WereWolf Curse Season 2

Chapter 4: Hybrid

I sat on the chair next to my little sleeping sister, I felt like everything just got me all at once, when I got to know that my little sister is infected with this virus. I rub my head in frustration thinking about what to going to do: (what to do what to do?!! Ren think! My sister is infected, with a virus so there must be a way to cure her-!) I feel sometime warn touch my hand and I open my eyes and looked at who touch my hand and it was Laura. She looked at me with a worried look on her face, she kneel down while holding my hand

Laura: ”Ren it will be okay, maybe she just have a normal sickness, nothing like those things out there so maybe… She won turn. ”

I sigh in distress: ”you don know that Laura - ”

Laura grip into my hand and get close to my face: ”when she came up to you was she limping? Was she holding her arm or was she in pain? No right? she wasn so she must of got it without being bitten ” seeing her so close to my face I can feel my face burn a bit thats when she notice that her face is close to my face she moves back a bit and she looked away with embarrassingly look on her face ”s-sorry i.. Didn know what came over me ”

I exhale softly and smile at her: ”its fine but thank you, I was about to lose it a bit there ”

Laura look back at Ren: ”n-no no you shouldn thank me for something like that I just want to calm you down i-i guess ”

She was still holding my hand and use her right hand to move her hair to the back. When I was about to say something I heard my name being called

??: ”R-Ren? ”

I turn around and saw my little sister Lee is looking at me and I feel Laura let go of my hand. I got up and helped her sit up: ”hey little sis.. H-how are you? ”

Lee rub her right eye and I saw her right eye is still black and on the left is normal: ”i-i don feel so good.. ”

Laura got up and sit on the bed looking at her: ”is your body.. Um feeling weird like are there any changing in your body? ”

Lee looked blinked a couple of times at Laura and nods. Then I ask her: ”what kind of changes? ”

Lee looked at me and put her hand on her chest: ”m-my heart is racing.. ”

I ask something else: ”is it just that? ” She nods and I speak back ”okay okay.. Thats good but I must cover your right eye ”

Lee look at Ren scared: ”w-why Onii-Chan? ”

I didn want to tell her that her right eye is different so I decided to lie to her but how can someone lie to that face: ” u-um- ”

Laura sees Ren having difficulty speaking so she speak up: ”while we were running you got scar on your head to your right eye so your big brother have to banged it before it get infected, you don what it to get infected now do ya?

Lee: ”o-oh then its okay ”

I look at Laura and nodded silently giving her my thanks. I went though the drawers and found bandages I took them and went back to her and kneel down and being to bandage her right eye, she was quite during the whole thing ”okay all done ” She smile her sweet smile at me with her left eye closed and I smile back. I saw Laura giving Lee a blue lollipop and Lee looked at the lollipop and her eyes sparkle begin to ❇ with joy as she takes it

Lee: ”t-thank you Laura-chan ”

Laura giggle: ”your welcome ” she looked at me and ask me ” Ren can I speak with you a moment? ” I nod and we go to the corner and she ask me ”do you know what those things are? ”

I speak: ”well.. The one that we almost killed defiantly look like a werewolf but its a white one which is odd.. ”

Laura: ”odd? Oh you mean the ones that are human but something else? ”

I nod: ”they are humanoid of those WereWolf. Its like they are human and also not they have half the werewolf strength, agility, thirst for human meat and they have the ability to turn others to humanoid werewolves as well, but thats just my theory as a werewolf fan. As for why they aren turning into an actual werewolf when bitten is strange . ”

Laura: ”I see.. ” She sighs ” how can all this happen in one day? It was just a normal school day a few minutes ago then this happen, I miss my bestie.. I hope she and Nick alright ”

I put my hand on her shoulder: ”Im sure they are fine, Nick and I are zombie apocalypse nerds we know what not and what to do when stuff goes south ”

She looked away with her face blushing: ”h-heh I do like a nerd.. ” She plays with her hair that make my heart skip a beat I can feel my cheek hot, as I was about to ask her a question the speaker comes on and someone whose voice sounds familiar were speaking on the Mic

Kaitlyn: ”h-hello um everyone from the higher levels of the school we being attack by um.. You my not believe me but Im serious… Werewolves! ”

Laura: ”Kaitlyn?! Shes at the school principal office! We have to go to the 5th lane! ”

I got confused: (wait the fifth lane? How did they got up there?) ”O-okay but we don kn- ”

Nick: ”if my best friend and Laura is alive meet us up at the fifth lane of this school! and everyone lock yourselves in your classrooms and contact the police or the army oh and dont trust those E-Tec-! ” Suddenly the speaker cut off before he can finish, Which I find very suspicious

My eyebrows frown as i speak to Laura: ”someone cut him off ”

Laura: ”he said don trust E-Tec, does he mean the E-Tech people who was on the television warning us? ”

I looked at the door: ”I don know but we have to find them. ”I turn to looked at my little sister and told her ”sis we going now hold my hand tightly, if there is something you don want to see just use my hand to cover your eye and I need you to be very quite okay, Older brother will make sure nothing bad will happen to you ” she nods and run to me holding my hand.

We cautiously open the door and looked around, there is a male student who is the same age as us with blood all over his body turned up uniform, he looked at us strangely, we saw his teeth extending into fangs, Laura gasped in fright

Laura: ”R-Ren! ”

I keep staring at the student and answer her: ”I know him… ” My mind went blank as I speak my words ”his name is Harry.. I helped him with his homework last week.. He was just like me.. A loner.. Sadly.. He became just like them.. A werewolf humanoid.. ”

I heard Laura soft say my name with sadness in her voice: ”Ren.. ”

I notice that there is a bat right next to the wall,one of the p.e students maybe left it there, how lucky I grab it and looked at my little sister: ”go with Laura and stay with her Ill be right baxk.. ”

Lee nods: ”O-okay ” she let my hand go and holds Laura hand.

Laura and I took glances at each other and then I looked forward. Hold on the bat tight and walked slowly at my school friend who was Harry: ”i..I will put you out of your misery.. - ” my eyes widen in shock as I saw his face he isn like one of those humanoid werewolves that were chasing us this one… Has blood over him with a bite mark from his waist. His eyes are white and skin is pale from that time I looked at him I know that in this school werewolves isn the only one that is chasing us…. There are also vampires

Vampire Harry: ”Hello… Ren ” he smiled at me with a sinister look on his face

To Be Continue

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