Vince : (falling from the sky) No way!!! Thats her??? Ray, what the crap is this??? You are a Prince….. You are the Prince of prevail planet. How can you get in touch with an Earth being??? And you are seeing her??? For gods sake Ray!!!…… (Ray interrupts)

Ray : Vince, watch whats you are saying. And I know what Im doing. You just do what you are told.

Vince : I don agree. Ray come on, you have never been close to any girls. And you want me to accept that, the first girl you are getting close to is an Earth being!!?!(yelling)

Ray :(after taking a deep breath) You are exaggerating this matter. Its nothing like that. We are just friends. (in a calm voice)

Vince : Ooh really?? Well, then Uncle Ray please enlight me with the fact that how many female friends do you have…..??? Or did you have???

Ray : I……. (silent)

Vince : See you can say. Anyways I don care. I don agree to accompany her. (he made himself clear)

Ray : Vince, you are going against me…. All right…. You have 2 options…… Either you accompany her with an open mind or you are grounded for 2 siltews (months). And you will be grounded even on noonday. Now its your call. (he said with a tricky face)

Vince : No way!! Are you serious?? (in a worried face)

Ray :Can be more serious. (with an extremely serious face)

Max : Prince lets go…… We are getting late.

Ray : Yeah lets go….. Vince then I guess, you are grounded.

Vince : No, hold on…. Ok fine Ill accompany her. (in a disappointed voice)

Vince was like an open bird. No matter what happens, he can accept the caged life. Not even for a day let alone 2 months. So, he really didn had any options but agreeing with Rays condition.

Ray : Good choice. But remember, with open mind.

Vince : Hmmm….. Hmmmm…… I know. (with a faded face)

Ray : Max hold a sec…. Anna come here please….. Max call Xia.

Max: Yes Prince. (Max goes to call Xia)

Me : Yeah…..

Ray : Let me introduce you, this is Vince…. My nephew….. He is going to accompany you on behalf of me and also going to answer you. Is that okay go you???

Me : Ye…. (interrupting me Vince said)

Vince : OK with her?? She is lucky to have me. (proudly)

Ray : Vince (in a deep voice) Shut up!!

Me : (in my mind – Hmmm…. You are trying to mess with me….. Ok, hold on….. Ill let you know the consequences of messing with me.) Ray its okay…. After all Im an intruder. You are kind enough to be my friend but I can expect everyone to be the same, right?? So, don worry its okay with me. (making a pitty / sad face.

Vince : (burning in fire)

Ray : Thats good….. But why are you thinking like that?? Its nothing like that…. (Xia comes in with Max)

Xia : Your Highness …. You called???

Ray : Yeah…. You will serve Anna as long as she is here. Ok??

Xia : (in a respectable voice ) As your wish your Highness.

Ray : OK Anna.. So, Im going now. Hope you can have a good time. Bye.

Me : Ill don worry. Goodbye. (with a sweet smile)

Ray leaves for the meeting with Max. Now all theres left are me, Vince and maid Xia.

Xia : Miss Anna…. What do you wanna do now?

Me : (in a confused voice) I don know. I had came only to ask Ray a few questions and yeah also to meet him. But now that he is gone. I think I should also go.

Vince : Good decision. Get going soon.

Me : Ooh right, how can I leave?? After all Ray has left you for me…… Now you will answer me.

Vince : All right, You are asking for trouble….. Ok, go on.

Me : Ill but I think I heard Ray saying something about open mind…. (I said pretending to remember)

Vince :Ok fine….. (deep voice)…. Miss Anna…. What do you wanna know?? (faking smile) Ill answer all your questions. (in a criticising voice) (with an irritating smile)

Me : Hold on, Ill ask you but at first show me around. (I demanded)

Vince : Show you around?!?!(shocking) Do I look like tour guide to you??? (angrily)

Me : Not really…..

Xia : Miss Anna… Allow me, I can show you around.

Me : Thank you Xia…. You have manners otherwise some people just don know how to keep their words….. (I criticised him)

Vince : (burning in anger) What do you mean by that??

Me : Nothing…. Vince I know you can tolerate me….. But trust me neither can I…. So, if you wanna go and mind your own business then trust me I won force you to stay here. And I won tell Ray either. (with a little bit seriousness)

Vince : (in his mind – even though she is an earth being…. But she doesn seem so bad….. Its just that her words are like knives.) Whatever……

After Vinces departure from there, Xia showed me around for a while…. And she offered me drinks as well….. But as it was getting dark I left from there for my residence. Wishing Ray a very good night form far.

Two days passed….. In this unknown planet I am all alone. It has been 13 days in total since Im here . Even though I am alone in here but Im not afraid. Cause I have understanded one thing that the people of Prevail aren bad. They believe in peace not in Violence.

They knows that Im an alien, Im not their kind…… but still they haven done any experiment on me. Rather they let me stay in here. Im living like a carefree person in here. Im living here better than Earth. And also they have promised to send me back on Earth in one piece . They are generous. Totally ten out of ten.

Yeah, well about Vince…… There is an exception of everything. He does hold some grudge against we earth people or maybe specially against me……But everyone else is great here.

Even the lady in white is great. From the first day I never felt afraid. I was scared for a moment. But my fear vanished ever since I talked with her. Even though she was mean but she gave me a feeling of safety. Even now she takes care of me. She has the responsibility of taking care of me for as long as Im here. She keeps on sending me food and clothes from time to time. The foods that she sends me are exactly like Earths food. A little boy deliver the foods. And about clothes… She keeps on updating my mirror(or whatever its called) with new dresses. I like her. But still she is the second best. Cause undoubtedly Ray is the first best.

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