With You In The Prevail Planet

My transportation to Prevail Planet

It was the beginning of June. The day was kinda windy. There were dark clouds in the sky. I was inside my room. It was about to be evening so I went out to see the outside view before it gets dark. So I just stepped out and I was going towards my flower plants . The flowers were really beautiful. They were deep pink flowers.

As I was walking towards them I suddenly saw a light…. It went above me… It was like….. It kinda scanned me . It scanned me once and I thought I was gonna die but I was still in piece . And I could still see my flowers so, I sighed in relief and I thought of not stopping and finishing what I set out for…. But the light double scanned me and I couldn see my flowers anymore but I was alive and unexpectedly I was in a dense forest.

Even though the trees were green I kinda felt different. Well , for a while I tried to understand what actually happened …… But before I could understand anything I was surrounded by a group of guys .All of them were wearing white color costume.

They were weirdly dressed….. Their whole body was covered with white color dress… They had worn white shoes and white gloves and there was a helmet type of thing on their head…. No one can possibly see through them….. Nor can you understand how they look…. Well neither did I.

And on top of that they were well armed. Even though I was terrified but I didn show it. And I raised my hands. One of them came near me and put two chips in my hands. At first I didn understand what was that. But then I realized that I was not able to move my hands as per my wish. And then I understand that they had handcuffed me by that. Its just that their way of handcuffing was different. I tried but I couldn move my hands even an inch.

Everything was a complete mess and in that entire mess all I asked was, ”am I being arrested?? ” They didn answer instead they, no actually two of them came near me and held my hands and pressed a button which was on their dress, on their left chest . And once again I was in a different place…..

It was a house actually it was more like an office. But that office was nothing like our offices. I mean most of our offices are either made of glass or of bricks. But that office was made of laser. It was really a different and a weird view for me. They took me to a lady in white ……. Of course….. Umm…. In a white laser room. Their body shape was like ours….. But I didn know how they look cause I couldn see them. I couldn see the lady in white either.

After taking me inside that room they made me sit in a chair but once again not the normal type of chair . It wasn made of iron or wood. It was made of some other kind of materials. All I could understand this far was where ever I was, they were really advanced in tech. The la

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