Kyle charges towards Sophia with his small knife. From behind him Yassin throws the spear at Sophia. Sophia dodges the spear and defends against Kyles attacks. Surprisingly, Sophia felt easy in fighting Kyle, might be because of her training and her stamina. Yassin charges towards Sophia and both of them starts attacking Sophia with all they got. Sophia manages to defend herself from both of them. She then starts attacking them with her bare hands as she left her weapon inside the cave and Lucky was drinking milk. Sophia overpowers them. She could hardly break a sweat as her fighting skills were far better than theirs. ”SHIT! She is too powerful than us. We have to turn back, ” said Kyle. ”Don Give up. There is two of us and only her. We have strength in numbers and she will be tired soon, ” said Yassin. Sophia grins. ”Are you sure above that? I haven even started to be serious yet. I hardly used my energy, ” said Sophia. ”Come on use your magic and defeat me ” Sophia shouted. ”Magic? What are you talking about? ” asked Yassin. ” Magic…special powers you are having. ” Said Sophia. ”We don know what you are talking about. But we will kill you now ” shouts Yassin. After few minutes of fighting which manly one-sided fight favour to Sophia, Yassin and Kyle were on the ground beaten up badly and exhausted.

After the fight, it was now Sophia started to inspect them since she couldn do it before as they were fighting her. Both of were tan skinned, average built body and with few leaves tied up together to cover their penis. Sophia goes towards them and stamps on Yassin neck. ”Who are you? Where is this place? Why did you want to kill me? ” asks Sophia sternly. Yassin tries to gasps for air. ”Please, please move your feet…. ” begs Yassin. Sophia increases the pressure. ”ANSWER FIRST ”. Yassin face started to turn red. ”I will answer everything you say, but please move your feet ” begs Yassin. Sophia moves her feet and grabs both of their spears and small knife. Yassin coughs loudly and gasps of air. ”Speak ” said Sophia. ”Fine. I am Yassin and that is Kyle. We are both outcasts from Solaris. My wife Aimee is at our hideout ” says Yassin. ”Solaris? What is that? ” asks Sophia. ”Solaris-it is our small tribe/village ” answers Yassin. ”How did you find me? ” asks Sophia. Yassin tries to sit up but falls back to the ground. ”Uh…well Kyle saw you 3 days ago near the waters bathing. He kept an eye on you for some time. Tell me why do you have a dick? You are a woman, right? I thought we could capture you and make our slave. ” sighs Yassin. ”You never seen woman like me before? ” asks Sophia. ”No ” answers Yassin. Sophia thinks to herself its perfect opportunity to start her dominance over them.

”MY NAME IS SOPHIA. I AM A GODDESS WHO WILL SOON TAKE OVER THE LAND. ” Proclaimed Sophia. ”I am a woman with dick, that is what Is unique about me. I can dwell between man and women. ” Said Sophia.

”Goddess? What is that? ” asks Yassin. ”You are humans, and I am not one of you but of a higher power. Now answer me, why are you not using magic? ” asks Sophia. ”What is this MAGIC you keep referring to? ” questions Yassin. ”Don you have any power like this? ” asks Sophia and picks the knife of Yassin and using her magic made it into two new knifes. ”WOAH!!!! How did you do that? ” exclaims Yassin. ”Meaning you can do it? Nothing similar to this? ” questions Sophia. ”NO! ” Yassin replies. Sophia gets angry and punches Yassin on his face and stamps on his dick. ”Why are you lying? ” asks Sophia sternly. ”IM NOT!!!! ” cries Yassin loudly. ”Im saying the truth. We don have powers. ” At this moment Lucky comes running towards Sophia. Lucky roars towards Yassin. ”Speak the truth or else I will feed you to my pet Lucky. ” Says Sophia. ”Im telling the truth… please believe me and don feed me to the tiger. ” Sophia moves his feet and takes the knife and cuts off the leaves tied around his crotch to cover his dick. Sophia sees a dick only half her size. She then goes towards Kyle who was unconscious and cuts his covering of leaves too, and notices his dick slightly smaller than Yassin.

”Fine. I believe you, but not everything. GET UP!! ” says Sophia. Yassin tries to get up and falls on his knees. ”Go back to your hideout and bring me your wife. If what you say is true, and bring back her tomorrow before sunset or else… ” Sophia grabs by Kyle by the hair and places the knife on his neck ”Your friends here will die ” states Sophia. ”NO, PLEASE!! ” begs Yassin. ”Its impossible GODDESS, our hideout is so far away from here and also, Im injured and won be able to cover lot of ground. Please give me 2 days Goddess. PLEASE!!! ” begs Yassin. Sophia cuts Kyle on his chest. ”TOMORROW BEFORE SUNSET, OR ELSE HE IS DEAD. If I were you, I would start moving now. ” Says Sophia. Yassin immediately started to run back.

Sophia then drags Kyle by his hair towards the cave and the kicks him on his face. Kyle startles and see Sophia standing above him. ”PLEASE!! DONT KILL ME. I WILL DO ANYTHING. PLEASE LEAVE ME!! ” begs Kyle. Sophia wickedly smiles ”Believe me I won . But if your friend didn come here with the girl he mentioned, YOU ARE DEAD! ” said Sophia. Kyle started begging more ”Maam please its impossible cause it far from here. He will never make it ”. ”Well you better hope he does or you know what will happen. ” Said Sophia. ”Now tell me what you know about MAGIC/POWERS. ” Asks Sophia. ”I don know what you are talking about ” Kyle replies fearfully. ”I see ” sighs Sophia ”even you don know anything about it ”. ”Yassin tells me you were the first to see me. Is that right? ” asks Sophia. ”Yes Maam ” replies Kyle scared. ”What did you see me doing? ”. ”Maam I saw you taking a bath and stroking that big dick of yours many times and cumming so much, also feeding a tiger and playing with it ” says Kyle. Sophia notices Kyle getting an erection. Sophia smiles and says ”someone is awake and standing ”. Kyle apologises. Sophia grabs his dick and says ”well since he is awake, let me take care of him ”. Sophia strokes his dick few times and he suddenly cums. ”Whoa, that was fast ” says Sophia. Kyle was shocked and was stunned he couldn even speak. Sophia laughs. After gaining his senses back Kyle asks ”Maam why do you have a dick? ”. Sophia replies saying that she is a goddess and thats how Kyle should call her and reminds him that if Yassin didn make it tomorrow, he will die a painful death.

Sophia then ties Kyle to a tree. She then goes and takes a bath and masturbates. She notices how Kyle is staring at her. Sophia continues to masturbate and cum few times and then went and collected some of her milk and increased the quantity and fed it to Lucky.

It started to get dark, and Sophia goes inside the cave with Lucky, lights a fire and goes asleep. Kyle was still tied up to trees cold, scared, alone and only hoping that Yassin would make it tomorrow and save him.

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