White Online

Chapter 20 - Marvin.

Isaac left the merchant store, and he was wealthier than ever before.

’Should I go see if there is a better weapon on the sale… ’ Isaac thought and decided his next destination.

It was the Weapon Store.

Shortly afterward, he arrived there and entered the shop.

He saw few customers, and they had full Iron armor, covering their bodies entirely.

Another one had an iron shield as well.

’He must be almost level 10… ’ Isaac thought to himself while looking at the muscular Knight in Iron armor.

Words [Kornelius] were floating above him.

The level can only be shown if the person wants to.

But that Knight was obviously a smarter individual and wanted to keep his status hidden.

Isaac was similar.

Only his name was floating above his head because it could not be removed.

Isaac ignored them and looked around the store.

He also tried to pick up another Flintlock pistol, but he couldn ’t.

’Only 1 is allowed, I guess… ’

He only saw swords, shields, bows, daggers in the wall, but Flintlock seemed to be the strongest gun.

Isaac felt disappointed and shook his head.

He left the store and started walking towards the armory.

Maybe he can buy better armor.

Shortly afterward, he arrived in the armory and saw the grumpy old man.

He looked around the store and couldn ’t find anything better than Iron.

He decided to ask from the grumpy old man.

’ ’Excuse me. ’ ’

’ ’What do you want? ’ ’ The grumpy old man barked.

’ ’Is there better stuff than iron? ’ ’

The grumpy old man ’s eyebrow twitched, ’ ’Is my collection not good enough for you?! ’ ’

’ ’J-Just asking… I wanted to find some armor that would help me move easier and give me more protection… Iron armor doesn ’t suit me well. ’ ’ Isaac explained with a nervous look.

’ ’Then get lost! You are banned! ’ ’ The grumpy old man shouted.

’ ’Eh? ’ ’ Isaac was confused, but then he saw himself being teleported out of the store.

’ ’Ah… ’ ’ Isaac exclaimed and landed on the ground.

A message appeared in front of him.

[Reputation with Grumpy Seller Karl has fallen!]

[You are banned from Armory of Swornword!]

’ ’Y-You must be kidding me! ’ ’ Isaac shouted, his eyebrow twitched.

’ ’Fuck… ’ ’ Isaac stomped away with an angry look.

’ ’Doesn ’t matter… I don ’t need anything from there. ’ ’

Iron Armor is much stronger than leather armor, but it has weaknesses.

Low speed and agility.

He didn ’t plan to waste his speed, just to get more protection.

’ ’What should I do now… ’ ’ Isaac murmured and looked around the street.

He doesn ’t have anything left to do except hunt monsters to level up.

He can leave beginner village after level 10, and there must be better stuff in the City.

Isaac decided to leave the village.

He wasn ’t planning to return before level 10.

After he reaches level 10, he will sell his items and leave the Swornword for good.

Isaac made up his mind.

He soon arrived at the gates, and when he was about to leave…

A voice interrupted him.

*Ding* *Ding*

[Server Update in 10 minutes!]



’ ’Server update?! ’ ’ Isaac exclaimed.

The other players in the streets also got anxious and excited.

’ ’But the game has been online only a day… Why does it need an update? ’ ’ Isaac kept thinking, but it must be for a good reason.

’ ’Interface. ’ ’

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 6]

[HP: 65/65 – Leather Armor Effect!]

[XP: 150/700]

[SP: 0]

[White Coins: 2200]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 13]

[AGI: 35]

[VIT: 25]

[STA: 22]

[PRE: 45]

[CHA: 10]




[Friend List]

[Log Out]

Isaac pressed [Log Out]

His figure started turning into pixels, and soon he left the World of White once again.

Isaac opened his eyes.

He took his helmet off and lazily stood up.

He put the helmet back to the box and hid it in the wardrobe. After that, he grabbed his laptop and started surfing on the internet.

He went towards the forums and saw everyone freaking about the update.

’ ’It can ’t be a huge update… ’ ’ Isaac murmured.

He closed his laptop and left his room.

His mother, Isabella was still cooking with other caretakers.

It is something she enjoys doing.

Isaac entered the kitchen and saw his mother cooking while humming a song.

’ ’Hey, mom, ’ ’ Isaac said and sneakily went towards the refrigerator.

’ ’Ahaha, not happening, ’ ’ Isabella said and grabbed Isaac from his shirt

Isaac pouted and stood next to Isabella.

’ ’Why did you quit so soon? ’ ’ Isabella asked gently.

’ ’An update is coming, ’ ’ Isaac replied.

’ ’Already?! ’ ’ Isabella was shocked.

Isaac raised an eyebrow, ’ ’Yes… What is it? ’ ’

’ ’A-Ah… Nothing. ’ ’ Isabella shook her head, ’Why is the update so soon… It was supposed to come 1 month after the release… ’

’Suspicious. ’ Isaac thought and left the kitchen.

He sat on the couch and opened the TV.

As expected, the News was all about the incoming update.

’It can ’t be a huge update… The game just got released… Overhyped. ’ Isaac kept thinking.


The door to the mansion was opened, and a cute black-haired girl entered.

’ ’Mom, is Isaac in upstairs? ’ ’ Alice shouted.

’ ’No, he is in the living room! ’ ’ Isabella shouted from the kitchen.

Alice turned her head and locked gazes with Isaac.

She smiled and walked towards him.

She sat down on the couch next to Isaac.

’ ’I heard an update is coming, ’ ’ Alice said.

Isaac nodded, ’ ’Indeed… But it must be a small update. ’ ’

Alice nodded, but then her face got anxious ’ ’I-I heard from classmates that they saw you. ’ ’

’ ’I went for a walk, ’ ’ Isaac replied.

’ ’Hmm… ’ ’ Alice hummed and nodded.

She remembers the scene of her classmates acting like they saw a god after seeing Isaac first time in a year.

They also sneakily took pictures from him, but a certain group in her school called Cult of White said that taking pictures of him was blasphemy!

They had to remove the pictures, but they had to send the picture to the core members of Cult of White first before removing it.

Currently, at the school, they are still kowtowing towards the picture of Isaac.

’ ’Isaac-sama… We miss you… ’ ’ The members of Cult of White kept muttering after each kowtow.

Alice gritted her teeth, ’Those creepy bitches… They dare to look at MY big brother ’s picture with lustful eyes… ’

’ ’I will go take a bath, ’ ’ Alice said suddenly.

’ ’Mm. ’ ’ Isaac nodded

Alice stood up, and went towards the upstairs.

Isaac shrugged it off and saw a countdown on the TV.

Countdown until the servers are back up.

[Countdown: 59:35…]


’ ’59 minutes…. ’ ’ Isaac murmured.

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