Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer

Chapter 4:The Boys And The Alicanto

”Goodbye honey ”

……few days later…….

”(Phew) that is all I need to pack, I guess ”

I think as I look around, trying to see if i could have forgotten anything important

”Honey make sure you do not forget anything ”

”I know ”

I hear my mum shout again from down the stairs. Okay, so I never knew this week was going to pass by this fast, I mean it felt just like yesterday when I came to New Orleans now I am packing my bags and preparing for college, why can they not just extend the break period for just another week

”Oh honey I am going to miss you ”

I watch as my mum acts dramatically

”Oh no, mum do not start now, I am not going far, it is just a few hours drive away from here ”

I say trying to ease her mind and my building headache from our shouts

”I know but what is the merit if I would not be able to see my boy, you are sure you want to go to this college I mean I can find another college around for you, you know ”

”Look mum, we talked about this already and I am running late, I will call you when I get there ”

”Are you sure you do not want me to give you a ride ? ”

”Bye ”

(Urgh) mothers and their drama. Ok, now that I know I would not see her or come back home for a while, it is making me feel all giddy, but this is what it is supposed to feel like when you are going to college, right ?

”(Sighs), Viskar Academy here I come ”

As I get to the gate of the school, it looked different from before. It did not look old again, it looked beautiful.

”Somehow this place feels a little different from the last time I came here ”

I say as I step in

”Well that is because the session is about to begin therefore the supernatural vibe is in full swing ”

”Professor Kristean I thought I asked you to stay out ? ”

”Yes you did and I am staying out, it is your fault for saying that out loud ”

”And do not forget the newbies who do not know who they are and how to control their gifts ”

I hear another voice and turn to the direction, Dean J. Great now I get to be escorted by two professors on the first day of college

”See you later ”

”Yeah ”

Did they also practice speaking at the same time cause I could have guessed they said the same thing at the same time, maybe that is also a family thing. Well where am I supposed to go now ? Oh good, there is a group of people there maybe they know where I could drop my bags.

”Hey uhm, my name is Kevin, I am new and lost and I do not know exactly where to place my bags ”

I say as I walk over to one group and notice none of them are with theirs .

”Well hello there newbie ”

The girl with the ginger hair said with a cheerful smile

”Honey, do not act like you are not new yourself ”

The guy said with a scoff

”Do not honey me ”

Ginger hair threw back at him and their bickering session started

”Pay no attention to them, I know I do not, I am Emma, the guy is Matt and ginger hair girl is Katherine ”

”Oh hi, am I late cause I notice none of you are with any of your stuff ? ”

”Oh well, we dropped it off at the registration office ”

Oh no not again, not the registration office

”I can follow you if you do not mind ”

She must have noticed my expression change at her mention of the registration office

”Oh I do not, thanks ”

”Guys were on our way to drop off Kevins stuff ”

She says to the other two who are still bickering but they pay us no attention

”Okay, so do you know your gifts yet ? ”

I ask trying to start a conversation

”Oh no, I heard we would find out in the evening, isn that exciting ? ”

”Im sure it is, do you know how we are going to find out ? ”

”Oh I think we get to stand in the hall of awakening with each of us facing a mirror and something about our trueself emerging ”

”Wow, you sure did your findings before coming here ”

”Oh no, Katherine filled us in when we met. Something about her aunt being a mage and an alumni of the school ”

”Wow, thats cool ”

e here ”

”Hello everyone, this is the Dean of Viskar Academy and I have a message for you so if you would please pay attention, for those of you at the east wing I need you to head to the direction on your left while those on the west wing please to the direction on your right. And if you are in the registration office, the lady there will lead you. Thank you for your time, you can get back to what you were doing ”

”Where did that come from ? ”

”He is in your mind, it is one of his brothers gifts ”

”Wow you heard that too ? ”

”Yup, and judging by the reaction of everyone I bet they all did. Come let us follow them ”

”Yes ”

Oh, it is the same lady again, I just hope I do not get temporary blindness this time around from the light.

