d he took a revolver out of the briefcase in case he got attacked.

He heard the man groan and he shot him in the arm, the weapon was fast and the man grunted in pain.

Valentin checked the revolver and he would have to finish this and he aimed it at his head. As he is about to pull the trigger the gun is hit out of his hand.

Next thing he knew he was hit oh his side but Valentin gained composure, the man who had come in lunged at him and he blocked a blow and was able to land one on his face.

The man also gained composure, and Valentin was surprised when they landed a huge blow with their leg on his face that made him stumble and the next blow that followed up landed him on the ground.

He recovered fast and rolled up his sleeves, before the man could land another hit he grabbed their leg and swung him and they landed on the wall.

The man got up limping, and he was ready to go again, and Valentin was shocked when they managed to land a hit on his abdomen.

Valentin backhanded the man and he could see that knocked his breath and probably was wounded from the throw which would lead to struggling to breathe and less blood flow to the brain and he could finish him off.

”Valentin stop. ”

Valentin turned to Rex, ”we made a mistake this is Gadots team and now its not the time. ”

Valentin turned to the man he had been fighting and was shocked when he saw the man remove his mask as they were gasping for air.

It was Blue, and he was shocked that she was a way better fighter than any man he had fought before. He watched her limp to Gadot, she took her mask and wrapped his arm that was bleeding and he watched her pull him into her arms.

She cradled him and it seemed as if she was whispering some words to him. In the next instant, a few men came in and carried Gadot.

Blue stood up shakily and Valentin took a step towards her and that confused him immensely. He saw her limp out,

But before she left, her head turned towards him and he was still wearing his mask. He wondered if she recognized him?

She didn say anything as she wiped the blood from her mouth, he wanted to carry her to the car but could not.

She disappeared and Valentin went home. He took off the mask and he kept on seeing her eyes. He poured himself some scotch and laughed when he remembered how Blue had taken him on.

She was really fearless, and Valentin shook his head, this was not the time to be thinking about her? Why was she on his mind, he went to his room and was glad when he saw that it was Cassie who would entertain him tonight.

He watched her take off her clothes and he took a huge gulp of his drink and joined her in the bed.

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