When I eating I will Never spit back!

Chapter 3: Soft thing on face

”aaaaaah ”

Sitting behind the old shop counter Old Liu can help but yawning as he had not seen a single customer coming into his shop from morning till evening, his eyes can help him stay awake as it already in half sleep state because of boredom.

He is the owner of Golden Pagoda Antique shop, this antique shop have been pass down from old generation to new generation for almost 500 years.

In past 500 years this Antique shop have seen few changing of world yet it still stand firm standing on it old place without moving like a tall mountain pin the earth surface from moving.

It that 500 years it also had been bask in glory before as it become centre of antique enthusiast. This antique shop have been collecting and sell a lot of precious item from past dynasties, and from effect of it, the past shop owner have a lot of connection with rich people.

But at last, the glorious sun hanging at the sky in noon time must set when the dusk arrive giving space for the beautiful and gentle moon at night.

This pawn shop will face same fate as the sun but unlike sun that will raise again on next day, this shop will not. The new generation of people no longer have deep feeling and appreciate the old item that contain history of their past ancestor instead they become obsess and chase new gadget like smart phone and computer.

If you ask new generation about the old history most of them will have blank expression and look at you like looking at old artefact that will enter the soil in few years to come.

It have been 5 years since old Liu saw any customer come into his shop, and the last customer did not buy any antique item but just come to buy a tissue because he is in dire need to use public toilet and that said toilet run out of toilet paper.

Right now old Liu will thanks all his seven generation of ancestor if someone will buy something from his shop.

Long ago he already wanted to close down and sell this shop to real estate agent while sell all it belonging in it to recycles company as old age already catching up to him and make it harder for him to keep this antique shop operate.

But he did not do it, as this shop is what his father use to raised him and from earning of this shop that feed him and his brother and sister and from earning of this shop that he raises two famous surgeon that have patient begging for they to operate of them.

He will feels guilty if he close down this shop, it is like he disappoint all his ancestors who is past shop owners. But he is helpless against time, against his children as none of them willing to become owner of this shop.

Today is the last time he will siting behind the counter overlook the entire antique collection as owner of this shop. It all because both of his son and daughter force him to close this shop and live with them as he have no strength nor health to handle this reward less operation.

Cling! Ling! Clink! Ling! Cling! The door bell ringing.

As he reminisce about the past, the antique shop door opened as slightly chubby young man with traditional hanfu clothing and with bamboo fans flapping in his hand enter.

”Ermm! ” old Liu stunned and awake from his half sleep state as he look at this young man walking in with swag into his antique shop looking like a martial artist from pugilistic world with his firm step like moving mountain.


As the young man enter into the antique shop he close his bamboo fan perfectly and put it inside his pocket sleeve with a single movement almost look like it a pure instinct for him.


Loud gluping sound can be heard as old Liu swallow his saliva as he looking at the young man with surprise.

”Old man did you sell cauldron here? ” The young man asked with tone that neither too loud nor too soft yet it was deep as tiger chuff.

”Huh? ” Old man Liu was too shocked to reply as he did not know that what he saw is real or fake. This is first time he see and hear people that have voice akin to tiger chuff even if he talk normally.

”I say old man, did you sell cauldron here or not? ” the young man asked again but this time his voice is no longer like chuff of happy tiger instead it was akin to harsh growl of angry tiger.

”Cauldron? Ye… yes yes yes I have cauldron sold here but it antique and hardly usable, would you still like to buy one? ” Old man Liu snapped out from his shock and reply to the young man hurriedly as he kind of afraid that if he not say anything, the young man will beat him up for no reason, because he look like kind of people that will do it.

He did not look like an average person, his voice vibrate like a tiger and his step is firm like big trees unmoving by the storm

Is this person from hidden world, the underground? The world that unknown to normal people like me? The world of martial art, where strength decided real meaning of right and wrongs?

I never thought that one day I will meet a person from that world talking old Liu in his head.

”It fine by me even if it old item, I would like to buy one. Money is not a problem for me ” the young man smile as he saw old Liu startled and kind of afraid of him and his voice become deep like happy tiger chuff again.

”Where did you put them? I wanted to see them first if they are to my liking ” the young man asked.

”Please follow me sir ” answer old Liu as he walk toward the storage room behind the counter.

Click! Creak!!! Creak!!!

The old storage room door clicked and creaking when the old Liu open the lock and push it open signalling it old age.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!

As old Liu enter the storage room he coughing from the dust and stale air invade his already worn-out lungs.

”Cough! … Cough! … come in sir… cough!… the cauldron that you wanted to look is here ” old man Liu invite the young man as keep coughing.

”It here, this old shop of mine have three cauldron left ” the old man say as he pointed three cauldron that on the ground in front him when the young man enter the room.

”This one is called Fire Pear Dragon Cauldron, it come in to my shop 40 years ago when my father still alive, it hold a lot of sentimental value to me, sir if you want it I can sell it to you for 30,000 yuan ” He says as he pointed at chili red three lagged cauldron with motif of Asian dragon with its front claw holding a single pear.

”This one come to my shop 100 years ago, at that time it was my grandpa who manage this store. Its body make from solid bronze and it weighs more than 450Kg ” old man Liu explain as he pointed at forest green three lagged cauldron with motif of tree and insects.

”This one… this… this cauldron I don know when it come into this shop, not even my father know it nor my grandpa. All we know that it have been passing down in my family for more than 9 generation. Its strangely light weight about less than 10kg even with huge body, furthermore it is harder than normal alloy ”

”Even I still now did not know what kind of material this cauldron make of. It not that I don want to test this cauldron but neither me nor my father know how to do alchemy and we did not want to damage something that have been passed from generation to another just because of our curiosity. ” The old man Liu say while pointed at silver five legged cauldron with motive of snake circling the caldron and eating its own tail.

”Hmm…this one look nice, tell me how much is it? ” the young man ask as he touch the silver cauldron

”this… it hard for me to tell it price, as this cauldron have been passing down as a family heirloom for more than few generation ” old man Liu answer with uncertain expression as if he express his unwillingness to part with this cauldron.

Businessman is businessman after all, even if one of his feets already standing in front of King Yama, he will still thinking of way to hike up the price of his goods.

”Just tell me old man, I already say money is not the problem ” the young man say in clear yet somehow muffled voice like tiger chuff.

”500,000 yuan! No less! And I will even give you the other two cauldron for free, how about that? ” old man Liu say in excited voice as he knew that this will be his last transaction before he close down this shop for good.

”500, 000 yuan is it, you can keep the other two cauldron for yourself ”

”The other two cauldron will only collect dust if it stay with me, because if I refine a pill one cauldron is enough for me to last a lifetime ” he says as he hand over union pay debit card between his index and middle finger skilfully.

”Erm…Sir aren you afraid that someone can track you down if you use debit card? ” Old man Liu ask with mix of curiosity and fear.

”What am I afraid of? It not like they can do anything to me. Those who try already meet their maker ” the young man answer with arrogant tone as if no ones can harm him.

”Don just stand there, do the transaction faster, I don like to waste my time in meaningless chit chat ” he command old Liu with annoying voice as his eyes stare sharply at old man Liu.

”Ye…yes sir I will do it faster! ” old man Liu reply shakenly

”Here sir… please sign here to complete transaction ” old man Liu say as he hand over the receipt with shaking hand.

”Erm ” the young man nod his head than proceed to sign the receipt.

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