Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer

Chapter 10:Tricks and Meetings

”Hello boys, miss me ? ”

She asks weirdly in a sisterly manner, like she knew and used to live with them before

”Why do you all look so surprised ? ”

She asks looking confused

”Well it is nothing, right Justin? I mean Jason, yeah Jason ”

The Dean says trying to lie, with the keyword being trying

”Yeah nothing, nothing really ”

Professor Kristean say trying to play along

”I took care of you for over 10 years I know when you are lying so now tell me what is wrong, who is on the brink of life and death ? ”

She asks confused, so that is why she talks like their sister or something, but if she was married then how did she have the time to be with them for 10years and still look this young, or is everyone now immortal?

”Well first off, there is no life or death matter ”

Jason starts

”And I told them we are married ”

Justin continues making himself visible again

”Justin ? ”

She asks puzzled

”If he is the one dying well you can kiss my help goodbye ”

”Who said you could come out ? ”

Kristean ask rushing forward to stop her and glaring at Justin

”Just let it out there, I like that ”

Jeremy says raising his hands in defeat

”Well if it is Justin who is dying Im off then ”

She replies angrily

”Wait ”

I call out from nowhere

”And who might you be ? ”

She asks glaring at me with eyes that I could have sworn were round, now turned to slits and all of a sudden all the courage I could muster left me, now I wish Justin could make me disappear so I do not have to be at the receiving end of that glare

”First off no one is dying, we needed you here as fast as possible and he is Finns incarnate ”

Professor Kristean intervened

”Well why do I care ? ”

She asks looking at the four of us before settling her gaze on me

”You might want to have a seat ”

Professor Kristean said

******** After a few minutes ********

”So you are telling me that I was called all the way from Australia so that I could take you to my father, why did you not just call him ? ”

She asks and we all turn to look at Justin which ends up making us all look like dumbasses

”I told them not to call you ”

Professor Kristean say

”Well what had you suggested ? ”

She asks turning to Justin with sarcasm

”Uhm, I was not given a chance to state my opinion before they came to a conclusion ”

He say looking at his feet like they were the most important things in this world

”That is unlike you, considering you like forcing your opinions on people ”

She shot back with an eye roll

”You know this is not about you guys but about Finn and Kevin right ? ”

Professor Kristean asks sounding stressed

”Fine let us assume I am not mad at you for calling me all the way here, I do not know where my father is ”

She said

”Wait what ? ”

We all ask turning to look at her

”Now, now, calm down. I never said I ca not find him I am just saying I do not know where he is at the moment ”

She say

”What exactly is the difference, we are back to where we started ”

Justin shot back

”You know I am beginning to lose interest in assisting you maybe I would just take me leave ”

She shot back

”I am sure he did not mean it ”

Kristean say trying to calm her down while Jeremy sat on his chair spinning around like a little child with a ball in his hand

”You are unusually calm ”

I say turning to face him

”Why should I not be ? I mean, our dear brother Justin can perform a locator spell on her father with her around and all we need to do is wait for her to bring him ”

He finish with a chesire grin

”Why did you not think of that before ? ”

Justin ask turning to Kristean with a questioning glare

”I do not know, let me see. Probably because I was too busy trying to get you both to quiet down and not tear each other heads off ”

He shot back glaring at Justin.

”Ok, who shoved a stick up your ass ”

Justin teased with his hands up in surrender and Jackie laughed

”Oh that is funny, let us see how well you laugh when I detach your heads from your neck ”

He say glaring at both Justin and Jackie with his eyes flashing green

”Just perform the spell and let us get on with it ”

Jeremy say sounding irritated already

”Fine ”

Justin said, streching his hands out to Jackie

”What ? ”

She asks looking at him cautiously

”Well I need to find your father ”

He say making sure to add an additional stress to your

”You could have said so ”

She shot back

But he just shakes his head and closes his eyes and after a few seconds he opened his eyes and mumbled something

”Alright that is where well go ”

Kristean say

”And where is that? ”

Jeremy and I ask at the same time

”Pack your bags boys and girls for we are headed to Atlanta, Georgia ”

Justin say with a grin.

