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Chapter 29 - Dexterity.

Isaac was holding his Flintlock, and he had already walked for 30 minutes!

The corridor had no end in sight!

But after 10 minutes, he finally saw the light!

His face became serious.

He walked carefully, but then an unexpected message popped up!

[Mythical Figure Can ’t Locate You!]

[Mythical Figure tells you to be extremely careful!]

Isaac had a bad feeling about this.

He exited the corridor and saw two figures waiting for him…

The first figure was a muscular man with iron armor, shield, and a sword.

A nametag floated above him [Kornelius]

The second figure was a skinny young man with black hair, long bangs which covered his left eye, and a silly grin on his average face.

The room was beautifully lit in golden crystals, and the ground was silver-colored!

’ ’Kornelius?! Didn ’t you die? ’ ’ Isaac asked with shock.

’ ’Die? I see now. ’ ’ Kornelius snorted and looked towards the black-haired young man.

Isaac could finally see the nametag of the black-haired young man.

[Loki – The God of Mischief]

’God?! ’ Isaac exclaimed in his mind.

’ ’Come here, cutie. ’ ’ Loki pointed to the spot in front of him.

Isaac gulped and stood next to Kornelius.

’ ’Excellent, now we have two! The fun can begin! ’ ’ Loki grinned and swung his green-colored umbrella around him.

Two messages popped up.

One in front of Kornelius.

One in front of Isaac.

[Battle of Wits!]

[The winner of Battle of Wits will receive the Godly Legacy of Loki, The God of Mischief!]

’ ’What?! ’ ’ Kornelius and Isaac exclaimed.

Loki grinned and tapped the ground a few times with his umbrella.

’ ’You can ’t reject. Only one of you will survive! ’ ’ Loki chirped.

Kornelius turned serious— he instantly swung his sword towards Isaac ’s neck!

Isaac wasn ’t prepared, he tried to put his hands in front of him, but someone else was faster.

Loki put his umbrella in the way and effortlessly blocked Kornelius ’ sword slash.

’ ’Enough! ’ ’ Loki shouted, anger was visible on his face, ’ ’You brute! ’ ’

Kornelius paled— he bowed and put his sword back to the sheath.

’ ’Not everything is about violence! ’ ’ Loki shouted, and then he grinned, ’ ’It is called Battle of Wits for a reason. Only the smarter one will receive my Legacy! ’ ’

Kornelius glared at Isaac.

’This Legacy is mine… This is my ticket to wealth and stardom! ’ Kornelius clenched his fist powerfully.

This is something he cannot miss!

If he doesn ’t get this Legacy, he might never find another one!

And it was a Godly Legacy!

Isaac was calmer. He thought about is this real Legacy or similar with Untrustworthy Swordsman.

He still doesn ’t know that it was actually real Legacy.

But very weak one.

Loki grinned and snapped his fingers.

Four cards appeared in his hand.

He gave two for each.

’ ’Don ’t show the cards, ’ ’ Loki said with a grinning face.

Kornelius and Isaac turned around to look each other in the eye.

Isaac was around 170cm in height, while Kornelius was around 190cm.

Isaac looked at his card, and the other card was Joker, while another one was an angel.

’ ’You both have Joker and Angel cards— each one of you will have to draw an angel card from your opponent— if you draw Joker card… You lose. ’ ’ Loki stepped aside and put his hands behind his back.

’ ’Kornelius, you first, ’ ’ Loki said with an innocent smile.

Kornelius hid his two cards in his left hand and put his right arm forwards.

He looked at Isaac ’s facial features and moved his hand closer to the cards.

He wanted to see if Isaac ’s facial features had any change.

But Isaac ’s delicate facial features didn ’t have any change.

Kornelius ’ eyebrow twitched.

He knows what Isaac is planning.

He is trying to make this luck-based!

If Isaac is trying to fake his facial features, Kornelius can notice it!

That ’s why Isaac is having a poker face and hopes that Kornelius will pick the wrong one!

Kornelius gritted his teeth, sweatdrops left his forehead, with the corner of his eyes, he saw Loki ’s grinning figure.

’Is this funny to you? My life would change drastically if I win, but you think that it ’s funny?! ’ Kornelius bit his dry lips.

His throat was parched, and finally… He grabbed the left card.

He turned the card around, and it was…


’ ’Haahhh! ’ ’ Kornelius took a deep breath of relief.

He clenched his fist powerfully, ’Yes! ’

Isaac sighed and put the remaining card in his pocket.

Kornelius put his angel in his pocket and put his two cards in front of him.

He did the same strategy as Isaac.

Complete poker face.

Loki looked amused— it is funny to him when two grown men are playing children ’s game seriously.

Especially Kornelius, he looks like his life depends on this.

’ ’Kekeke… ’ ’ Loki laughed creepily.

Isaac looked at Kornelius ’ facial expressions while he was choosing which card to draw.

Sweatdrops trickled down his masculine face— his average-looking face was completely still. He didn ’t even look at his cards— instead, he glared at Isaac ’s beautiful face, like he wanted to drill a hole in it with his gaze.

Isaac bit his soft-looking lips and tapped his delicate jaw with his index finger.

Kornelius was screaming in his mind, ’Choose already! CHOOSE! ’

His poker face almost crumbled, and that ’s what Isaac wanted.

He knows how much this means to him, and he is trying to use that to his advantage.

But he didn ’t get a satisfying reaction.

Kornelius had still his poker face, with slight anger on his face.

His hands were trembling like the cards weighed a ton.

One decision… Can change his life.

He doesn ’t care if it can change Isaac ’s life.

He wants this!

And he would kill Isaac if it allowed him to get the Godly Legacy!

He can become one of the 10 Kings!

He could earn millions and millions.

He could become a superstar with millions of viewers in StreamKing.

He could date supermodels and movie stars.

His current dull life would change drastically.

Everything depended on Isaac ’s choice.

Isaac took a deep breath, and finally, he chose a card!

Loki concentrated.

Kornelius was too afraid to look at the card he chose.

Isaac turned the card around…

And it was….

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