Cause undoubtedly Ray is the first best. He is really good to me. He is not only handsome but also rich and really well mannered. He knows how to respect. And on top of that he is a prince. Which is more than anygirl could ever want. Also he is trustworthy. Lately Im feeling like, if there is anyone I can rely on in this entire universe is him….. No, Im kidding. But yeah, he is really reliable.

Well, this place is big but I don know how big this planet is. Maybe bigger than Earth…. Or, maybe smaller than Earth. But this place, I mean the area where Im living is undoubtedly bigger than USA. So, I can possibly drive all the way. So, I was kinda sad. Cause I wanted to see everything……. After all its not easy visiting another planet of another galaxy. Its really rare. Im really thankful to that light for bringing me here. How I wish I could roam around the entire universe like this.

Back in Earth, every night I used to look at the sky and used to wonder how space would be. I used look at the stars and….. I don know why, I kinda used to feel a little bit warmer inside. Sometimes thinking about the stars my heart would ache. Cause, when we see them in the sky they seems so close…. But reality they are so far…. ”So close but so far… ”

I remember when I was 12 years old ….. My dad used to work from home at that time…. Ummm… about my dad, he is a full time FBI agent now. ….. Earlier he used to be an under cover FBI agent….. Working as a cop in Nashville….. But few years ago he was transferred to Miami. Now he comes home only on vacations. I used to be really close to my dad. But in past few years many things have changed, so have our relationship. Dad meets with us once a week. But he talks with mom at least 5 times in a day . They are old but their love is still intact. Aunties from our neighborhood envy them a lot.

Ok, so what was I saying is….. When I was 12 years old, I was sitting on our rooftop watching the sky and I ended up making a poem by being amused with their beauty….. I had named the poem as ”Stars ”.And 6 years later standing in the rooftop of another planet of another galaxy I remembered that poem again…..



Hey stars

What are you?

So pretty, so wonderful

Whenever I see you in the sky

I feel very Curious

I feel like coming to you

And find out what actually you are !!

Stars, you know?

Whenever I see you in the sky ,

It feels like billion of lights

Lighting up the sky and helping its shine

I wish I could find the true sight of you!!

After reciting the poem, I remember about my home….. My home means, my earth, my Nashville, my house in Nashville, my irritating siblings…..Biden….(making a sad face) I really miss him. I miss fooling around with him. And then I miss my mom….. I also miss my dad but Ive been kinda used to living without him…. But right now Im missing all of them….. I don know why but suddenly I feeling really homesick …… I hate this feeling….. ”No, no, no…. I can keep on missing them….. I need to sleep to calm my mind ”…. I said to myself and then I got down from the rooftop and directly went to my room and I laid down on the bed trying to sleep…. But I kept on thinking about the good memories back at home…. And suddenly I realized there were tears rolling down from my eyes….. I was pause for a while as I felt the tears of my face…. I realized that I have actually become homesick….. But there was nothing I could do. And while crying I didn even realized when I fell asleep.

Next day I woke up with the knock knock on my door. Well, they send me food once in 3 days. Today wasn the day…. So, I was worried about who was on the door. With a little bit of suspension I walked to the door. As I opened the door I saw a kid standing. He wasn saying anything. So, I stared at him for a while and then I questioned him about who he was. He said his name was John. He was the son the lady in white. And he also informed me that he had came to deliver me the food. He said the next day is noonday so, they won be able to deliver food tomorrow….. Thats why they are sending me the food in advance. I nodded as I understanded. And then he handed me a square shaped thing. I will have to pull its upside to open it. All the foods will be inside it . I thanked him as I took the foods. He didn reply.

He was about to do the vanishing thing when I stopped him. I asked him ”don you guys have any flying vehicle ”. The boys answer was positive. And he told me that all the vehicle of their planet had flying version. He showed me how to turn that on, in my car. He even showed me how to drive it in the air. I was astonish to see that even a kid in here is so great. While me…… I wanted to try but I was afraid of falling and getting hurt. So, I dared not to try. Lately Im thinking about Ray a lot. Last time we could not complete our conversation as he had to leave in the middle of our conversation. Well, I could tell that he was really sad because of that. I wonder how he is doing now after all he has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder. I think….. maybe he is really busy. Hah!!! being a Prince is really troublesome.

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