When I eating I will Never spit back!

Chapter 4: Danm! this old man is magician!?

Heavy feeling warped around his body slowly gone like receding sea water on crystal sand beach during low tide, Wang Jing slowly regain his lost sense. While his eyes yet to open his face feel another kind of heavy yet soft thing weighting on it.

When human close his or her eyes they will find that their sense become sharper than originally as their brain focus on processing other sense rather than theirs eyes. That what happen to Wang Jing.

Sniff Sniff

Muffled sniffing sound can be hear as Wang Jing nose twitching smelling sour smell of sweat, it smell a bit sour yet addictive. Although his eyes is shut close, his body move by instinct as he slowly open his mouth and lick what in front him.

Slurp Slurp Slurp

”ERHMM… erhmmmm…ERMM…ahhh! ” a girl moan sounded as if she accompany his licking sound like a singer sing along with beautiful music.

When Wang Jing hear the moan, his ears begin to twitch and his tongue began to exercise twisting and turning it soft body hugging the round pear in it chest.

Slurp Slurp slurp


Slurp SLurrp Slurp!!

”Ehmmm…ahhhh…ahhh ”

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

Slurppp!!!!(10x in second)

”ahhh… grhmmm…ahh!! ”

The girl moan become loud and louder as his tongue move faster and faster until the moan sound no more yet he feel another sensation on his legs, he feels it wet and lil bit sticky. He also feel almost suffocating as if someone hugging his head into their chest and while having seizure.

Almost die from suffocation Wang Jing eyes open as fast as lightning yet he saw nothing but darkness. But this darkness did not stop his survival instinct from kick in and push whatever in front of him away.

Only then he saw the culprit who almost kill him, she is a young girl with an age between 18-19 years old. She have brown hair, pink lips and her willow shape brow is like master painter paint a beautiful grass upon her oval shape face.

Not only her face are beautiful but she also have curvy body perfectly hourglass with asset larger than C cup. Looking at the girl Wang Jing can helped but take huge glup of his own saliva mixing with her breast sweat.

Shaking his head he thought to himself This girl must be the blind date that his big sister plan for him and the date that he doge

”Sigh… It hard to run from powerful and rich people if they wanted to do something to you… But luckily big sis save me early from death by poison. ” He lamented and thankful at same time.

As why he think that this is job of his big sister and big brother? it all because he saw someone who keep following him from afar since he move to his new bungalow.

He is 100% sure that the person who have been following him is a private detective and bodyguards that his big sister and big brother hired.

Shaking his head, Wang Jing look around and find that he is in unfamiliar place, the room is too big for two people, it make the Alaska King size bed that he sitting on look like a single bed size.

Feeling hopeless he then get off from the large bed leaving the young girl who only have comforter that half wet cover her soft body while she sleeping soundlessly.

After doing morning stretching, Wang Jing began to search whole room for his boxer and he was pretty sure that, his big sister put his clothes somewhere in this room.

Before anyone ask, yes he is in his birthday suit this whole time, including when he doing his morning stretching and right now he feels a bit chilly that why he searching for his boxers.

After 20 minutes of searching he find that, there is no other clothes except for the girls clothes.

Having no other choice, he then flipping over the girls clothes in hope that his clothes is under hers.

And lo and behold, he find a boxers that made from silk.

Its is not a boxer that he usually use but he is pretty sure that this is a kind of boxer that his big brother forced to wear when he married to his wife.

And a type of boxes that his big sister forced him to wear when he still a young boy.

It sad that some men(but not all)have no right to even choose his own underwear, he only wears what ever kind of boxers he like when he move out from his big brother house.

Although he have money but to him, the 10 yuan for 3 pairs of boxers make from cotton is the most comfortable to wear, he didn like the slippery feeling of silk boxers.

Wearing the gold silk boxers, he somewhat dazed and confused as the silk boxers feels like nothing like silk, it doesn feel slippery at all!

It so light that he feel he still naked and wearing nothing, it feels so magical and his bird have a lot of room to maneuver!

After getting used to the silk boxers, Wang Jing then walked out from the bedroom leisurely.

”Good morning your… Good morning young master! ”

Before he can even close back the bedroom door he is greeted by a middle age man in Butler suit with his right hand on his chest while bowing his head slightly.

The sudden greeting that coming out of nowhere make him so scared that he rolled to the ground like a soldier hearing bombs explode while covering his head with his hand foolishly hoping that bullet can penetrate his fat hand.

After few seconds and nothing happens to him he feels glad that it is not an attempt of assassination.

He can be blamed for acting like this because same thing happened before when he just reach 15 years old and he almost die .

Removing his hand from his head, Wang Jing lift his head and see a hand clad in white glove in front his face.

”Young master are you alright? ” Ask the middle-aged butler worryingly.

”Im alright ” Wang Jing say as he grab the hand in front him in order to make it easier for him to stand up.

It surprised him that before he can use the butler hand as support, the butler single handedly lift him up like small kitten.

Fuck! How strong is this old man! exclaimed he in his head.

Feeling a bit abashed, he chided the butler.

”Old man next time don ever do that again, you may be the death of me if you keep doing that ”

”Although my mind is young but my heart is old, please don do it again! ”

Hearing Wang Jing rebuke him, the middle aged butler did not even show any sign of displeasure instead he smile even brightly than before.

”Yes, young master. I will not do it again ” the butler reply.

It show that the butler have high professionalism and can handle unreasonable person easily, and that why his big brother and big sister assign this old man to him.

That what he thought.

”Ermm…. ” He wanted to call the butler name and ask him to bring him to kitchen as his feel uncomfortable by his stomach rumbling nonstop since he waking up just now but he know not his name.

Looking at Wang Jing trouble face, the butler can help but smile at him and say

” Young master, my name is Fang MingZhi, I am your personal butler since the day you were born ”

fish!! Since when did I have personal butler! Why I never hear or see him in my whole damn life!

Wait!!… Is it him?! The masked man who save me from being kidnapped? When I was 15 years old?

and he is hiden by my side all this time and come out only when I face danger?

fk… Did I just scold him? Dammit… that masked man fking killed the kidnapper with a single slap!

If this old man really pissed of, I might die without a grave!

Wang Jing forehead started to sweat as realization hitting him harder than train hit a lost cow on railway.

”Young master, are you alright?! Are you hurt?! ”

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