Juho stayed in his room after someone dragged him there. The person said this was his room. He was just sitting near the window so he could see the whole academy. It was huge, three times from a normal school back to his world, and he could absolutely see the whole thing from his room, which he thinks is the highest building in the place.

Despite hearing someone enter, he remained silent and stared down at the place. The footsteps were going in his direction, and right after that, he felt the presence of someone beside him.

”You may not probably understand whats happening now, Juho, but I am sure soon you will be the first person who will defend this place, ” he said to him. He looked at him and he was stunned.

”Professor Kim, ” he whispered. ”How… you… what the? ” Juho was confused. He was digging so much inside his head to understand what was really happening and how he got into this place by being bumped by someone who came into this world.

He stood up and, with curiosity, he asked, ”Could you explain to me how I came into this place? ” His professor smiled at him.

”Because there is something within you, Juho. Something that you need to explore, ” the professor answered.

He was about to speak when a loud bang stopped him. When he looked at his door, he saw the girl who brought him here.

”Hi, Juho, ” she greeted. He nodded before looking back at his professor, but his eyes grew wide when he saw nothing.

”He was just here… ” he said, pointing his finger to where he saw the professor standing.

”Oh, that? Don bother. I said, you are in a magical world. The person you just talked to might have used teleportation, ”the girl explained.

”Does it exist here? ” he asked curiously. The girl smiled and nodded.

Juho was amazed, but he did not show it. Instead, he looked at the girl . ”I don know you, ” he said. ”Would you mind telling me your name so that I will not feel uncomfortable every time you speak? ” he asked. She laughed and walked towards him.

”Im Desu. The Bookkeeper of Spherical, ” she answered.

”Desu, ” he repeated. He added, ”Thats a weird name, huh? ” Desu chuckled after hearing him.

”Yeah, I don know why mom gave me that name, even if I deserve better, ” she responded, and laughed. Juhos eyebrows were left up. Sometimes, he can understand girls. No, maybe most of the time.

He sighed and looked outside his window. ”I don understand why I am here. I am nothing like you. I don have powers or magic like you. I am weak compared to those who practice super strength on the field. Why did you bring me here, Desu? ” he asked while looking down the field. He saw people were practicing their own abilities, controlling power and playing magic. ”I am nobody compared to you, ” he added sadly.

He felt Desus presence beside him. He could feel that she was doing the same thing he was. ”Juho, you have enough time to explore. Everyone here was clueless about their skills and they trained a lot to be what they are now, ” she answered.

Suddenly, he felt Desu tapping on his shoulder. ”Its still too early to think about that, lets explore? ” she suggested.

Juho looked at Desus face. She has an innocent and peaceful face that easily removes his curiosity.

He nodded, ”Lets go, ” he said.

Desu led him the way. He went to every place that could help him explore something within him. At the sporialium, field cross, magic dynasty sanctum, and open field. The Field Cross is for those with superhuman strength, Magic Dynasty Sanctum is for those who have studied magic, and the open field is what he saw when he first arrived here. While in the sporialium, that place is for people who have mastered their powers.

”What about you, Desu? Where do you practice your skills? ” he asked while they were having their rest at the Enchanted Garden.

He looked at her, and she was smiling while looking at the little creature floating and playing.

”I was born with natural strength, Juho. Just like you, ” she started. He was, again, shocked. ”I was in my sixth grade when Professor Kim brought me here on his own. ” She diverts her attention to him. ”My parents died in a car crash when I was living in that world. And Professor Kim was the only person who was there for me. I was nobody here either, not until I discovered my skill. ” Desu pointed out the building with a big clock.

”Can you see that? ” she asked. ”Thats the place where everything started. I was walking down the hallway when I bumped into a book, ” she continued. Juho chuckled when he remembered their first encounter.

”I think your skill is bumping, ” he jokingly said. Desu jokingly punched his arm.

”Thats ridiculous, but no. It is not, ” she responded. ”The book contains an unfamiliar letter. It was like a Hebrew alphabet in combination with Greek, but I thought it was something like that, but no. The book contained a spell that I am the only creature that can read. ” Desu continued.

”So your skill is a book reader? ” Juho asked, confused. ”Is that even a powerful skill? Thats not even helpful, ” he added. Desu glared at him. ”What? ”

”It doesn mean that I can read difficult letters; it means I am a book reader. My skill is actually super intelligence, ” Desu said.

”A librarian in short? ” he responded. Desu rolled his eyes heavenward.

”Im not going to tell you my story again, psh. ” Desu walked out while Juho just chuckled.

”What a cutie, ” he whispered. But then, he almost jumped when someone spoke to his right.

”You have a crush on her, do you? ” he heard. He immediately turned his gaze to the source of the voice. It was a guy whos standing beside him.

”Who are you? How did you hear that? ” he asked immediately.

”Im Erin. You whispered it loudly, ” Erin answered. His jaw dropped. Juho knew it wasn . ”Newbie? ” the guy asked, and he nodded. ”Well, welcome to hell. ” Erin said before leaving him dumbfounded.

”What kind of ability was that? ” he asked himself. ”Weird. ”

Juho walked around by himself. He doesn know where he was going, but like Desu, he wanted to explore too and know what the skills were given to him by the universe. She stated that everyone here began as a nobody before developing skills, and he desired the same until he reached the beach.

He embraced the ambiance given by the sea, wondering if he could train here.

”I never thought of a place like this here, ” he said.

He started to move his hand, more like casting a spell, but nothing was happening. He did it for a day, hoping that magic or a spell would come out of his body, but it was no use.

”Magic is not for me, I guess, ” he said, cheering himself up.

The next day, he went to a rocky place where he tried to pull some heavy stones. He even tried to carry it, but it just made him tired. Sweats are like bullets flowing from his skin.

”I wonder how superhumans learn their skills, ” he said.

And lastly, he went to the Magic Dynasty Sanctum and tried to create a spell, but it only made a fire.

Frustrated, he locked himself inside his room. He was ashamed of what he had done in the place.

”I told you! I am not like you, Desu. You were born with superpowers, while I am just normal. Can you see? The sanctum was almost gone, ” he said in frustration.

Desu came after him immediately when she heard what happened to the place. She comforted him.

She tapped Juhos shoulder while his head was lying on hers. ”Don rush. I told you, take your time, ” she said.

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