After two weeks, Sophia improved her magic and her fighting skills. Each time she slowly increased her stamina with her magic also increased her strength, but doing so put much pressure on her. She slowly adjusts to the pressure and can handle small use of magic.

Sophia kept training and masturbating. She also searched the forest to see anyone or any sigh of human tracks. Sophia now could climb trees. After a day of training and searching she went back to her cave and slept.

The next day, Sophia wakes up and goes under a tree and urinates. She masturbates few times, cleans herself and started her training along with the search. As Sophia was searching in the forest, she heard a slight growl nearby. She went in the direction of the growl. She came to near a tree where she saw a small tiger cub. ”Aww, what a cute tiger you are ”. The cub started to growl more. Sophia understood that the cub was hungry. It couldn even stand. Sophia searches nearby if she can find anything to feed it. She found nothing. She collected some water and gave it to the cub. The cub starts to drink the water quickly. Sophia felt pity for the cub. ”Hey, is your mother nearby? ”. The cub didn give back any sign that the mother was nearby. ”Do you want to come with me? ”Asked Sophia. Sophia decided it would be better to leave it alone. ”Hopefully, his mother comes back soon ”. When Sophia started to walk back, the cub started growling slowly and starts to follow her. Sophia looks back and see the cub looking up at her. She couldn leave him behind. ”Come here ” Sophia picks the cub up in her arms, ”You will be staying with me now ” smiles Sophia. The cub gave a small roar. Sophia was so happy she got a partner or a pet. Now she felt she wasn alone. ”I will call you lucky, because I am lucky to find you ” laughs Sophia. ”Lets go Lucky ”. Sophia brings Lucky back to the cave and gave him some meat to eat and fruits. She then took it and gave a bath, cleaned him well. She left him under a tree. Sophia went back to the water and masturbated and cleaned herself. ”A cub needs milk for its growth isn ? But its mother is not here to give it ” Sophia asks herself. Then Sophia went and carved a bowl from a wood and started to collecting her breastmilk into it. She then gave it to Lucky to see if he would drink it. Lucky smelled it and then starts to drink it slowly. Quickly he finishes it. Sophia grins. ”Lucky you like my milk don you ” smiles Sophia. She then collected some more milk and then with her magic increased the amount of the milk twice. It started to overflow.

The sun sets and it started to get dark. Sophia lit some fire and increased its warmth by her magic and took Lucky besides her and both of them fell asleep. The next day, Sophia started to train herself and Lucky. She tries to teach some attacks and also make him obey her.

Three days passes, Sophias training was going well and her magic along with her physical strength was improving. Her training with Lucky was going well. Sophia then gave her milk to Lucky and then went inside the forest to urinate.

While urinating, suddenly a spear misses her by few centimetres and hits the tree behind her. Sophia falls to the ground socked. ”SHIT, SHE MOVED!! ”. Sophia looks up and sees two men on the tree. One had a spear ready to throw while other had a small knife. Both of them jumped down to attack her. ”YOU NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR THROW KYLE!!!. WE COULD HAVE KILLED HER ” shouts the first man. ”Sorry Yassin, she moved, I never miss ” replied Kyle. ”Well, we are left with no choice now. KILL HER!! ” screams Yassin.

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