a high rank Zeknad, and the other looked like a very important figure. He might have been the chief of the dark elves.

This dark elf had heterochromia and I understood a little bit about that from my conversation with the others beforehand. He was royal. I apparently had this trait too. His crown had some of the quartz-like stone that Zera used earlier. His royal attire was all black with a little patch of brown that had a crest stitched on it. His boots reached up to just below the knee. He wasn armed with any weapons and he had no coating of armor of any kind, at least to what my eyes could see. It was possible he was a powerful mage but that is only one possibility of many. I had no idea how many types of battle skills there were in this world.

The chief was walking up to me. The rest of the dark elves kneeled and bowed at him. I could now say for sure that he was the chief. He stopped and just stared at me like he was sizing me up for about five seconds. Then he came up close to me. He bent down a bit to whisper in my ear and what he said next shocked me.

”You are from another world. ”

He said it in English.

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