”We have reached the east wing, if you would please head to the direction on your left, you will find your way there ”

She says with a smile after leading us for a while

”Wow, I never knew we would be this little, I mean I heard the hall could not fit them all ”

”Well we would find out very soon. I think we
e here ”

”I guess we would ”

”Oh my goodness, Im sure you heard right, we sure are much. How are we going to find Katherine and Matt ? ”

”Looks like we found you first ”

”Oh hey there Katherine ”

”Oh hey there you, we have been looking for you two ”

”Hey, do not blame them, you know how far the registration office is and how crowded this place is ”

”I am not blaming them dude, I am just saying… ”

”Guys how about you worry why the ground is rumbling and not about who is right ”

True, why the ** is the ground rumbling

”Hey guys, what is happening ? ”

I ask looking everywhere

”I think it is an earthquake ”

”Matt, it can not be an earthquake ”

Katherine says looking suspiciously calm

”And how sure are you it is not ? ”

I ask looking around and noticing a few people have surrounded the crowd, I would have skipped past them if I had not seen them walking over with their mouths moving and their hands joined together. Matt must have seen them cause he shouted immediately

”Okay, why are they approaching us and what are they saying. Guys I think we are being kidnapped ”

”Shut up Matt, shut up. Kat did your aunt mention anything like this ? ”

Emma said and turned to look at the still calm looking Katherine

”They are witches and from the looks of things they just performed a spell ”

Wow, did they just make a stage and decorate it ?

”Wow that is cool, I wonder what other stuffs they can do ”

”Why do you not go ahead and ask them Matt ? ”

Ok, I admit this is pretty cool, I mean they made a stage come up from the ground and they made seats off flowers, wow

”Cool fancy seats, smells nice too ”

Matt said rushing to seat on one with Katherine running after him, I turn to Emma and say

”After you ”

”Thanks ”

She says with a smile.

It is cool how within seconds, an open field can be decorated with a tent made of vine covered in flowers. I mean only God knows how strong these witches are.

”Okay, so I think that is the Dean, he is so cute but not as cute as that other guy ”

”Matt they literally look alike, stop fussing and by the way Im sure he is older than you ”

”No he is not, his hair is not as long and he does not look really old, probably 10 years older at most ”

”I welcome you all to Viskar Academy, I am Dean Jeremy Krijinaviskar but you can call me Dean J, on my right side are Professor Kristean, and Miss Tessa, while on my left side are Professor Sam and Professor Zach. Please welcome them as they come to do a proper introduction of themselves, Miss Tessa ”


Hey that is the registration office girl, so her name is Tessa, what a lovely name.

”Hi everyone, my name is Tessa, I am a Werewolf and the head guard of the Academy. It is nice to meet you all ”


”Hello everyone, my name is Zach, I am a Werewolf and the Professor of serenity. I look forward to meeting you all ”


”Hey, the name is Sam, I am also a Werewolf and the Professor of exercise and control. I look forward to meeting you ”


”Hello everyone, my name is Jason Kristeanaviskar but you can call me Professor Kristean, I am the Professor of all things magic and also the librarian of the Academy. So if you need anything, you can come to me ”


Just as the applause dies down, the Professors left the stage in two groups to stand beside us, one group on our left and the other on our right

”Hello once again, now I need everyone to stay calm as you will be divided into two groups, the group on the left will follow the Professors by their side while the group on the other side follow the Professors on their side and by nightfall you are all expected to be here. Thank you ”

And then the rumbling came again and the stage went back to ground level and we were somehow divided like some force separated us

”You have any idea why we are being separated ? ”

I ask Emma as she watch Matt and Katherine get moved to the other side

”I do not know, I just hope I get to see them by nightfall ”

”You will ”

”You think ? ”

”We should ”.

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