”Are you excited to go there? ” Asked my mother

”You think ” I said with a scoff

”Hey come on youll meet your future husband there, are you not happy about meeting the one who is actually waiting for you somewhere you aren now? Someone desperate to meet you. It kind of also sounds like a fairy tale doesn it? ”

I just stare at her dramatic self and said-

”No it doesn !! And as I said before!!! And Ill say it again, Im not interested… I don wanna marry anyone now, am still not old enough ”

”You may not be old enough now, but you will be soon. I don want to ruin our family name, and I still am not sure if you are matured enough due to your silly acts! You still act like a stupid kid… Remember that another girl? Who knows if you create that same mess as her? Hah! In simple words I don want to create any future problems and will never let our culture and tradition or my family die! So you will have to do what I tell you even if you don want to! And Im not asking, Im not telling, but Im ordering you to do so! THATS IT END OF DISCUSSION!! ” my father said

”OH! Were you talking to me? ” I asked while taking off my headphone

For sure I heard him clear enough. But Im just in a mood of playing with his old brain which always runs out of patience. HAH! BACK AT YOU!!

Others in this room just shook their heads in disapproval. Well, whatever. I just put my headphones back on.

I usually don care about whatever they say, but I don understand why they have to bring out that poor girl everytime.

I mean she just fell in love is that wrong? Falling in love? Its wrong? So whatever Cindrella or whatever Disney princesses or whoever, those people who fell in love, were they wrong? Well they are cringe… But Hey its not wrong to fall in love!

Such a childish question… Last time when I asked Siri the same question, it said-

”Sorry but are you Rachel or her cousin or child or grandchild? I thought Rachel was an adult. Are you a ten using phone? ”

Siri can be savage sometimes. It hurts 🙁

But whatever. Who will explain this people what love actually is?

Help me someone.

But the mystery is who did that girl fall in love with? Why is she made fun of for falling in love?

Maybe they don know about it but… I DO!!






Guess who?…

Just kidding! Hah!

That was me -_-

But they don know about it.

Lets save that story for later 🙂

Bye for now *flashes smile*

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