Me : Really , you have a brother on Earth??? Where does he live??

Ray : In somewhere called Washington DC. He works as the administrator of NASA.

Me : Administrator of NASA….. (thinking….. In deep thinking….)

Ray : (slightly touching my head) Hey, Whats wrong?? What are you thinking??

Me : Nothing….. Im only thinking that……. NASA….. Its the Earths biggest aeronautics and space research administration. But….. Ummm…… Don mind…. But is it…. is it okay for your brothers being the administrator of NASA?? I mean all our informations and everything will be known to you guys. (in a tense voice)

Ray : Hmmm….. But do you really think we care??? I mean you guys have hardly discovered a few things while we have discovered almost the entire universe. (he tried to calm me)

Me : Yeah, what you say does make sense but….. (in a worried face)

Ray : Don worry, my brother is a member of the Universal Peace Community. And he stays in Earth cause , Earth is the only habitable planet in your Solar System. And he represents your Solar System. So, in a word he is doing you guys a favor.

Me : Hmmm… But what is Universal Peace Community??? (I asked with curiosity)

Ray : Its a community made with the galaxies Primes. My Parents represents our galaxy. And my brother yours. (he assured me)

Me : Ooh…. Do you guys talk often???

Ray : Not really….. I hardly talk…. Its my sisters….

(Once again the waiter walks in….. And this time Ray was interrupted by the waiter. And thats why he couldn complete his sentence)

Me : Ooh gosh smoothies??? Really?? (I exclaimed in joy) Thank you so much….. I missed it so much. (I looked at the waiter as I thanked him)

Ray : Glad that you think its normal.

Me : What do you mean by that??

Ray : I meant its one of those weird foods. The foods that you had rejected. (he teased)

Me : Really?? (I asked with a face saying ”I don believe you ”)

Ray : Hmm….. Its called ” Tobias ”.

Me : What?? Really?? (I exclaimed in surprise) Ooh , so, this is what they mean by ”don judge a book by its cover ”.

Ray : (he didn understand what I said but still he pretended to understand.) Right. Well Anna tell me about you.

Me : What about me???

Ray : I mean tell me about your life on Earth…. Your family, friends….. Where are you from…. What you used to do on Earth…. And so on.

Me : All right….. Thats a lot of questions….. Ok so at first Im from Nashville. And I (Ray interrupted me)

Ray : Hold on, you are from Nashville??(he looked surprised) Then what were you doing in Texas?? (he suspiciously asked)

Me : Yes, Im from Nashville. And about what I was doing in Texas…… I was there on vacation…. Ive an aunt who lives in there. I was living with her. (I explained)

Ray : Ooh…. Now tell me about your family………

Me : My family….. Boring…. Well, Im the third kid of my family. Ive two elder siblings…… They are one of those so called perfects. While me, Im just a boring girl who, doesn even like to hangout . I get this feeling of ” not belonging ” with them. I like to live alone. And I think…. I also don know what I think…. But I just keep on thinking…. Sometimes I get flashback type of things….. I… I don know its all weird.

Ray : What kind of flashback?? (there was a guilty look on his face when he asked that)

Me : I don know. Actually you know what, I watch movies a lot. So, maybe scenes from movies. Ooh by the way Ive a sweet, Chubby younger brother. (with a sweet smile)

Ray : Ooh….. (with a forced smile) whats your siblings names and how old they are?

Me : Well, my elder brother is called Chris. He is 22 years old. He is the first kid of our family. And the second kid is my elder sister….. Her name is Diana. She is 20 years old. And the youngest one is Biden. He is 3 years old. And also my favorite brother.

Ray : Ooh seems you love him a lot. Well, what about friends?? How many friends do you have??

Me : Not even 1.

Ray : Why is that?? (he asked with curiosity)

Me: I don know. Maybe because they think Im a loser. Or maybe they think Im ugly. (I made a sad expression)

Ray : Who says so??? Thats bullshit. I think you are beautiful and pretty.

(He intended to console me but he failed to notice his words. And when he noticed it was already too late. Cause the words had already been said. And when I heard them I looked at him….. While he was already looking at me. And then we both got lost into each others eyes)

(Diving into each others eyes )

Me : (coming back to my senses) (coughing) Im done. Lets go back. (realising that it kinda sounds like order some, I quickly corrected my mistake) I meant I think we should go back now.

Ray : Yeah… Yeah sure. Ill drive you back. (he said in a little embarrassing face)

Me : Hmm….

( We both got up from our seats. The waiter once again came in as he was called. Ray asked for the bill…. The waiter extended his left hand. There was a watch on his hand. He pressed the screen of the watch and another screen appeared. That second screen was the bill. In that bill…. there was a place for inputting code…. Ray inputed a code in there. I don know anything about that code. And after inputting the code we left the place. Ooh by the way they restaurants service department or something like that gave us a ”thank you visiting ” gift. After leaving that restaurant, Ray drove me back at my place. None of us talked with each other while coming back. I guess we were feeling weird. Well, its obvious for me to feel weird, cause I have never been into that kind of situation before….. But why did he feel weird? – this question kept on popping up in my mind. However, lets not talk about it. We reached pretty quickly. Ray helped me get out of the car…. like opening the door and stuff like that, you know. Now it was time to say goodbye.)

Ray : OK then…….. Good night.

Me : Yeah goodnight. (Ray was heading back towards his car but he stopped hearing my voice. ) By the way, thank you for today. I really had a good time. I had almost forgotten that I was out of Earth. (I looked back at him as I thanked him)

Ray : You don have to thank me. Cause I also had a good time. I mean I can hardly remember, when was the last time when I talked so casually.

Me : Ooh…. I can understand. Well , OK then …. Bye. Gn.

Ray : Hmm…. Ohh, ”Noonday ” is coming…. Do you have any plans. (he said in a excited voice.)

Me : Noonday??? (confused) Whats that??

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