WANTED Grim Reaper

Ticket to Hell

Quiet occasional chatters and rows of people standing in line. Transparent glass window counters and busy workers in uniform behind.

For administrative officers, this kind of sight couldn be more common. If one even disregard the missing limbs, pale skin, exaggerated injuries, bloody and hideous appearance of these current people in line, this sight could only be called extremely ordinary.

It was obvious the reality of the scene was far from ordinary though— at least from a living humans perspective.

But this is clearly not something from a living humans world.

The scene is currently playing at the Admission Area of Hell Administrative Building— the initial destination every dead human soul.

Looking around, the place was like a huge box lying on its side. The opening was the dark entrance behind where a continuous stream of soul come from. The other four sides were made up of two walls, a floor, and a ceiling— all made of black. The window counters were in front, directly opposite the entrance.

There were no other doors aside from the opening. The souls who made it to the counter disappear on the spot like going through an invisible hidden passage. The amount of time these souls spend in the counter was short. It only took them a minute before the next one comes up. With this speed, it is reasonable to think that the line would end in no time.

However, strangely enough, the streams of soul keep coming and the line was never-ending— always stretching to the entrance. With the continuous stream of souls, every window counter looked cramped and crowded.

The only exception to this was the middle-most counter.

The middle-most counter, with a blood red special counter hanging above it, was usually deserted. At this time though, two individuals can be seen standing in front of it.

Kai, an ordinary high school student, was among these two individuals. A mere few minutes ago, he was still on his way home from school, humming. A flower pot coming from nowhere fell right on his head, directly landing him on this place.

The other individual was a grim reaper wearing the typical huge black cloak. One would expect him to be holding a scythe along with his cloak but the object seemed to be currently hidden.

The two of them came here together. From the moment they arrived, a little more than fifteen minutes had passed.

The administrative officer on their line and the grim reaper were acquainted. At the moment, the former was enthusiastically talking to the latter, standing together face to face right in front of the window counter.

”This guy you brought here today looks quite young. A teenager? ” The administrative officer spoke, tilting his head to the side. His eyes were fixed on Kai, his gaze openly scrutinizing him up and down.

”I guess. ” The grim reaper also turned his gaze towards his back, his skeleton face showing. Although he made a response, his tone was extremely unenthusiastic, clearly not wanting to continue the conversation. It was unfortunate that the officer pretended to be oblivious to his attitude, insisting on it.

”Really young. ” The administrative officer shook his head, a look of regret and sympathy on his ghostly face. ”Must be bad luck, huh? Crossing paths with you. ”

There was an obvious shift in the atmosphere around the grim reaper upon hearing this sentence. He was obviously offended but had no way to refute.

The middle-most counter was called special counter for one reason— it deals with souls with special circumstances. This special circumstances are mainly; being killed by a grim reaper when it wasn their time yet.

The g

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