With You In The Prevail Planet

I know what I\'m doing.

After his leaving, I went infornt of the gate and told one of the guards that I wanted to meet Ray……..They didn let me in. So, I told them to inform Ray about me. I didn expect that they would listen to me….. But however they did. And Ray told them to let me in and also he sent a maid to be with me. After entering the palace the maid found me and told me that The Prince as in Ray was busy. And added that Ray had told her that he will meet me once he is done. So, Ill have to wait for a while.

I said okay. Then maid took me to one of their waiting room. I had sat there for a while, and I was feeling really boring. So, I wanted to look around the Palace. And thats why I asked the maid if I am permitted to do that or not. She answered in the negative. And also said that I can but only with Prince Ray. In short I can do anything in here without him. I was left with no option but waiting……. A lot of time passed but he didn come…… And while waiting for him I didn even realize when I fell asleep. But after waking up I saw Ray….. sitting beside me doing official work. Seeing me awake……..

He looked at me with a sweet smile and said ”you are awake. ”

”Yeah…… How long did I sleep??? No I mean to say that how long have you been here?? ” I said in a little embarrassing voice. ”Quite a while ”, he answered. ”Then why didn you wake me up??? ”, I questioned. ”You looked so cute and calm while to, I dared not wake you up, ” he said.

Hearing that I was like ”……………… You….. You are working??? ” I asked.

” Yes , actually when I came I found you were sleeping. So, I thought of going through this issue instead of wasting time, and also for letting you sleep. ” ”How thoughtful of you….. How long do you need? ” ” Just this….. (10 seconds later) Im done. (he looked at me and asked) okay, so…… Umm…. What happened?? What made you come to find me??? ”

”Ooh…. Actually I went to the nearest market yesterday and I got a lot of questions from there…. In my head and I couldn sleep properly last night thinking about them….. So, I came to find you hoping that you can answer my questions, ” I explained him my reasons.

” Okay go on, Ill try to answer everything. ” ”Umm…. Ive so many questions…. Ok so, 1st question is why do you guys use plants as currency?? ” ”Cause we depend on plants. I mean the gas that we depend on for living, for breathing…… trees provide us that has, ” he explained the answer beautifully. ” Same pinch. Its same back in Earth too. So, you guys also take in oxygen?? ” I said excitedly. ”No, we don ”, he denied. I was surprised hearing his answer….. What else gas can tree provide..?? ”Then?? What gas do you guys take in?? ” I questioned.

”We take in SQ3 gas ”, he said honestly. ”Then does trees take oxygen? ” ”No they take in S3 gas ”. ”Then how can I breath in here?? ”

”Thats because of two types of plants/ trees. One type, which is brought from Earth…. They give out oxygen. And another one is very expensive…… My parents brought it from the 5th dimension. Those plants /trees need to take in oxygen. Well, at first we didn have oxygen but later for those trees /plants we made oxygen. So, you and those plants including take oxygen from that oxygen layer, ” he explained the whole thing.

I was shocked to hear that they created oxygen and also Im taking oxygen from a oxygen layer created by them….. I was like whhhaat?!!? But I didn show it on my face. ”So, you mean Ive been taking artificial oxygen?? ” I quickly questioned. ”You can say so…. But don worry its not harmful. ” ”Ooh…. Then its okay….. Alright, now its time for second question ”. ”Ask ” said Ray.

I was about to ask. Just at that moment a man walks in. He looked like a guard. He told Ray that he had to join a meeting. Ray was in a delimma for a while…… But that man kept on waiting for Rays answer. Ray was looking at me. He didn know what to say. Cause he was a Prince with responsibilities….. And thats why he couldn neglect his duties. On the other had it was me, I had gone to him with a lots of hope and he couldn let me down either. And thats why he was confused about what to do.

Seeing him like that I thought I should help him out. So, I said to him ”Its okay…. You go. Ill ask you these questions on noonday. ” ”But what if you forget them by then??? No, it doesn seem right…. You should get your answers. But what should I do?? ” he said worriedly. ”You go official works are more important ”. ”No. Hold on…… Max , you go call Vince. ” ”Yes, Prince, ” said Max and he quickly left to call Vince. ”Don worry, none of your questions will be unanswered today….. Ive called Vince. He will answer all your questions. I promise he is a genius. ” ”Okay ”.

Im sorry…. I know I shouldn go like this….. But you see…. All the days apart from noonday are really busy days…. Sorry ”, he humbly apologized. ” Its alright…. You are a Prince….. I can understand your responsibilities. You don need to say sorry at all. In fact, Im happy to see that you are so responsible, ” I praised him to get him out of his guilt. ” Thank you…. Thank you so much for understanding ”.

At that time Max came back with Vince. Ray asked me to wait in the balcony while he talks with Vince. I nodded in understanding as I left from there. Well, the relationship between Ray and Vince was more like brothers then nephew and uncle. They were really close to each other and they loved each other a lot. And Vince likes to talk with and play with Ray a lot. But he hardly gets any time. Cause, Ray always remains busy with official works. So, he hardly gets to see him during the normal days. And today when he heard that Ray had called him. He was more than happy. And thats why he came in here as soon as possible.

Vince : Ray you called?? (excitedly)

Ray : Yeah….. I got some official works. Thats why I can accompany Anna…… So, I want you to accompany her on behalf of me…. You must not let me down. (he rightfully said)

Vince : With Anna….. Who is Anna……??? No way…..!! You….. The Great Ray Prime is seeing some girl….. Thats something you can get to see everyday…….. (in a teasing voice) Anna….. Its kinda different but still seems interesting….. Of course Ill accompany her but who is she??? (with a curious face)

Ray : (pointing towards the me) HER.


Max: Rays bodyguard.

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