Well this is nice, I never thought I would be traveling again this soon. I better start packing, but then I remembered I have to say goodbye again to my new friends and I did not even get to spend some time with Beatrice. Urgh I hate traveling, I just hope we get back soon

”Well I suppose I have to start packing then ”

I say

”Hold up, where do you think you are going little boy ? ”

Justin asks looking at me like I had grown a pair of horn over the span of 2 minutes

”I thought I was going with you when you said oys and girls ”

I say looking at him with confusion

”Well you have got a stupid one on hand, goodluck with him ”

Jackie says with a light snicker

”I was talking about Jackie and Kristean silly ”

He say flicking my forehead

”Wait so I am not coming with you guys ? look I am not babysitting the kid ”

Jeremy says looking shocked

”Uhm, obviously Sherlock. If you come with us who is going to look after the school ? ”

Kristean ask looking at Jeremy like he was an idiot and I suppose he felt like one right now

”I guess I will head back to my room then ”

I say feeling better

”Yeah ”

Kristean say

Well that went out well seeing as we are close to finding an answer, while walking I meet Emma talking and showing Beatrice her dorm.

Walking over to them I shout and they turn and look at me and as soon as Beatrice sees me she rush into her dorm and Emma looked puzzled but come to meet me half way

”Hey Kev, so what is with you and the Dean ? ”

She ask

”Well it is quite a long story so I guess we should get Kat and Matt ”

I suggest knowing when I see them tomorrow I will get asked the same question and I really do not hope to repeat myself again tomorrow

”Ok, I will text them right away ”

She says

After walking for a while and talking about her day we sit in the students lounge and wait for Matt and Kat, after a while I spot them coming over and it seems they were arguing over something again

”Hey guys ”

They say at the same time

”Jinx ”

They both say

”Double jinx ”

They say again

”If you do not stop this instant I will hit you so hard you will wish you never knew the word jinx ”

Emma say getting frustrated already

”Oh hey Kev did not see you there ”

Kat said with a small wave

”Pay no heed to her, she gets blind by the day ”

Matt say with a chuckle earning a glare from Kat while Emma shakes her head

”Would you mind telling us the deal you have with the Dean and his brother ”

Emma asked

”Yeah and that new hottie that was floating in the sky ”

Kat said

”I am not supposed to say this ”

I say

”We promise to keep our mouth sealed ”

Matt say and we all looked at him.

”Can you ? ”

Kat asked teasingly.

”Well that hottie is the Deans other brother, his name is Justin Kyleaviskar and he is a witch ”

I say

”So he is also immortal ”

Kat say nodding her head

”Obviously dumbass ”

Matt say turning to look at her

”Urgh, will you let him finish ? ”

Emma say glaring daggers at both of them

”Well, like I said he is their brother and yes he is immortal ”

”Well why show up now ? ”

Matt ask

”Well we called him cause we need his assistance ”

I say

”When you say we, what do you mean ? ”

Matt asks confused

”Well apparently, the Deans blood can make a person immortal and so a long time ago he decided to share his immortality with his brothers and a friend of theirs and everything was fine till Justin decided to make a spell on how to reverse immortality and after a few tries their friend volunteered to be a lab rat for his experiment but the spell didn work as planned and it cursed the friend. When he dies his subconscious will wait one hundred years before entering a new body of his bloodline but he will remain dormant untill he is released ”

I try summarizing to them

”How does that affect you ? ”

Matt asks

”You are from his bloodline ”

Emma said

”Yes, I am from the bloodline of that friend and it has been a hundred years since the body he was in last died and so… ”

”And so he is in you ”

Kat said

”Wow, that is huge, so they think that this new brother can release him and set him free ”

Emma said

”Yes, only he would not be set free, literally, his subconscious will merge with mine ”

I explain

”Wow that is so cool, so you will be like a teenager with very old memories ”

Matt said

”No, it is overbearing you idiot ”

Kat say smacking his head

”Yes I would ”

”So what are you then ? ”

Emma asks

”A seer ”.

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