”Fu**ing ptw ( pay to win ) players ” said a young man who looked like he was in his 20s. ”these f**kers don even have the basic game knowledge yet they can just buy and upgrade their character without doing anything ”. The young man looked very frustrated while he was staring at his computer screen .


suddenly a notification comes at the young mans phone that says ” would you like to experience ptw life? ” . Not knowing what that notification was about the young man looked quiet confused . ”What the hell is this ? Is someone pranking me ? ”the young started to think about what caused that notification to pop up on his phone .

The next second the phone suddenly started to vibrate an a text was written on the phone screen ”Please choose yes or no in the next 10 second ”seeing the text in his phone the young man thought that was just some prank and wanted to end it so he just choose ”Yes ” on the phones screen and after that moment the surrounding became quiet and the

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