Episode 2

Themed: the revelation

”Noooooooooooooo! ” With a loud screech, ”Stopppp ” with a breaking voice ”please ”.

”Not again, not even here ”.

sobbing into her head trying to get control over her body.

Her entire body vibrated violently, her hand shaking and moving like it has its own will.

Her glowing eye is so noticeable even with the dark shades on.

Her body violently jerked, spilling the hot pasta and orange juice all over her, while she tried her possible best to keep herself calm and behave as if everything is fine.

This is a secret that only her mom knows about.

But yikes! its gonna reveal itself in the cafeteria.

Hell Nah, She has to do something.

But sadly she can do anything.

Vibrating, she picked her backpack and brought out her journal with her shaking hands and place it on the messed up dining table she could hear the talks of the student calling her freak, as usual, all looking at her in disgust.

Her heart sinks hearing that cos she knows, Shes gonna be the talk of the school, and she hated that.

She hated all of it, she just wish she could just disappear from the surface of the earth.

Then suddenly, The bell rang, lunchtime over.

”Finally, ” she said in her head in vibration.

Even though lunchtime is over, nobody is moving an inch or making the motive to go back to their various classes they were all busy watching her and seeing what she is gonna do next, in their mind she has epilepsy.

”Someone should call a teacher, the guy said from the crowd of students in front of her.

She groaned seeing nobody is willing to leave, she is fine, can they see that, she said in her mind, she is resisting the other being in her, and that hurts a lot. And between, when do they start to care?

She should get out of here.

God, I hope no one is recording this.

Bathroom! she needs to get to the bathroom.

She try getting up, but she can , the other her want her seated after so much struggle she fell she grabbed her journal and gently crawl in the direction of the bathroom, guess the other side of her understand what she is trying to do, she suddenly feels the urge to walk she quickly ran to the bathroom but remembering something she ran back and picked her backpack then back to the bathroom, and slammed the door shut.

She ignored the talks of a few girls that are adjusting their makeup. She looked for a space, she found one, and quickly got in and bolted the key.

Sighs, She places her journal on the WC cover, her hand became shaky again and starts moving of its own will, it makes use of the pencils inside the journal and starts sketching so fast till its done.

”Done ”, Zoe said while dropping the pencil.

”What? ” She replied her

”Can you see? ”

”Of course, I can see, a landscape of two mountains? ” she said

”And what is that suppose to mean cos I don understand and Seriously what is this all about? ” She asked again frustrated.

”So this is the reason you decided to embarrass me in front of everyone knowing fully well how hard it is already for me in this hell of a school.

”Calm down I wasn embarrassing you, you were the one resisting remember? I still don get the reason why you keep hiding me ” she said.

”Just shut up and allow me to figure all this out

Im tired of all this already*

”What is there to figure out? Its all right in front of you can you see it ”

”What are you talking about? Im saying I want to figure out how I can go back into that classroom without being looked at weirdly and check if none of what happened is on camera ”

”Oh really then best of luck ” Zoe said

Her name is Chloe and she has been like this since when she was 10.

She got to meet Zoe a few days after her 10th birthday at the orphanage.

It was weird and creepy realizing there is someone inside her, someone who can get into character anytime she wants, and the worst of it all she sees things.

She has been adopted by a couple of families and after two or three months she is back at the orphanage again, until two years ago when she was 14, she was adopted into the Campbells family even though with all her strange attitudes they still keep her they love her like their very own, even if she knew she is just a replacement for their lost daughter.

What is more creepy? than having someone In your mind, trying to refrain yourself from speaking loudly because people will think you
e crazy, they don know you are communicating to someone in your head, someone you can see but feel.

People always distance themselves from you because they think you are crazy, I mean, you are crazy when you speak to no one. You feel her pain and she feels yours.

Though its frustrating, she learned how to adapt to the new side of herself and is ready to live with it for the rest of her life.

She stared at her journal again trying to read meaning to this strange drawing

She sighs and drops it, why does she always have to be the one to read the meaning of each revelation huh?

She never asks for it in the first place, tch.

”I can hear that ”

”Just shut up ”

”Fine. ”

Now, thinking of how she is gonna disappear from this hell, humph.

She gently opens the door and peeps around to see If there is anyone around. When she was convinced there isn , she slowly opened the door widely and gently crept out of the bathroom like a thief sneaking in to its victim house. School is surely over for her for today.

She knows of a secret passage to get out of the school premises but that would be too risky as she doesn want to cause any trouble for her Foster parents.

”Is there anything you are good at, apart from seeing stupid things? Humph. ” She muttered

”Seriously, Im seeing stupid things now! ” She retorted

”Just help us out here and stop picking argument, ain ready for any of that right now, Im exhausted already ” she said frustrated of the situation at hand, she doesn think she is ready to face anybody after todays happening.

”If you want my help, then we have to do it my way ” she said mischievously.

”No, just give a suggestion and I will know If its okay to take heed to. ” She said aware of how she can be sometimes

”Then you don need my help then ”

”Please ”

”Don beg me ”

”Okay, fine ” she said thinking of it though she doesn trust her one bit, Zoe can be crazy sometimes. At times she questions if she is really from a decade ago.

She felt a push like she was being pulled back by a thin rope with an extra force.

”Finally ” she said, and walked directly to the staff room and went to meet her homeroom teacher, hoping to get permission to leave after lying about her health. She doesn speak, but she can!

She walked down the hot scorching sun humming to Sunny by Boney M while doing some moonwalks. She had managed to convince Miss Adams, her homeroom teacher.

”Can you please stop, people think we are crazy ” Chloe said conscious of every glance that was thrown at a way.

”You are crazy, Im not, and who cares about what people think? ” Zoe retorted, tired of why she is insecure if everything.

”So where are we heading to? ”

”To Moms workplace of course ”

”Wait, don tell me you
e going to simp on that 70-year-old man again? ”

”Don judge me cos I find him attractive ”

”Im not the one you are going to embarrass! ”

”Im not embarrassing you, Im just praising Gods work ”

”Ewwww ”

”And you can stop me ”

”Who says I can ? ”

”Im going to watch you try. ”


She walks closer to the companys her mums worked, the gate opened. A familiar car drove out at full speed making a swift turn almost knocking her out of the way.

”Is that not mums car? ”

”I think it is ”

The car came to a halt and made a reverse then came to a halt right in front of them.

”Mum! ” She called her Mom jumped out of the car, looking awful like she has been crying.

”Im so sorry Chloe, but we have to leave ”

”Leave? ”.





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